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The Colony of Emilon  Empty The Colony of Emilon

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The Banner of Emilon
The Colony of Emilon  Emilon_Banner_copy

Emilon is a planet that was settled by a small group from the Thirteenth Tribe's caravan to Earth. The Emilon people were dissatisfied with the length and difficulty of the journey to find a new home after leaving Kobol, and elected to break from the Thirteenth Tribe's fleet, and settle on the planet they would name Emilon.

The Emilon people have remained deeply religious, and have embraced a simple, largely non-technological way of life. They have retained their spacefaring and FTL technology out of need rather than want, to enable them to exploit the resources within their solar system. They have a very small and limited star navy. The Emilon people, like those on the Twelve Colonies, are polytheists. They are also largely polygamous, with some instances of polyandrous relationships having been known to occur.

Culturally, the Emilon culture is extremely comparable to that of Celtic cultures on Earth. In particular, the speech patterns, accents, and musical forms are virtually identical. In terms of Emilon fashion, they are comparable to the common fashions of 18th century Earth. This is especially the case with two groups - the Emilon pilgrims from the Gladmyston Region, and the officers and crew of the Emilon Star Navy, whose uniforms are virtually identical to those used by the British Navy in Earth's 18th century.

The Emilon pilgrim fleet was but five weeks out of Emilon, when they encountered the Battlestar Urantia and her small ragtag fleet of civilian ships. Upon discovering that the Emilon people possessed stellar maps that could help lead the way back to Colonial space, Commander Tyler Standish offered Urantia's protection to the pilgrim fleet, in exchange for the usage of their star maps, and permission to temporarily return to Emilon so that the Urantia and her ragtag fleet could be resupplied with fresh food and water.

The colors of the Emilon banner are designed to reflect their Celtic-inspired culture. Originally, the banner consisted of only the colors... the Colonial "phoenix" emblem was added by the Urantia crew and the people of the Colonial fleet, to show that the two groups are now united as one.

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