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Star Trek: A New Beginning Empty Star Trek: A New Beginning

Post  BruceAdama on Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:59 pm

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first of two spinoffs of my "Star Trek:Entomalians" fanfic saga. If you have been reading "Star Trek:Entomalians", you are aware that currently in that story, Doctor Rayza is about to be transferred to the new U.S.S. Frontier, and embark upon a new mission. This story, "A New Beginning", is the story of that mission. I am posting this spinoff now, so that it may run side by side with the Entomalians storyline, as both stories now share a current timeline. So, without any further delay, please enjoy my next and newest offering to you, "Star Trek:A New Beginning".


- - - - -


Created & Written By: BruceAdama

Based Upon “Star Trek”, Created By Gene Roddenberry and "Star Trek: Entomalians", Created By Spyros L. Spyrou




Four months ago, an allied force of Entomalian, Federation, Tholian, Klingon, Romulan, and Cardassian fleets, engaged in combat, the enemy fleets of the Dominion, Breen, Gorn, and Borg fleets, in the Idran Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy's Gamma Quadrant. The battle was biblical in scale, and lasted a full four days.

Finally, the might of the enemy proved to be too much for the allied forces to combat, and for the first time in their entire history, the Entomalian Empire was forced to withdraw from the field of battle. That signaled the beginning of the end... we lost.

Now, at a secret location deep inside the Eagle Nebula, a new Federation starship, the U.S.S. Frontier, prepares to embark upon a remarkable new journey of hope... the Federation's last line of defense, should it face extinction at the hands of the Dominion or Borg.

The Frontier's mission: using a loaned Entomalian transwarp slipstream drive, travel to the Alpha Quadrant shore of the Andromeda Galaxy, and begin a scouting and survey mission for any candidate worlds for new Federation and allied colonies in that region.

This is the story of the Frontier and her mission.



Inside the massive and vast green and yellow Eagle Nebula, a warp flashpoint appeared, and a Galaxy-Class ship came streaking to a low impulse glide toward the small facility, as it drifted into position beside the station.


On the Bridge, Captain Ramsey got up from his seat, as beside him, Doctor Rayza sat in the First Officer's chair.

"Hail the facility." Ramsey began, as the comm frequency was opened. "This is Captain Edwin Ramsey, of the Starship Pioneer. I have Doctor Rayza on board, to be transferred to the Frontier." he explained.

For a long moment, there was silence, and then the comm crackled to life, as someone "picked up" the other end. Suddenly, everyone on the Bridge had to react, and shield their eyes from the sudden bright lights that filled the viewscreen, as the source of the voice on the other end revealed itself, the Pioneer crew now adjusting to the bright colors of the thick purple and blue gasses that were swirling around the source, which now became visible, as twin eyes of white light opened up, surrounded by a reddish area, making them look like a raccoon's eyes, or eyes in a mask. Gradually, the rest of the head became visible... colors of oranges and reds, on a head that looked sharp, chiseled, and crystalline... they were looking at a Tholian.

As the crew adjusted to the sight of the Tholian on the large viewscreen, the high-pitched and reverberating voice of the Tholian boomed through the ship's speakers.

"Greetings, Pioneer... I am Master Engineer Solket... I am leading the Entomalian engineering team that is on the Frontier. I am afraid that Commander MacNamara is not available right now... I have been authorized to speak on her behalf." Solket explained.

"I see." Ramsey began. "Very well... with your permission, we will transfer Doctor Rayza to the Frontier. Is it all right if I take a look around the ship, as well?"

Solket's head almost seemed to be turning to and fro, looking at the Pioneer's Bridge, as he delivered his reply.

"Of course, Frontier... the ship is not due to launch for another day yet... you have traveled far... please enjoy the accommodations of this facility, until it is time for your departure. I will inform the Frontier to expect your officer. Solket out." he said, as his glorious image disappeared from the viewscreen, restoring the view to that of the nebula outside, and the small station, as it now came into view.


The great new ship was still inside its drydock, as service craft fussed about it.

Inside, the turbolift doors hissed open, and Captain Yuri Nikolayev stepped out, into the corridor, as he rounded a corner, and walked a few more feet down the hall, until he came to a door. He moved in front of it, as it hissed open, allowing him inside.

The room was Main Engineering. As he walked into the massive room, he was struck by the sheer size of the towering engine core, as he watched the swirling blue light that glowed eerily inside the massive chamber, and took in the low thrum-thrumming sound of the powerful engine, as it filled the room.

Next to the warp core, were two people... the Chief Engineer, and one of the head Entomalian engineers. Yuri walked over to the two men.

"Gentlemen... how are we doing?" He asked, as the two men moved to greet him.

"Very well, Sir... Lieutenant Zrekth was just showing me the proper way to calibrate the intermix flow regulators." The Chief Engineer said, as he indicated the Entomalian man to Yuri, as Zrenkth extended out his hand, for Yuri to shake, which he did.

"Ah, Mister Zrenkth... the engineer from... the E.I.V. Enza... right?" Yuri asked. "A Feliz-Dat, if I remember correctly." He added.

Zrenkth nodded.

"Yes, Sir... I'm honored that you remembered." He began. "Our teams have completed all the installation work... we are simply reviewing operating procedure with your staff now." He said. "We want everything to go right, when you take this ship into transwarp... and if you do the job right, you'll go from here to the Alpha Quadrant shore of Andromeda, in roughly two weeks." He said. "We don't want you getting stuck in the middle of the Great Divide, now, do we?" He added.

Yuri chuckled.

"No, not at all... that would be most inconvenient." He said, turning his focus to his own Chief Engineer. "Mister Parsons... how long until we get underway?" He asked.

Mister Parsons snapped his fingers, as he moved over to the "pool table" master systems display station, the Captain and Mister Zrenkth following close behind, as they all gathered around the table, and Parsons called up an animated schematic of the ship, with callouts.

"Well, Sir... as you can see, most of our systems have been fully completed and converted, where called for. The Entomalian crews are putting the finishing touches on the quantum and temporal modification stabilization systems now, and they should be done with that by the end of the day. My guess is, we'll be heading out tomorrow morning." He said, smiling.

Captain Nikolayev was about to say something, when he was interrupted by a call from the Bridge, on the intercom.

"Captain... the Starship Pioneer has arrived in the nebula. Captain Ramsey is hailing us. He says that Doctor Rayza is ready to come aboard, at your discretion. He also says that he'd like to come over and see the ship." The com voice said.

Still leaning over the table, Yuri nodded, as he straightened up, and tapped his communicator.

"Acknowledged, Bridge... tell Captain Ramsey that the Doctor can transport over anytime... and tell him that I'd be glad to show him around the ship for a couple of hours." He said, closing the channel, tapping his communicator again.

Nikolayev took one last look around his Engineering, before heading to the Bridge. He looked around, as his crew worked alongside the Entomalian engineers, many of whom were calibrating the circuitry on wall stations, and looking over PADDs of various technical information, before handing them over to Starfleet techs. Finally, he turned around, and left the room, leaving the teams to their work.


The Galaxy-Class U.S.S. Pioneer sat beside the station, the Frontier in the distance.


Captain Nikolayev entered the Transporter Room, just as the transporter technician was making final adjustments for transport.

"Captain." He began. "Captain Ramsey and Doctor Rayza are ready to be beamed over." He said, as Nikolayev nodded, and faced the transporter pad.

"Energize." He said.

The room soon came to life with the shimmering curtains of silvery light, that were the transporter beams, as the humming/buzz of the transporter filled the room. After a few seconds, the forms of Captain Ramsey, and Doctor Rayza, stood on the pad. Nikolayev moved to greet both people, as Ramsey and Rayza began to step down from the transporter.

"Captain Ramsey... Doctor Rayza... welcome aboard the Frontier." Nikolayev said, as he shook both of their hands.

The group exited the room, and stepped out into the corridor, and began walking towards the turbolift, at the end of the corridor.

"It's good to see you again, Yuri." Ramsey began. "I'm glad you got another command, so soon after the Big Borg Battle... I was afraid that the Charon might have been your last command for a while." He said.

Yuri chuckled, as he nodded.

"Yeah... I was fearing that, too... but I think Admiral Grainger knew I wanted to get back into space, as soon as possible. As soon as he asked me about this mission, I volunteered for it. he said.

The group reached the turbolift, and the doors hissed open, allowing them inside, closing again, after them.

"Bridge." Nikolayev told the computer, as the lift came to life, beginning its upward travel.

"So." Nikolayev began, looking at Rayza. "You are our new mission specialist?" He asked her.

"Yes." She replied, looking at him. "The Frontier Commission thought that I would be useful here, since my people were originally from the Andromeda Galaxy. They figured that I could guide you around a bit, once we arrive." She said. "But you do realize, I was born in THIS galaxy... I will be relying on information that was passed down to me, to help you." She said.

Nikolayev nodded, understanding where she was coming from. Suddenly, before he could respond, the lift lights began to flicker for a moment, as the whine of a momentary energy drain could be heard. After a second or two, things returned to normal, and the lift arrived at the Bridge, its doors opening, to reveal the room.

"What was that power drain?" Ramsey asked, as they stepped out of the lift, and onto the Bridge.

"I don't know." Nikolayev said. He quickly located an Entomalian engineer, and gestured for him to come over to him, which the man did.

"Yes, Sir?" The Entomalian man asked.

"We just experienced a momentary power fluctuation, in the lift, as we were on the way up here... is there anything wrong?" Nikolayev asked.

The Entomalian man worked on his PADD a few seconds, and then replied.

"No, Sir... perhaps some connections in the power relays in that area are not secure enough. I will send a team to investigate it." He said.

"Very well. Alert me if there are any problems." Nikolayev said, as he led the group down the ramp, towards his Ready-Room.



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Captain Nikolayev stood on the Bridge, with Captain Ramsey and Doctor Rayza, the group glancing about the Bridge, taking in the sight of it.

"Well, she's a fine ship, Yuri... I envy you... a new ship, and a trip to another galaxy... the true spirit of exploration." Ramsey began. "I look forward to hearing all about the Andromeda Galaxy, when you return." He said.

Nikolayev nodded, smiling.

"Thank you, Captain. I appreciate that." He said, as he extended his hand, for Ramsey to shake. "You take care of yourself, now... and take care of that big ship of yours, too." He said, shaking Ramsey's hand.

Ramsey winked, smiling.

"You do the same, Captain. I expect some great stories from you, when you get back." He began, now turning to Rayza. "As for you... you take care of yourself, too." He began. "I want to thank you, for being the best damned medical officer I've ever had, as well as a close and dear friend. You will be greatly missed." He said.

"Thank you." Rayza began. "It's been an honor serving with you, Sir. I have been honored, to call you my friend." She said, as she extended her hand, as well.

Ramsey took her hand, and looked into her eyes, then pulled her close, and gave her a big friendly hug, which lasted a good few long seconds, before the two broke it off. "You be careful out there." He said.

Rayza nodded, as Ramsey straightened up.

"Well, I'll get going now, Captain. Enjoy your mission, and good luck." Ramsey said, as he began to walk off the Bridge, heading for the turbolift.


The Galaxy-Class U.S.S. Pioneer sat off in the distance, nearby the station, and the Frontier.

After a few seconds, the Pioneer began to move away, at very low speed, in the background, as the Frontier began to power up, as the docking clamps began to release, allowing the ship to drift free of the complex.


On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev sat in his command chair, looking out the viewscreen.

"Ensign, are all the Entomalian teams off the ship?" He asked his OPS Officer.

"Yes, Sir... the last of the Entomalian teams left the ship four minutes ago." The man replied. "We are clear to head out." He added.

Captain Nikolayev took a deep breath, as he rubbed the arms of his chair with his hands.

"Very well... let's see what this transwarp slipstream engine can do." He began. "Bring the warp core online, and prepare to enter transwarp. Helm, set course for the Alpha Quadrant, Andromeda Galaxy... maximum transwarp!" He called.

The CONN Officer worked his console, before replying.

"Course and velocity set, and ready to be engaged, Sir!" The man said.

"Very good... engage!" Nikolayev said.

In space, the great new ship came about, and began to pass by, as the long warp nacelles glowed to full life, as the whine of increasing warp power began to build up in intensity. Finally, the glow intensity flared, and the new ship shot itself into maximum transwarp.


The proud new ship sliced through transwarp space, barreling towards the Andromeda Galaxy at speeds unheard of by humans, far beyond anything the Federation was even close to approaching, with its own technologies. The stars were endlessly long strings of white light.

After a few seconds, the streaking stars totally disappeared, giving way to total darkness... utter, total, all-encompassing, blackness. Not a single source of light... except for what was in front of the ship, as it continued on course, toward the new single source of light... the still-distant Andromeda Galaxy, which sat, hanging in the middle of the void.

The Frontier had passed beyond the outer rim of the Milky Way, and was now in what the Federation had dubbed "The Great Divide"... the large expanse of totally empty space, that divided the Milky Way, and Andromeda galaxies.



Inside the new ship, on the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev stared at the viewscreen, which showed the totally dark void.

"Ensign... ETA to the Andromeda rim?" He asked.

The CONN Ensign worked his panel, then replied.

"Approximately one and a half days, Sir." He replied.

Nikolayev nodded, then continued looking to the view in front of him.

In space, the Frontier continued on course, undeterred, to Andromeda.

"Captain's Log. It has been almost two weeks, since we left our home galaxy of the Milky Way, on course to Andromeda. We expect to arrive at Andromeda by late tomorrow, if all goes well. So far, the ship and crew have performed superbly... I have to give credit to those Entomalian engineers... they seamlessly incorporated their own technology into our systems, and there have been no problems to report so far."


On the Bridge, Nikolayev was going over some PADDs with his First Officer, a Bajoran woman named Tevra Cedri. The two talked among themselves, until they were interrupted, by the OPS Officer.

"Captain... I am reading some unusual power fluctuations, in the transwarp field matrix." He said, as Commander Cedri activated the intercom.

"Engineering, this is the Bridge." She began. "What's going on down there?" She asked.

In Engineering, Mister Parsons was hunched over his master situation station, along with his engineering team, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Bridge, Parsons here." He began. "I don't know what's happening... the transwarp drive is working perfectly... but our instruments say there's some sort of power drain. I can't localize it as a software malfunction or error... it must be mechanical in nature." He said.

Suddenly, without any warning, the swirling lights in the warp core began to suddenly build up incredible speed, before slowing to a very low rate of speed, just as fast.

"What the hell...?" Parsons asked, as he looked at the core.

Just then, a sound began to build up, and grow in intensity... the sound of power overloading... a dangerous sound. Parson's eyes grew wide, as he realized what was going to happen...

"Oh, hell... Computer! Activate the emergency core forcefield! All hands, evacuate Engineering!" He shouted, as the forcefield appeared over the warp core, as the team in Engineering began to run out of the room.

Just then, a huge explosion occurred, from a side conduit, sending a wall panel flying into the core forcefield at an incredible speed, causing the panel to ricochet off the field, before hitting the floor, smoking. The whine of a power drain could be heard, as the lights began to flicker.

In space, the great ship began to slow, as the warp nacelle lights flickered, on and off, before finally turning off for good, leaving the ship to drift in the middle of the Great Divide.


On the Bridge, everyone wore looks of worry and caution, as Nikolayev again tapped the intercom.

"Engineering? What happened... is everything all right down there?" He asked.

Finally, the reply came.

"Bridge, this is Parsons... I don't know what happened... there was a power fluctuation, and then some kind of big explosion, and now all engine power is gone... transwarp AND regular warp drive... its' all gone, Sir. I'll have to begin an investigation, and go through all the systems, to try and locate where the problem originated." He said.

Nikolayev and Cedri exchanged looks.

"So... what you're telling us, is that we're stuck here, stranded, in the middle of the Great Divide?" Nikolayev asked.

There was silence for a moment, before Parsons replied.

"Yes, Sir... it is. At least, for the moment, until I can understand what went wrong, and try to fix it." He said.

"Understood. Bridge out." Nikolayev stated, a grim look on his face.



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Post  BruceAdama on Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:03 am


The ship continued on course for the Andromeda Galaxy, at full impulse, the total darkness of the void surrounding it.

"Captain's Log, Supplemental. For the past two days, we've been creeping along in the Great Divide... at full impulse. I never thought a night could seem so truly endless, but the void that parts the two galaxies is truly vast. It defies imagination. It's not until one is without the comforts of warp or transwarp, that one truly appreciates what a technological wonder it truly is. I am on my way to Engineering, as Mister Parsons has informed me that he has completed his investigation, and believes he has an explanation for me, as to what went wrong."

In Main Engineering, a hand slapped a iso-linear circuit board down on the master systems table. The board was partially broken, and charred, from the earlier explosion.

Another hand reached down, and picked the board up... Captain Nikolayev regarded it, and looked to Parsons, as he examined it.

"Sabotage." Parsons said. "Twelve key iso-linear chips have been removed from that board... chips that controlled many of the control functions and settings for the new transwarp additions." He said.

"How did that disable the transwarp matrix?" Nikolayev asked.

"Well, when the chips were removed, the control settings for the matrix flow intermix disappeared, and the transwarp field destabilized, while our traditional warp field began to take over... that's what caused the power surge in the core. The explosion was caused by the inability of the two fields to coexist with one another, without the intermix codes, plus the inertial forces, during the falloff from transwarp space." Parsons explained.

Nikolayev continued looking at the burnt board.

"Could it have been one of the Entomalian engineers who did this... maybe an operative of the Ascendancy?" He asked.

Parsons nodded, as he snapped his fingers.

"That's what I thought, at first... but then, I had Doctor Rayza run a biochemical analysis on this board, to see who tampered with it. You see, Captain... this kind of alteration could have only been done while we were at transwarp... right before the consequences of such an action could occur... which means, the saboteur HAD to be physically in contact with the board, when the attack happened." Parsons said.

"That's impossible... this board was locked inside a wall conduit..." Nikolayev began, as his face suddenly turned pale white, with grim realization. "Oh, my God..." He began. "A Changeling." He said, grim, putting the board back down on the table.

Parsons nodded, sullenly.

"Yes, Sir. Doctor Rayza found traces of Changeling morphogenic compound, on the board." He began. "Sir... the attacker was obviously not killed... it's still on the ship, somewhere." He said.

Nikolayev looked around Engineering for a moment, then addressed Parsons.

"I take it you have more to tell me." He said.

Parsons walked over to a wall panel, and called up a readout of the warp and transwarp systems.

"I have some good news, and some bad news, Captain. Which first?" He asked.

"Oh, please... bad news first." Yuri replied.

"Very well, Captain." Parsons began. "The bad news is this... we cannot restore the transwarp drive, period. When that system got fried, that was it... all those intermix settings and codes went with it. We cannot duplicate them. If we had an Entomalian on board, maybe we'd have a small chance, but without them, there's absolutely NO way this ship will ever fly at transwarp again. Ever." He said.

"Well, what about Rayza? The Reticulans had transwarp capability, didn't they?" Yuri asked.

"Aye, Sir, they did. But Rayza is a medical doctor, and additionally, the Reticulan drives were far more advanced than the Entomalian ones... it would take longer for us to understand and adapt to that technology... even if we could, which we cannot." Parsons replied. "I'm sorry, Captain... but without an Entomalian spacedock at our disposal, we simply cannot pass the traditional warp limits." He said. "And, I'm sorry to say, it's a LONG way back to Entomalian space, from here." He added.

Captain Nikolayev was silent for a long moment, nodding, in silent and frustrated resignation.

"Okay... what's the good news?" He asked.

Parsons broke a small smile, in hopes of cheering his Captain up.

"Warp drive is available, Sir. we can maintain warp 9.975, for as long as you need. And, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, Sir. The Alpha Quadrant shore of the Andromeda Galaxy is only five weeks away, at that speed." He said. We're lucky the transwarp field kicked off when we were so close to Andromeda." He said.

Nikolayev nodded, as he pressed his communicator.

"Nikolayev to Bridge... maintain course for Andromeda, and increase speed to warp 9." He said.

In space, the great ship sailed through the void, her mighty warp nacelles once again coming alive with the light of their power.

"Captain's Log. A Changeling. A Changeling is what has done this to my ship. Obviously, a stowaway, that slipped onto the ship somehow, with the intention to sabotage the mission, and prevent us from reaching Andromeda. But why? From what Doctor Rayza has told me, the Dominion left that region of space a millennium ago. What are they afraid we'll find out there? In any case, I have placed the ship on a discreet Red Alert, so as not to alert our Founder friend that we are looking for him. I have also ordered security sweeps of the ship. He's here, somewhere... and we're gonna find him... BEFORE we reach Andromeda."


Commander Cedri led a large security force through the corridors, Type-III phaser rifle in her hand, as well as the hands of the rest of the security team members. The pace was brisk, and no-nonsense, as was the look on Commander Cedri's face... serious, and no-nonsense. She was gonna find this Changeling infiltrator for her Captain, and she was gonna do it now.

She was a Bajoran. She had just lived through years of terrible occupation, by the Cardassians, and was lucky enough to live through the Entomalian liberation of Bajor, and its admission into the UFP. She had just endured two years of bloody massacre and warfare, with the Dominion, and its dark allies... so she'd be damned, if she was gonna let this one Founder ruin the UFP's next best hope for a brighter tomorrow. It was time for these games to stop, and stop now.

Her team rounded a corner, and walked down the hall a few dozen feet, and paused before a door, and waited for her.

The doors to Sickbay slid open, and Cedri and her team walked in, as Doctor Rayza looked up at them.

"Going hunting?" Rayza asked.

"Yeah... we're hunting us a Changeling. Care to come? I figured you'd be able to tell when we're close to its position." Cedri said.

Rayza looked at Cedri for a moment, then stepped forward a few paces.

"I'll go. But on one condition." Rayza said.

"What's that?" Cedri asked.

Rayza quietly walked over to one of the security men, and grabbed his large Type-III phaser rifle.

"Give me that." She said, as she held the weapon, seriously, adjusting its setting, before again facing Cedri. "I've come into contact with these Changelings on two occasions. Both times, I've been choked, and thrown against a wall... hard. It hurt." Rayza began. "I don't intend for that to happen a third time. If this Founder makes a move for me, I'll blast it out of existence." She said, as she nodded to Cedri. "Are we ready to go?" She asked.

Cedri nodded, cracking a small and sly smile at Rayza, as the Reticulan woman made her way to the front of the team, and led the way out, Cedri and her men following close behind.



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The great ship continued sailing through the dark and vast void. As the ship passed, it revealed the gigantic starry white spiral disk of the great Andromeda Galaxy. The disk was growing ever so slowly larger, as the Frontier herself shrank to a mere speck, as she warped towards the massive galaxy ahead.

Inside the ship, Commander Cedri's team rounded a corridor corner, and met up with another security team, also armed to the teeth with Type-III phaser rifles. The two teams walked cautiously, yet seriously, forward, as the secondary team member, beside Commander Cedri, constantly scanned the area ahead with his tricorder.

The man paused, to make some calibrations to the tricorder settings. As the two teams stood, paused, various team members looked about, and also looked to each other. Cedri looked to Rayza, who was holding her rifle with the intent to fire at any moment.

"Anything?" Cedri asked the Reticulan Doctor.

"I feel his presence, but I can't be sure it's really him... it could just be that instinctual coding that my people have developed, as a result of our... differences with each other." Rayza began. "Like what Odo felt on DS9, before he attacked me... something in him just told his body to attack me. We have a similar mechanism, directed towards the Changelings." She said.

Cedri nodded.

"You said "him"... why are you so sure it's a male?" She asked.

"There are no male or female Changelings... but as far as my people know, the "Female" Shapeshifter that controls the Dominion, is the only one of her kind, that has assumed female form... on all other known instances, Changelings have taken male form." She said.

Cedri nodded her curious understanding.

"Interesting." She said.

Suddenly, the lights in the corridor began to flicker on and off, and then dimmed, almost to darkness. The teams immediately snapped to attention, and activated the rifle lights, and readied the phasers to fire, as they began to move forward, slowly.

"What do you know... I guess it was him." Rayza whispered.

Cedri motioned with her hands and fingers only, with signals, where she wanted the various team members to move to, and take position.

The forward team members ran to the far end of the corridor, and pressed their backs to the wall, and readied their rifles, scanning the hall with them.

The man beside Cedri, with the tricorder, showed Rayza the readings on its screen, and she nodded.

"That's a Changeling, all right." She said.

Cedri took the tricorder, and watched, as the sensor image of the moving form got closer to the position of the teams. After a second, she looked upwards, to the ceiling, midway between herself, and the far team members. After a second, she signaled for the far team members to aim their rifles in that area, which they did. Cedri and Rayza then aimed their own rifles, as well.

After a second, Rayza stepped forward a step.

"Let me try something." She said, as she cautiously began to move out in to the middle of the corridor.

For many long and nerve-racking seconds, Rayza stood there, exposed, in the middle of the corridor. Finally, she began to turn around, just as a ceiling sensor panel began to deform, and ooze a golden gelatinous, form.

"THERE!" One of the far security men shouted out, as all the rifles instantly began to fire out bolts of energy at the oozing form, which quickly began to try to morph into a humanoid male form.

The bolts of phaser energy were disrupting the morphing process, and the creature fell to the ground, only half-formed, into a humanoid form. The teams began to advance on the creature, their rifles aimed right at its "head".

The Changeling began to look to Rayza with disgust and hatred, as Cedri walked up to the creature, and aimed her rifle.

Cedri returned her focus to the Changeling before her.

"Why?" She began. "Why did you do this... sabotage this ship?" She asked.

The Changeling began to try to laugh.

"The future belongs to the Dominion!" It began to spit back. "We will not allow the Reticulans to again enslave and murder us! You will never reach Andromeda!" He spat.

"We're only two weeks away from Andromeda. We're at warp 9.975, and we're not going to be frightened into turning back." She said. "Even if we wanted to go home, we never will... we'd die during the voyage, we're so far away now... your sabotage made damn sure of that." She said, causing the Changeling to smile a crooked, warped, smile.

"Then you'll certainly die in Andromeda." It began to chuckle. "The Guardians don't lie... your Federation, and Queen T'Zek's once-mighty Empire will fall to the Dominion... it is destiny... nothing can save you now... the Guardians don't lie... the Dominion will go on, and on, and on, until every last child race of the Reticulan species has been vanquished from existence." It spat.

Cedri and the team took a few moments to take in the Changeling's words.

"You sick, sick, warped, people." Cedri began. "The Reticulans gave you a hard time, and all you know now, is lust for revenge, blood, and hatred. And look at you now." She said. "You're pathetic." She added, as she readied her rifle to fire.

Before Cedri could fire her rifle, a series of phaser bolts slammed into the Changeling, causing it to explode, into a gooey mess, sending glop splattering onto the walls, and leaving a gooey, smoking, charred, mess on the carpet, where the Founder had been.

Cedri and the other team members looked at Rayza, who was holding her phaser rifle, as a wisp of smoke emerged from the firing chamber.

"That's what I think of the Dominion's destiny." Rayza spat, at the now-dead Founder.



In space, the starship sailed through the blackness of the Great Divide, en route to Andromeda. Suddenly, the total darkness of the void was broken, by a single star streaking by the ship, in the background. A few seconds later, another two streaks followed, and then a dozen more, and then more and more, and so on, until the ship was again surrounded by the familiar streaking stars of warp space... the Frontier had made it... had made it into the shore of the Andomeda Galaxy's Alpha Quadrant!

"Captain's Log. We have finally done it... we've reached the Alpha Quadrant shore of the Andromeda Galaxy. As we now begin to establish our bearings in this strange and new area of space, we also are faced with a mystery... why did the Changeling that attacked the ship fear that the Reticulans would overtake the Dominion? The Reticulans are gone, save for our Doctor Rayza, and the Dominion is back in the Milky Way. Hopefully the answer to this question will reveal itself in the near future."

In the Conference Lounge, the entire senior crew was assembled, as Captain Nikolayev stood beside his chair, and walked over to the wall monitor, as he addressed his crew.

"First, allow me to express my thanks to all of you, for making this voyage a success... we've done the impossible, and placed a Starfleet vessel in the Andromeda Galaxy." He began, as his crew exchanged smiles. "So... now that we're here, we should attempt to do some exploring, and realize the mission goals... evaluate any worlds we find, for colonization potential." He said, as he activated the wall monitor, which displayed a rotating 3D holomap of the Andromeda Galaxy. "Doctor Rayza, do you have any suggestions for our first course?" He asked, as Rayza got up, and walked over to the monitor.

Rayza pressed some buttons, and an area of the map was highlighted, and enlarged, bringing up an image of a solar system, with only four planets... the first two were gas giants, and the third was a large rock planet... Class-M... a "super-Earth"-type world. The fourth was a very small rock planet, about the size of Pluto. The star was a G-Type star, like Earth's Sun, and sat against the backdrop of a brilliant blue stellar nursery. The computer then highlighted and enlarged the image of the third world, which began to rotate, with callouts.

"From the information I've studied, I suggest we set a course for this area... it's the closest Class-M world to our present location." She began.

"And just where is "there"?" Commander Cedri asked.

"According to the old Reticulan records, this area is known as the Gendalon Sector." Rayza began. "That world is Gendalon Major... a large Class-M world. It supports a network of roughly four moons. The Reticulan files list it as being completely devoid of any intelligent life... only small animal and plant life... no civilizations." She said. "The terrain is said to be mostly grassy plains, with patches of forest as well." She said. "There is also a very large pair of oceans." She finished, as Nikolayev looked at his crew, as they looked at the image of the world, on the monitor.

"Very well." Nikolayev began. "Gendalon Major will be the first world we explore in Andromeda." He said, as he tapped his communicator. "Nikolayev to Bridge... set a course for the Gendalon System... warp seven." He said.

In space, the mighty Frontier raced onward, ever deeper into Andromeda.


The Starship Frontier came streaking out of high warp, and for the first time in over two full months, snapped back into impulse speeds, on a medium impulse glide to Gendalon Major. The side of Gendalon Major visible to the ship was at night, as the Gendalon Sun was now on the opposite side of the world. The sky was dense with stars, and the bright blue stellar nursery carved a line through the starscape, behind the globe of Gendalon Major, as its four moons could also be seen, following the world on its constant rotation, as the Frontier continued on course, to enter standard orbit of the large, Earth-like planet.



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Star Trek: A New Beginning Empty Re: Star Trek: A New Beginning

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The Constitution-Class U.S.S. Exeter sat in her drydock, as inspection pods and workbees fussed about her, surveying the ship, as various cargo was being loaded into open hull panels.

"Captain's Log, Supplemental. Cadets. Starfleet has finally given me a ship full of raw cadets to fly around the galaxy with. I dreaded the day this would happen. I'm a Captain, not a babysitter... I don't like the thought of handing my ship over to a young, untested, and inexperienced, crew. On the other hand, I guess it's true, that there's only so much that you can do in a simulator, but, still... damn."


Inside the ship, Captain Ronald Tracy walked through a corridor, as various crewmembers hurried about in the background, hastily prepping the ship for departure, as he continued his log entry.

"Hopefully, this mission will be short. I actually agreed to this, as a personal favor to an old friend of mine, who will be supervising this training mission... Admiral Henry Tinsdale... "The Coach", as we all called him in the Academy. From what he tells me, this will all be pretty routine. A short jaunt to the Orion Nebula, where this ship, and the Admiral's ship, the Loknar, will undergo a live-fire war games exercise, to test the cadet's tactical prowess. I am on my way to meet the Admiral now."

Captain Tracy rounded a corner, and came to a door, and stopped in front of it, before stepping forward, as the doors slid open, allowing him into the transporter room.

The transporter officer nodded to Tracy, who returned the gesture.

"Captain, the Admiral is ready to come on board." The man said.

Tracy straightened his shirt, as he replied.

"Right-O, then... beam him aboard." He said.

The transporter pad sprang to life, the room filling up with light, as the pings of the transporter activation, and then the buzz of the beam could be heard, the sound filling the room, as the Admiral gradually took form, on the transporter pad. Finally, the light died down, and the now-completed Admiral began to step off the pad, smiling, and extending his hand to Captain Tracy, as he walked over to him.

"Captain!" He began. "It's been a long time." He said.

The two Starfleet men shook hands, and began walking out of the room, and into the hallway.

"How's the family?" The Admiral asked.

"They're doing well, Sir." Tracy began. "Mother still asks me when you're coming to Perth, to visit... she wants you over for dinner." He said.

Tinsdale smiled, as he shook his head.

"Your mother... she's such a great cook." He began. "You tell her that I'll make it a point to take a shuttle over there, just as soon as we both get back to Earth." He said. "Which reminds me... thanks again, Captain, for taking this mission... I was in a tight spot, to find an available Captain and ship." He said.

"It's okay, Admiral... I'm just not too keen on having a ship full of kids. I'd rather be out in space with an experienced crew aboard." Tracy said.

"I understand, Ron. But these kids need real-world experience sooner or later. Especially now... the Enterprise has just returned from completing her first five-year mission... James Kirk is their new hero, and the Enterprise is the poster ship for Starfleet... the success of the Enterprise mission has excited the people of the Federation, and Earth... Starfleet Academy will soon be overflowing with new students... the future of Starfleet." Tinsdale said, with audible pride, as the men continued on.


The Constitution-Class U.S.S. Exeter sat her drydock, as the various outer hull access panels were now being closed, and workbees and travel pods were beginning to move away from the ship's drydock.

A lone Starfleet shuttlecraft began to approach the ship, on a direct heading with the Exeter's hangar bay.


Inside the hangar bay, the environmental forcefield activated, and the large doors began to slide open, as the shuttle made its landing approach.

Captain Tracy stood at the end of the large hangar, facing the shuttle, along with Admiral Tinsdale.

After a few seconds, the Shuttlecraft Lambert came to a full stop, in the center of the bay, as the shuttle's door slid open, and the first of the new cadets began to file out.

They all emerged from the shuttle, and took position beside it, as they faced the two senior officers, and stood at attention. Tracy took note of each of them... One was an Andorian boy, one was an Asian-looking Vulcan boy, and the rest were humans. One girl, who was wearing a yellow uniform, looked as if she was from one of the Hawaiian islands. Another girl, also in a yellow uniform, looked a little on the full-figured side. Finally, Admiral Tinsdale took the initiative, and broke the silence.

"Cadets... welcome aboard the Starship Exeter. I am Admiral Henry R. Tinsdale. I will be in charge of the training mission you are about to undergo." He began. "The man standing beside me, is your new Captain... Ronald Tracy." He said, handing things over to Tracy.

Tracy cleared his throat, as he walked over to the cadets.

"Welcome aboard." He began. "Please identify yourselves, so I can know who you all are, and what your positions will be, during this training cruise." He said.

The full-figured girl was first to raise her hand, and speak up.

"I am April March, Sir, and I'll be taking the CONN position, Sir." She said.

Tracy got a confused look on his face.

"...April... March?" He asked.

The cadet blushed for a moment, then replied.

"Yes, Sir... the surname is March, Sir... I was born in the month of April, so, my parents named me April." She explained.

"Charming." Tracy replied, flatly, wanting to move along. "Next?" He said.

The Andorian boy was next up.

"Sir, I am Avon Yepi, and I will be filling your Communications position, Sir." He said, respectfully.

Tracy nodded, moving along to the Vulcan boy.

"Captain, Sir... I am Sovek, and I will be your Engineering Officer for this mission." He said.

Tracy moved on to the Hawaiian-looking girl.

"Captain, I am Kalaya Aalona, and I will be your Tactical Officer for the mission." She said, with confidence, which Tracy actually found he liked.

"You are Hawaiian, right?" Tracy asked.

Kalaya nodded, as she replied.

"Aye, Sir, I am. From the big island, Sir." She said.

Tracy nodded, as he looked all the cadets over again.

"Very well. I will assume you have been educated as to what the mission is, and what it will entail, so I won't bore you with a rehash of all that." He began. "For the time being, until the ship is ready to leave the dock, get adjusted to your quarters, and then report to Mister Frampton on the Bridge, so he can give you all a tour, and show you your stations." He continued. "I'll see you all in six hours. Dismissed!" He said, as the cadets all began to head for the door.


The Exeter sat in her dock, getting ready to move out, as the U.S.S. Loknar sat beside the ship, in the not-too far distance.


The doors to the Bridge slid open, and Captain Tracy walked to his command chair, looking about, as the new crew of cadets sat at their stations, quietly working. He had to admit, he was a bit impressed... he could see that they really knew their stuff... they were taking to the controls with ease, and efficiency.

"Sir." Cadet Yepi, the Andorian Communications Officer, began. "San Francisco Yards is informing us that we can leave the dock at your discretion, Sir... and Admiral Tinsdale is standing by, on the Loknar." He said.

Tracy nodded, and winked at the Andorian, as he moved to face the main viewscreen.

"Very good, cadet... put the Admiral up on the viewer." He said.

The viewscreen shimmered, and came to life, as the activation sound was heard, and the face of Admiral Tinsdale, on the Bridge of the Loknar, appeared.

"Admiral... we're ready to move out. Are you leading the way, or are you following us?" Tracy asked.

"Nah... I'll follow you, Captain... the Orion Nebula, warp four." Tinsdale said.

"We'll see you there, Admiral." Tracy said, as he looked to Cadet March. "Cadet March... you heard the coordinates and speed... you may begin, by easing this ship out of drydock, and then engaging the Admiral's course, once we're clear of the solar system." He said.

"Aye, Sir." She replied, as she began to work the controls.

In space, the big ship slowly began to advance forward, creeping out of drydock. After a few moments, the end of the warp nacelles cleared the dock frame, and the ship was out into open space.

The Exeter moved forward, angling up a bit, the drydock and Earth behind it, as it began its approach to make a full impulse run through the solar system, as the Loknar also began to advance upwards, in the distance, following the Exeter.

The Exeter sailed through the asteroid belt, the Loknar behind it, as the two ships flew in and out of the collection of asteroids, before finally nearing open space again.

On the Exeter Bridge, Cadet March looked at the viewscreen with a sigh of relief, as the last few asteroids passed her view, revealing wide open space. Behind her, Captain Tracy smiled, silently... he knew that she had handled that well... most cadets he had seen would have asked to blast away at the oncoming rocks, rather than really try to negotiate them, which she did well, for a first run. Perhaps his friend the Admiral was right about this bunch... perhaps they really were that good.

In space, the Exeter was now passing by the giant planet of Jupiter, as it, and many of its moons, continued rotating in space.

On the Exeter Bridge, Cadet March watched the screen, as the planet Uranus flew by the ship, and left nothing but a vast and empty sky ahead.

"Captain... we have cleared the solar system, and we can now go to warp velocity, on your order, Sir." She said.

Tracy nodded, as he straightened up in his chair.

"Very well done, cadet. Proceed, by engaging at warp four... course, the Orion Nebula." He said.

In space, the great ship came about, and shot itself into warp space. After a second, the Loknar also vaulted itself into warp space, following the Exeter.


The Exeter slammed out of warp, and came to a fast drift, as it angled about, into position, as the Loknar also raced out of warp, and angled to take its position.


On the viewscreen, the image of the Loknar was centered on the view, as the ship came about, to face the Exeter head-on.

Captain Tracy stepped to the CONN station, and looked to cadet March.

"Cadet, bring us into position April-Epsilon, and keep our port side to the Loknar." He said, as cadet March began working her station.

In space, the ships moved about, trying to each gain the more advantageous tactical position.


On the Bridge, Admiral Tinsdale looked at the image of the Exeter on his viewscreen, and broke a wry smile.

"Okay, Ensign... let's see if these cadets can react to sudden fire, before we officially begin." He said. "Fire one photon torpedo, off their port side." He said.

In space, the Exeter began to pass, as the Loknar came about, and spat out a single photon torpedo, which sailed towards the Exeter.

On the Exeter Bridge, Kalaya's eyes grew wide, as she watched the oncoming torpedo, and decided to think fast, as the torpedo rushed on, spiraling towards the ship.

In space, the Exeter suddenly veered off, and spat out a phaser beam, which hit the torpedo, and destroyed it, in a big explosion.

On the Exeter, Kalaya's fellow cadets clapped for her, as the debris from the explosion cleared, on the screen, and Captain Tracy looked at her, with new found awe and respect.

"Wow! Cadet... you hit it! You destroyed that torpedo with a phaser beam! Incredible!" He said, as he smiled, looking at the Loknar, on the screen.

Just then, the image of the Loknar was replaced by the face of Admiral Tinsdale.

"Cadet... nice work! In all the years I've conducted this exercise, nobody has ever shot down my torpedo like that... well done!" He said.

"Thank you, Admiral." Kalaya replied.

Tinsdale nodded.

"Okay... now, I want you to take up position Pike-Beta-One, and prepare yourselves for a spiral-strafing maneuver, at a velocity of full impulse, close range." He said. "On my mark... ma--" He began, but was cut off, by an alarm, beeping from Avon Yepi's console.

The Andorian Cadet listened to the transmission, and then relayed the information to Captain Tracy.

"Sir... we're reading a distress call, from a Federation task force, in sector one-five-nine... they are requesting assistance... they say they are under attack." He said.

"Pipe it through!" Tracy said, as the transmission was routed through the ship's speakers.

"To any Federation ship nearby... this is task force three, investigating the Space Amoeba, requesting additional tactical assistance... we are under attack by severe gravimetric and spatial distortions, emanating from the center of the creature... one ship has already been trapped inside... we're attempting to free it now. We request assistance!" The man said, in a distressed voice.

Cadet March rolled her eyes.

"Sir? A Space... Amoeba? Is attacking a Federation task force?" She asked.

Admiral Tinsdale spoke up.

"Captain, ours are the two closest ships... the exercise can wait... besides, it looks like you'll be getting some real-world experience now. Let's go help them out." He said, closing the transmission.

Cadet March could not believe what was happening.

"Sir... we're actually going to investigate a Space Amoeba... an Amoeba... in space?" She asked.

"Cadet... welcome to the final frontier." Tracy said, as he sat down in his seat. "Follow the Loknar to the coordinates of the distress call... best speed." He said, as April March subtly shook her head, as she worked her panel.

In space, the two ships shot into high warp, en route to the Federation task force.


The small fleet of Federation starships, was holding position, just outside the massive Space Amoeba, waiting for information on what to do next. The ships in open space were three in number... the Saladin-Class U.S.S. Io, the Larson-Class U.S.S. Larson, the Surya-Class U.S.S. Gemini, and the Constitution-Class U.S.S. Republic, which was quickly moving forward, to the surface of the Space Amoeba.


Captain Eugene Glendale got up out of his command chair, and walked towards the main viewscreen, shocked at the sight of the Republic, heading into the Amoeba. In the image, the Saladin-Class U.S.S. Comet could be seen, trapped within the creature, along with another object... a large probe, of alien origin. The gravimetric and spatial distortions were tossing the Comet around inside the creature.

Captain Glendale hit the intercom button, and signaled the Republic.

"Dammit, Captain... what do you think you're doing? Get away from there! The distortions are too severe... they'll tear your ship apart!" He called.

There was a moment of silence, before the reply came through.

"I appreciate the concern, Eugene, but I think we can free the Comet... if we can get close enough to that probe in there, we can access its command functions, by sending out rotating E-M signals, and perhaps shut it down." The Captain said.

Captain Glendale wore a look of frustrated resignation.

"Fredricks, pull your ship out... NOW! It's too dangerous... we'll lose both ships!" He said.

The Gemini's CONN Officer noted something to Captain Glendale.

"Sir, it's too late... the Republic is within the creature now." She began. "Sir, two more ships are dropping out of warp... the Loknar, and the Exeter!" She called out.


On the Exeter, Cadet Yepi opened the comm channel, as Captain Tracy looked to the main screen, which now showed two ships... the Republic and Comet, inside the Amoeba, along with the alien probe, in the center. That image was quickly replaced by the face of Captain Glendale.

"Captain Glendale... it's been a while, old friend... what's going on?" Tracy asked the man.

"Well, Ron... we were beginning our survey of this creature, and then, all of a sudden, that alien probe gets swallowed up by it. As soon as that happened, the probe appeared to engage some form of protocol, and began to emit extremely powerful spatial and gravimetric distortion waves. The Comet moved to try to free the probe with a tractor beam, but was also caught inside. Now the Republic is in there, too... Captain Fredricks is convinced he can shut the probe down, but I tried to persuade him to avoid contact." Glendale explained.

"So... what you're saying, is that the Amoeba is having some sort of... indigestion? that the probes waves are causing the Amoeba to fluctuate like that?" Tracy asked.

"Yeah... I guess so." Glendale replied.

Just then, cadet March spoke up.

"Sir!" She called out, as the image on the screen was replaced by the view of the two trapped ships. The Republic had now activated its main deflector dish, and was sending a bright blue beam, right into the center of the alien probe.

Inside the Space Amoeba, the Republic's deflector fire pressed on, as suddenly, a massive roiling wave of distortion swept over the U.S.S. Comet, tossing the ship about. This latest wave was too much for the already tortured ship, and the Comet exploded, violently, inside the Amoeba, sending debris sailing out in all directions.


On the Bridge, Captain Fredricks was gazing at the screen, mesmerized by the activity he was witnessing, sweat beading on his forehead and face, as his Bridge shook, his ship being shaken about, by the waves of distortion. His eyes were wide, and excited.

"It's working!" He began. "We just need a little more power... move us in a little closer, and focus on frequencies in the upper E-M bands!" He said.

The Republic eased forward, moving closer to the alien probe, its deflector pulse still drilling into the probe. Suddenly, the probe shot out a feedback pulse, that sent the Republic reeling backwards a bit, and causing some hull damage on the secondary hull.


Captain Tracy looked at the drifting Republic, and decided to take action.

"That's it... this ends now." He said, as he tapped the comm button. "This is Captain Ronald Tracy, of the Exeter... I'm moving in, to try and rescue the Republic... we're going to hold position, at the very edge of the creature, and try to lock onto the Republic, with our tractor beam. Hold your fire, until we've recovered the Republic!" He said.

Seconds later, the reply came in, from Admiral Tinsdale.

"This is Admiral Tinsdale... proceed, Captain, but be careful. All fleet ships, stand by to cover the Exeter... hold your fire, until both ships are clear!" He said.

The Exeter moved to just outside the massive Amoeba, and held position, just as the tractor beam was activated, and locked on to the Republic, and began pulling the ship out.

After what seemed like an eternity, the Republic emerged from the interior of the Amoeba, and into open space. The Exeter slowly began to come about.


On the Bridge, Admiral Tinsdale gave the order to open fire on the probe.

"This is Admiral Tinsdale... all ships, open fire! Repeat, all ships, open fire!" He called out.

In space, the starships Loknar, Gemini, Io, Republic, and Larson, all angled down, and opened full fire on the alien probe.

The Exeter began to clear the area, as the first volley raced over the ship, and impacted with the probe. The weapons did not have the desired effect...

The probe suddenly came to life, and lit up, and began to move a bit, taking a new position. A massive wave of gravimetric energy was released, and raced for the Exeter, hitting the ship, and pulling it in, towards the probe.

The fleet continued firing on the probe, trying to break it, so it would release the Exeter. Finally, the probe sent out one last wave of energy... a MASSIVE series of distortion ripples washed through the interior of the Amoeba, as a spatial rift began to open, behind the probe.

The gravity well of the rift was enormous... the Amoeba was beginning to be pulled through it, and the Exeter was struggling to escape.


Captain Glendale looked on with utter horror, as the ship commanded by his best friend, was slowly pulled into the rift, the distortion wave warping the fabric of space all around the probe and ship.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash, and a HUGE explosion, as the probe was completely destroyed. The explosion spread out, and engulfed the Space Amoeba, and everything else, with brilliant white fire, before very slowly dissipating, and revealing nothing but empty space... a vast and open star field.


Captain Glendale looked at the empty slowly drifting star field, with morbid curiosity... where was the Exeter? His face wore an expression of utter perplexity and shock.

The Starship Exeter was tossed through the void of total darkness, the ship spinning out of control, as it was thrown at incredible speeds, towards an unknown destination...



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Star Trek: A New Beginning Empty Re: Star Trek: A New Beginning

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The silence of the empty and tranquil starfield was broken, by the sudden flash of a vortex, as the U.S.S. Exeter was spit out of the spatial rupture, which immediately closed, behind the ship.

The ship struggled to regain attitude control, as it sailed out of control, towards an area of space that was sliced through, by a brilliant blue and vast stellar nursery. A very large Class-M planet could be seen, as the ship kept sailing towards the area.

Finally, the Exeter leveled off, and resumed the course, on her own power.


On the Bridge, everything was in chaos... the computer equipment was blooping and bleeping, and the sensors were going crazy. The crew frantically worked to establish control, and establish a star fix.

Captain Tracy looked out the viewscreen, to the giant Class-M world the ship was nearing.

"Where the bloody hell are we?" He asked, aloud.

Finally, Cadet March replied.

"Captain... if these instruments are functioning... we have been somehow, transported into the Andromeda Galaxy... the Alpha Quadrant of it, Sir." She said.

The crew wore looks of shock, at the news. Finally, Cadet Yepi also spoke up.

"Captain... it appears that we have company... one ship, and one object." He began, as the viewscreen switched view, to show the silhouette of the U.S.S. Frontier, and the form of a very familiar alien probe, orbiting the world. "Captain... the ship is of unknown design, though by the basic looks of it, it would appear to follow Starfleet design practices. And the probe's configuration is identical to the probe we encountered inside the Space Amoeba." Yepi stated.

Captain Tracy looked to the two forms, as the ship grew ever closer to them.

"Well, we've suffered some damage to our systems. We need time to get things back up and running... then we'll deal with these new threats." He began. "Cadet March, take us to a position parallel to the other ship and the probe, and hold." He said.

In space, the Exeter settled into position, facing both the probe, and the Frontier... almost as if it were a face-off.


Captain Nikolayev and the senior crew sat in the Conference Room, Nikolayev and Doctor Rayza both standing beside the large wall monitor, which was displaying a rotating image of the alien probe.

"Are you sure?" Nikolayev asked Rayza, who nodded.

"Yes, Sir... the markings on the probe are clearly Reticulan." She began. "It appears to be inert, Sir... it could have been orbiting this world for many hundreds of years. This kind of probe was used by my people as a sort of relay... it would be sent to a target, collect sensor information, and then broadcast that information to the next nearest probe, and so on, until a passing Reticulan ship could intercept and download the information." She said.

"Is there any chance we could reactivate it... see what's stored inside it?" Nikolayev asked.

Rayza looked to the image of the probe again, and shook her head.

"I honestly don't know, Captain... this probe is extremely old. It has been exposed to open space and the elements for who knows how many centuries. Plus, the software used to write the data may have degraded beyond salvage, as well. Even if we can access the probe physically, we may not be able to reactivate the information recall protocols." She said.

Nikolayev began to silently pace the room, and moved to the row of large windows, and gazed out to the vast blue stellar nursery, far behind the ship, which sliced a line through the vastness of space, as his hands were tied behind his back. His crew looked on, awaiting his thoughts. Finally, he turned around, and looked to Engineer Parsons.

"Mister Parsons, if Rayza provides you with all the known Reticulan power-activation codes, can you initiate a power-transfer beam, from our ship, to the probe... begin downloading the data contained on it?" He asked.

"I believe so, Sir... you wanna give it a try?" He asked.

Nikolayev looked to Rayza, and then back to Parsons, and winked, smiling a bit.

"You betcha, I wanna try. Get on it." He said, as the group began to file out.

Just then, the call from the Bridge came.

"Captain, this is the Bridge... we've got some company, Sir... I think you'd better get up here." The voice said, as Nikolayev and Rayza exchanged a look, as they moved to leave the room.

On the Bridge, the turbolift doors hissed open, revealing the Bridge, as Nikolayev and Rayza stepped out, and headed for the viewscreen, which displayed the image...

"Oh... my... God... you've got to be kidding... is that some kind of illusion out there?" Nikolayev asked.

"No, Sir." His Tactical Officer began. "Sensors indicate it is totally real Sir... a Constitution-Class Starship... the U.S.S. Exeter." He said. "I am reading 96 human lifesigns, as well as one Andorian, one Vulcan, and one Deltan. The ship has heavy systems damage, Sir... their power systems are fluctuating, and their shields are gone. They appear to be crippled, Sir." He said.

Nikolayev gazed at the distant old ship, a look of utter shocked surprise on his face. His lips moved, as he mentally tried to recall the history of the Exeter.

"The Exeter... the Exeter... that ship was reported lost, during an incident with the Space Amoeba creature... the Gemini's Captain Eugene Glendale reported in his log, that the Exeter was pulled through a massive spatial anomaly, and the ship appeared to simply... vanish." He said, reciting the story aloud. "We read about "The Incident of Exeter" at the Academy." He said.

Commander Cedri moved to stand beside Nikolayev.

"And the Exeter was thrown all the way over here... to the Andromeda Galaxy?" She asked. "And even so... that ship is from the 23rd century... why would it be thrown into the future, as well?" She asked.

Nikolayev continued gazing at the proud old ship, as it sat, facing the Reticulan probe, and Frontier.


The small alien ship was almost a speck, against the bright white northern ice cap, of Gendalon Major's north pole. The ship began to slowly and subtly come about. It was a strange ship... a hull that was purple in color, and a shape that could best be described as two intersecting "boomerang" shapes, in a cross pattern... one vertical, the other horizontal. the vertical section was adorned with rows of windows, where the horizontal section was not.

Inside the Bridge of the alien ship was just as strange... everything was varying shades of blues and purples, from light lavender, to deep purple. The viewscreen displayed the image of Gendalon Major, and two alien starships, far in the distance, orbiting the world, on either side of a Reticulan probe.

Two of the alien inhabitants of the ship appeared, looking at the image on the screen. The aliens were strange looking, and also looked extremely ferocious...

Both were wearing suits of extremely heavy and thick armor, which was an extremely shiny purple in color... mirror shiny. The closest analogy to such armor would be the armor worn by the Hirogen, but this appeared even more combat-oriented. The arms of the armor were laced with armored spikes. Moving up, coming to the head and face area, the face of the aliens revealed itself...

The aliens themselves were also a dark lavender-ish color. Their heads and faces were 100 percent reptilian. Their heads looked just like a cross between a snake and a Velociraptor... scaly, long-snouted, and adorned with many sharp teeth. Around their heads, they wore an armored helmet, similar to a Hirogen one, but more elaborate.

The "leader" began to speak, in a language that was made up of snarling growls, and hisses.

(translated from alien tongue) "They have not detected us... their sensors are weak." He said.

The second one responded.

(translated from alien tongue) "Who are they? Why are they so fascinated by that old derelict probe?" He asked.

(translated from alien tongue) "We will watch them... if they attempt to send any teams down to the planet, we will deal with them." The leader said, as he picked up a weapon...

A massive energy rifle... absolutely huge... much larger than anything either the Breen or the Hirogen ever used. The thing was obviously built for the sole intention of utterly devastating anything it came across. It was long, and also a mirror-shiny purple. The barrel was rounded, and the emitter was a large hole. There was a large aiming sight, near the end of the rifle. It looked absolutely deadly, and no-nonsense. If one saw this weapon being aimed, there was NO question of what one would do... one would RUN.


On the Bridge, Captain Tracy moved towards the viewscreen, which was focused on the image of the orbiting Reticulan probe, and with it, the distant form of the U.S.S. Frontier.

"Sir, Power has been restored to the damaged systems." Cadet March replied.

"Excellent." Tracey began. "Now... that probe out there... it's identical to the one we faced at the Space Amoeba." He said.

"Aye, Sir." March said.

"Can we access its systems?" He asked.

Cadet March worked her panel for a minute, and then replied.

"Doubtful, Sir... sensors indicate this probe is derelict... its systems are extremely old... we may not be able to retrieve any data." She said.

Tracy nodded, resigned to that fact, as he then squinted with irritation, at the sight of the Frontier.

"What of that... ship, out there? He said.

"It appears to be Starfleet, Sir, but is obviously of an unknown and much more advanced design." March.

Tracey stared at the frontier, then the probe again. For a long moment, he was silent... only the sounds of his Bridge could be heard. Finally, he spoke to himself, aloud.

"Or perhaps, that ship is also alien... built by the same people who made those infernal probes... to draw us into this galaxy, for whatever purpose, we don't know yet. Could it be that they want to capture one of our ships... study it... study US? Find out who we are, and our level of technology, before they invade our galaxy?" He asked himself. "They could be on that ship over there, watching... observing us, right now." He said.

After a long moment, Cadet Yepi alerted the captain to something.

"Sir... "they" are hailing us." He said.

"All right, Mister Yepi... let's put them on screen." Tracy said.

The screen switched views, to the Bridge of the frontier, and the face of Captain Nikolayev.

"Greetings... I am Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship, U.S.S. Frontier. Am I speaking to Captain Ronald Tracy?" He asked.

Tracy subtly nodded.

"Yes, I am Captain Tracy, of the Starship Exeter." He began. "Where are we, how the hell did we get here, and why are we here?" He asked.

"Well, Captain... I don't know about your ship... Starfleet records list the Exeter as having been lost over a century ago, during the incident with the Space Amoeba... the Exeter Incident." Nikolayev began. "As for where you are... we are both in the Alpha Quadrant of the Andromeda Galaxy, orbiting a world known as Gendalon Major. And I don't know exactly why your ship ended up here." Nikolayev said.

Tracy nodded.

"There was a probe just like that one, caught in the Space Amoeba... it was emitting massive gravimetric and spatial distortions... my ship was evidently pulled into the vortex, and was thrown here." He said.

On the screen, Nikolayev turned, to face Rayza, and then returned his focus to Tracy.

"Captain Tracy... perhaps we should talk." He said.



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The Starships Exeter and Frontier sat in orbit of the large Class-M world, the Reticulan probe between them.


Captain Nikolayev, Commander Cedri, and Doctor Rayza stood in front of the transporter pad, awaiting the Exeter crew. After a few seconds, the light buzzing of the transporter became audible, as the room filled with the shimmering silvery light. After a few seconds, the forms of the Exeter crewmembers materialized, on the pad.

Captain Nikolayev nodded to Tracy, as he extended his hand, as Tracy and his crew stepped off the transporter pad.

"Captain Ronald Tracy... an honor... I'm Captain Yuri Nikolayev." Yuri began, as the two men shook hands. Yuri could tell that Tracy was uncomfortable. Even though the man was being polite, his eyes were all over the transporter room, and the uniforms of the Frontier crew. "This is my First Officer, Commander Cedri... a Bajoran, and my tag-along for this mission, Doctor Rayza, from Zeta Reticuli." He said.

After taking the room in, Tracy nodded, and looked back to Nikolayev.

"Well, you know who I am." He began. "This is my bridge crew... my ship was on a training mission, when we were thrown here, so that's why they're all Cadets." He said. "This is my Navigator, April March, my Tactical, Kalaya, my Engineer, Mister Sovek, and my Communications, Avon Yepi." He said, as each of the Cadets smiled and nodded at Nikolayev.

Nikolayev returned the smiles, as he extended his hand, to indicate the door.

"Well... we do have a lot to cover... shall we?" He said, as the group began to file out into the corridor.

In space, the two ships remained in orbit, facing each other, the Reticulan probe still between them.


The conference room monitor zoomed in on a sensor image of the Reticulan probe, as various callouts began to spring up.

"As you can see, the probe is Reticulan... made by Rayza's people." Nikolayev said. "Now, you said that the Exeter encountered a similar probe, trapped inside the Space Amoeba?" He asked.

"Not similar... identical." Tracy said. "Captain Glendale was heading the Starfleet task force that was investigating the creature. Apparently, he said that the probe was absorbed by the creature. As soon as that happened, the probe began to emit immensely powerful distortion waves. They eventually got so powerful, that they destroyed the Starship Comet, and damaged the Republic." Tracy explained. "At that point, I took the Exeter inside, to tractor the Republic out. The Republic made it, as far as I know. Admiral Tinsdale ordered the task force ships to open fire on the probe, as we began to head back out. That's when it all went to bloody hell." He said.

"What happened?" Nikolayev asked.

"As soon as the fleet opened fire, the bloody probe engaged a massive buildup of distortion waves, which swept over the area, and opened a chronospatial vortex... absolutely massive gravimetric forces... we could not pull Exeter out of that vortex... we were pulled in, and evidently... ended up here... in the Andromeda Galaxy." Tracy said. "One moment, I see the fleet... five ships, two of which were commanded by dear friends of mine... the next minute, this." He added.

They both looked to Rayza, who was nodding subtly.

"I... THINK I know what happened." She said. "Or rather, what went wrong." She added.

"Goody... then you can tell us how to use this probe here, to get ourselves back home." Tracy said.

"Unfortunately... I don't think that's a reality here." Rayza began. "If I'm right, what happened to the Exeter was the result of the probe's contact with the Amoeba... somehow, when it came into contact with the creature, a dormant protocol became active, and it generated a vortex, to pull your ship through... something these probes were designed to do." She said.

"What?" Nikolayev asked, stunned.

"Think of it as a fail-safe." Rayza began. "During our war with the Dominion, here, in Andromeda, we knew that the Dominion would rather capture our ships, then destroy them... that way, they could use our own technology against us." She said. "So, to prevent the capture of our ships, the probe network was programmed to initiate a spatial fold, that would send a disabled ship back to Reticulan-held space." She said. "A ship that was crippled, would launch a probe, and send out the activation pulse, to initiate the fold." She added. "Captain... this is proof that these Reticulan probes are now to be considered wholly unstable, and unreliable... they have simply aged to the point where they will or cannot operate correctly. I suggest we do not attempt to activate this probe here." She stated.


The U.S.S. Frontier sat in orbit, facing the probe and the Exeter.


On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev adjusted himself in his chair, as his OPS Officer alerted him to some readings.

"Sir, the Exeter party has returned to their own ship, Sir... and they are now beginning to re-power-up their main systems." He said.

On the main viewscreen, Nikolayev watched, as the Exeter once again, came to full life, her warp engines powering up again, as the interior lights grew to full brightness. Suddenly, some alarms beeped, on the Tactical console. Nikolayev looked up to his Tactical officer, to see what was wrong.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Sir! The Exeter... she's powering her forward weapons! Targeting the Reticulan probe!" He said.

Nikolayev quickly shot his look back to the viewscreen, in time to see the Exeter open full phaser fire, on the Reticulan probe.

"Dammit, Tracy... I thought we'd do this the careful way!" Nikolayev said, to himself. "Target the Exeter... don't fire on her... I just want them to know that we don't want them to continue firing." Nikolayev ordered, as the sound of photo-lock on activation could be heard.

Just then, the Exeter spat out two photon torpedoes at the probe, which caused it to spring to life, once again. The grilles on the dorsal and ventral "sail" sections began to glow bright pink, as the probe began to slowly re-articulate its orbit of Gendalon Major. Suddenly, the probe launched a small, tiny, projectile at the planet's surface... a message buoy.

The Exeter again fired phasers at the probe, and this time, the probe could not withstand the new impacts, and exploded, in a large explosion, which left almost no debris at all, save for flecks of metal.


The purple cross-shaped alien vessel sat, still undetected, above the large world.

On the alien Bridge, the Bridge crew looked at the screen, as the sensors zoomed in on the tiny projectile, which was now hurtling through the Gendalon atmosphere. They kept watch, until the image lost sight of the object. A few seconds later, some alarms beeped, on what was the alien Tactical post.

(translated from alien tongue) "Supreme Commander, the object has impacted in a very large meadow, in the middle of the northwestern landmass... it IS still intact, Sir." The Tactical Officer relayed.

The Supreme Commander looked back to the viewscreen, as his face grew an expression of anticipation, the scaly skin above his upper row of teeth curling up, in a sneer, giving a look of a devious reptilian smile. His sharp white teeth became visible, as he began to snarl softly.

(translated from alien tongue) "Perhaps that old derelict probe, was not so useless, after all. I must know what was so valuable, that it had to launch it to the surface." He began, as he turned to his Tactical Officer. "Ready a landing party! We WILL know the secrets of that old probe!" He said, as he reached for his massive rifle, and took it with him, as he began to leave the Bridge, along with the rest of his crew.



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On the surface, the Gendalon Sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky, as the Exeter's away team materialized onto the surface, surrounded by a vast open grassy meadow, that was broken only by some knee-high boulders that protruded from the ground sporadically along the plain. In the far distance, a small grove of trees could be seen.

Captain Tracy walked to Cadet Sovek, and regarded the information on his tricorder, as Sovek indicated to a direction to follow.

"Captain... the probe fragment is that way... about a dozen yards." Sovek stated.

"Then let's go." Tracy stated, as he led the way, with the Cadets and a small security team, armed with phaser rifles.

At the same time, on the other side of the probe bouy's landing site, the Frontier's away team also materialized... Captain Nikolayev, Doctor Rayza, and a handful of security men, with phaser rifles.

Nikolayev led the way to the probe buoy, and Rayza began to scan the object with her tricorder. It was then that one of the security men noticed the Exeter team, heading for them.

"Sir!" he alerted Nikolayev, as the Captain looked up.

"Well, Captain Nikolayev... out for a little fresh air?" Captain Tracy asked.

"Captain... don't do this... we can work together, to find out what's going on... dealing with these old Reticulan probes is too risky... the technology inside them is so old, that it has begun to break down... these probes are simply too old to be of any use anymore!" Nikolayev stated. "We have some limited star maps of this area, that Rayza has provided us with... let's move on, and explore the other worlds that await us!" He pleaded.

Tracy shook his head, as he reached down, and picked up the small object, which was about the size of a large brick. It was a shiny silver in color, and laced with Reticulan engravings. There was a series of small buttons on the object, but Tracy dared not touch anything yet... he wanted to take it back to the ship, to analyze it first.

"I don't think so, Yuri. I think you just want this thing for yourself, so your ship can have the advantage of its information." He said.

"We don't even know WHAT is contained in that buoy!" Rayza offered.

In the midst of all the arguing that the two teams had been sharing, both did not even notice the alien team, advancing towards them, their rifles aimed, until the team was a couple dozen meters away.

"Sir!" Cadet Yepi called out, as Tracy looked to the alien team, coming towards them.

The alien team stopped, and the leader and two of his security men moved towards Captain Tracy, and stopped a few meters away.

"Damn... look at the size of those rifles." One of the Frontier security men whispered, to Nikolayev.

The alien leader pointed to the Reticulan object, and then indicated for Tracy to hand it over.

Tracy looked to the object, then back to the leader.

"Oh, this? Sorry... we found it first. Besides... we need it more than you do." He began. Tracy motioned for his own security team to raise their rifles, which they did.

That was a BIG mistake...

The aliens raised their monstrous rifles, and began to open fire. The beams of the alien weapons was totally unlike anything Starfleet had ever encountered... the beam was actually a combination of many, bright pink in color. The primary beams were four in number, and as those beams raced out from the rifle, another beam formed a "spiral" around the main four beams. But that was not all... the spiraling beam was meant to physically "drill" into a target, and as such, there were "spikes" of energy, on the edges of the spiral structure, almost like an energy form of barbed-wire. Not only that, the spiral beam and the spikes MOVED... moved forward, as if they actually were drilling into something.

The first of the alien beams was a harsh series of warnings... serious warnings. The warning shots alone, slammed into the ground at the feet of the Exeter team, and plowed up vast quantities of grass, soil, and other organic material. Some blasts hit small boulders, and the rocks physically exploded, shattering outward.

The Exeter team returned fire, with their own phaser rifles, as Captain Tracy and the Cadets jumped and ducked into a sniping position, behind any cover they could find.

Tracy was shocked, as he witnessed, for the very first time, just what one of the alien rifles could do, when it was used on a person...

One of his security men was hit, and the powerful beams slammed into his body, and his entire body began to shake, as if some great fist had grabbed hold of him from inside his own body, and was shaking him. The alien shooter then raised the rifle up, as it was still firing, raising the man's body above the ground, as he still shook and convulsed in pain. The alien shooter sneered, as he pulled the trigger closer to him, and one last series of spirals shot forward, releasing the now dead officer, who was physically launched over five dozen feet, flying through the air, until his body hit the ground again, lifeless.

Nikolayev could not believe his eyes. He was in utter shock at the sheer brutality of those weapons. He quickly gestured for his own team to open fire as well, and they did, rushing towards the scene of conflict.

The two Starfleet teams fired on the alien team, as the aliens maintained their fire. Finally, one shot from the aliens hit Cadet Kalaya, and she was lifted off the ground, as her body was literally ripped apart, by the drilling beams, before she fell to the floor, dead.

"NO!" Tracy shouted, as he began to look around him. All around him, his red-shirted security men were falling, and now, one dead Cadet as well. He saw the closest member of the Frontier's team... Doctor Rayza. In the confusion, he placed the Reticulan object in one of his holsters, and quickly ran over to Rayza.

Behind Rayza, he took out his communicator, flipped it open, and called his ship.

"Tracy to Exeter, we're under attack! Beam us up!" He called.

The Frontier team maintained full rifle fire on the aliens, as Nikolayev was again shocked, as he saw Captain Tracy quickly grab Rayza, just as the two of them were engulfed by the Exeter's transporter beam.

"Rayza!" Nikolayev shouted. But it was too late. The Exeter team had left. Nikolayev returned to firing, as he called his ship. "Nikolayev to Frontier... we're facing heavy fire down here... take us up!" He shouted.

Seconds later, the entire Frontier team was engulfed in a transporter beam, which quickly disappeared, leaving only the alien team on the surface, as they ceased fire.

In space, the U.S.S. Exeter quickly came about, and raced into full impulse, away from the Frontier. As it left, it fired a series of shots at the Frontier, which hit the ship. Then, the Exeter catapulted into high warp, leaving the Frontier behind.

The Frontier would have pursued, but it was about to be preoccupied with bigger problems...

As the Frontier began to also come about, the purple cross-shaped alien ship came descending down on the ship, as it began to open fire.

The purple alien ship made a first strafing run, across the Frontier's dorsal hull, spitting out twin bright purple phaser beams, which impacted on the Frontier's shields.

As the alien ship passed, the Frontier fired a phaser beam at it, in response, as it angled up to face the new threat.


On the Frontier bridge, the ship shook with another phaser hit from the attacker, as Captain Nikolayev ran to his chair, as he faced the viewscreen.

"Maintain phaser fire!" He shouted out, as the phasers once again fired on the alien ship.

His Tactical Officer spoke up.

"Sir! We've collapsed their shields!" He said. "They are still maintaining fire." He added.

Nikolayev squinted his eyes in anger at the oncoming mystery ship, as he finally gave the order... he had more important things to do, than try to figure this mess out right now... he had to find the Exeter, and get Rayza back, and deal with Captain Tracy.

"Photon torpedoes... fire!" He said.

In space, the Frontier came around, and spat out a volley of four photon torpedoes, which impacted on the alien ship, and destroyed the alien vessel, the purple ship exploding.

On the Frontier's bridge, the Tactical Officer made his report.

"The alien ship has been destroyed, Sir!" He said.

Nikolayev nodded silently, and lowered his head for a moment... this is not what they had been sent out here for... they were out here to explore new life, not be forced once again, to destroy, or go to war with it. But that problem would have to wait. He returned his focus to reality once again, as he walked to his CONN Officer.

"Did the sensors have time to track the last known heading of the Exeter?" He asked the man.

The Officer worked his station for a moment.

"Yes, Sir... the Exeter's warp trail was recorded... we can follow it, Sir." He said. "And, given that the Exeter is an old Constitution-Class ship, we should be able to catch up with her pretty quickly, Captain." He offered.

Nikolayev patted the man on the shoulders, as he looked to the viewscreen.

"Yes, Ensign, I know. But we don't want to appear too aggressive... they've got Rayza, and we don't know what they have planned. Plot an intercept course, and keep us just barely within sensor range of their ship." He said. "I want them to know we're following them, but I also want them to know that we're not charging in, phasers blazing." He said, as the CONN Officer nodded, and input the new course. "Ensign... engage." He added.

In space, the mighty Frontier angled about, and sped from a drift, to entering the realm of high warp, leaving Gendalon Major behind.


The door to Captain Tracy's quarters slid open, and Rayza was escorted in, by two security men, with phaser rifles. Captain Tracy was busy studying some data, on his desk monitor.

"Ah, Doctor Rayza... glad you could join me." He said, finally looking up at her, as he nodded for the security men to leave the two of them alone, as the left the room. Rayza looked back to Tracy, a blank look on her face.

"I've been studying the information we were able to download from that probe buoy... it's quite fascinating." He began, as he pointed to his monitor, as he got up, still looking at the screen. "It was a series of coordinates... the path that the information traveled, from this probe, to others, in the network." He said. He finally looked to Rayza, as he swiveled the monitor so she could see what was on his screen. He pointed to an area on the displayed star map. "Tell me... what do your people know of this region?" He asked.

Rayza finally walked over to the monitor, resigned to the fact that she should probably better help him. She looked at the map, and then looked up at him. "I would not go there, if I were you." She said.

"Really... why? Tracy asked.

"It's not a welcoming area of space." She stated. "You would not be comfortable there." She added.

"Why? Who is out there?" He asked.

Rayza blinked.

"Nobody... now. That is why you should avoid that area. The whole region is suffering from highly elevating radiation levels. The region was once home to the Kelvan Empire, but they were forced to vacate the region, due to that reason. All you will find there is vacant, dead, worlds... you may not like what you find." She said.

Tracy swiveled the monitor back to him, and called up another map section, and then returned the monitor to Rayza's view.

"What about this region? What's here? The map shows at least one identifiable Class-M planet here." He said.

Rayza regarded the map, and then blinked as she nodded.

"Yes... that area belongs to a race of beings known to my people as the Glight. I personally know nothing at all about them, except what I learned from the library on my world, before it was destroyed." She began. "I know only that my people had very limited encounters with them... very little. That, and that they are non-humanoid, and extremely pacifist and isolationist." She stated.

Tracy looked at her for a long moment, trying to judge if she was lying to him or not. Finally, he was satisfied that she was being honest. He reached down, and pushed the comm button, to signal the bridge.

"Bridge, this is Tracy... Miss March, set a course for map section nine-alpha... and engage, at maximum warp." He said.

"Aye, Captain." Came March's reply, as he released the comm button.

"What are you doing?" Rayza asked.

"I'm going to find these "Glight" you spoke of... and get some answers." He said.

"You can't just barge through their space! You'll frighten them!" She said.

"All the better... then they'll be less likely to give us any trouble!" He began. "Those aliens on that planet over there killed three of my crew, including one Cadet, dear Doctor... a Cadet... no more than a child! Deaths that did not have to happen! If we are to return home, her family deserves at least, to know who her killers were, and why they may have attacked her." He said. "I will not let those three deaths go in vain... I WILL find a way home, and WILL avenge those fallen comrades. One way or the other." He said, as Rayza just looked at him.



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The ship sailed through space, heading towards the region of space where the Glight race was supposedly located.

On the Bridge of the ship, Captain Tracy watched the stars fly by on the viewscreen, as Doctor Rayza stood beside his Captain's chair, as two security guards stood behind her, armed with personal phasers. After a moment, an alarm from Cadet Yepi's panel broke the silence.

"Sir." He began. "We are reading a distress call, from a solar system roughly four light years from our present position, Sir." He said. "As of yet, I cannot make out the language, but it is coded as a distress call. It'll take the universal translator about ten minutes to establish a matrix." He added.

Captain Tracy wore a look of deep thought, as he subtly nodded to himself, thinking of what course of action he'd take. Finally, he looked over to Rayza.

"Do you know of any other species other than the Glight in or near this region?" He asked her.

"No." Rayza replied, simply. "But keep in mind, Captain, that the records I have are very old and dated... the political structure of the Andromeda Galaxy has undoubtedly changed dramatically, since the days of the Reticulan Star League... as the older races vacated the regions, younger ones have moved in, to fill in the gaps." She said.

Tracy nodded, and then adjusted himself in his chair, and looked to Cadet March.

"Miss March... prepare to alter course." He said.

In space, the Exeter continued on, at high warp.


The mighty ship plowed through subspace at high warp, on a mission.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev sat in his chair, gripping the arms, his knuckles white, his face serious, his eyes glued to the screen. Commander Cedri looked to him, studying his expression.

"We'll get her back, Sir." She said, trying to comfort him, as he looked to her.

Suddenly, an alarm on the OPS console beeped, and the Officer turned to face Nikolayev, to report the data to him.

"Sir, we're reading a distress call... from a small solar system nearby... five light-years, Sir." He said. "I can pipe it through, but it'll take the universal translator a few minutes to establish a translation matrix." He offered.

"Do it." Nikolayev said, nodding, as he began to stroke his chin with his fingers, as the transmission came through, at first, nothing but fritzed static, and then, gradually, the language of the aliens sending the message could be heard.

Finally, after about two entire minutes of listening to the alien tongue, the transmission slowly began to convert to English.

"...tain Hentii Jezereth, of the Tylorian Republic, to any Republic or friendly ship in range... we are under heavy fire from a Vralex fleet, and require immediate reinforcements! We have only three ships left! Repeat, this is Captain Hentii Jezereth, of the Tylorian Republic, to any Republic or friendly ships... we need help! Please respond!" The man's voice said. The voice was obviously very panicked.

"Sir, the message just repeats like that." The OPS Officer said, as the transmission was shut off.

Captain Nikolayev thought about the message for a minute, and glanced at Cedri, who nodded at him, knowing what he was considering. Finally, Nikolayev straightened in his seat, and looked to the screen.

"Ensign, lay in a course for the source of the signal... the Exeter will have to wait... again. Ensign, maximum warp. Engage!" He ordered.


The three small ships raced forward, to face the oncoming threat of four purple, cross-shaped, ships, that met the oncoming ships with bright lavender disruptor beams, that lanced out into space, at the oncoming three ships.

The three ships were no larger than a Defiant-Class Federation ship, and were all bright red in color, with white engine lights. The ships returned fire, with bright green phaser beams, as the three ships veered away from the four purple ships, before the two formations could collide, as both groups came about for another pass.

On the bridge of the lead red ship, the whole deck shook, with another weapons hit, as the Captain and his First Officer lurched forward, holding onto the command table for support. The beings on this ship were Tylorians... and they were mostly just like humans, except they were taller, and more slender, and their skin was a more muted color. The main difference was on their head... their hair, specifically... the ship shook again, and the crew reacted with alarm... which caused the hair on the Captain and First Officer's heads to physically move upward, like the head feathers on a cockatiel bird. Clearly, this was a sign that these men were distressed. After a moment, the hair moved down again, laying flat on their heads, as the First Officer spoke to his Captain.

"This is it... either we survive, or the Vralex do... and warp right to Tyloria Prime itself... and the Tylorian Republic ends." He said.

"How many of our ships are orbiting Tyloria?" the Captain asked, as he regarded some data on the large round console before them.

"Only thirty-seven." the First Officer began. "Twelve of those are orbiting Tyloria III, and the rest are in orbit of Tyloria Prime herself." He said.

Suddenly, an alarm beeped, and the First Officer regarded the new incoming data on the round console, and then looked to his Captain, with a look of joy.

"Sir... I'm reading another ship coming out of warp!" he called out.

"What kind of ship... Tylorian? Vralex?" The Captain asked.

The First officer shook his head.

"I don't know... it's of an alien design... but it's targeting the Vralex ships!" he said.


On the Bridge, the entire crew looked on, as the Vralex fleet continued towards the Tylorian ships.

"That's the same kind of ship that attacked us at Gendalon Major!" Nikolayev stated. "Open a channel to the other fleet." He said, as the comm was opened. "This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the United Federation of Planets, to fleet in distress... we have received your distress call, and are here in response to it. How may we assist you?" He said.

"Sir... the ships under attack won't last much longer... the purple ships have almost wiped them out, Sir." The OPS Officer said.

"Dammit... what's taking so long?" Nikolayev asked, as Commander Cedri walked up next to him.

"They're probably trying to establish a translation matrix to understand us, Sir." She offered.

Finally, Nikolayev gave the order.

"Tactical... target any and all of those purple ships you can, and fire at will... full phaser spread, and fire photon torpedoes at any opportune targets." He said.

"Aye, Sir!" the man at Tactical said.

In space, the Frontier launched herself into the fray, and instantly began spitting out phaser beams at the attacking Vralex ships. The effort to draw the Vralex fire was working... because to the Vralex, the Frontier's ship-mounted weapons were extremely strong... the Vralex ships that were being hit, were being dealt powerful blows.

Finally, two more Vralex ships came screaming out of warp... and they were massive. These new ships were also a shiny purple in color, but they were a greatly expanded take on the boomerang intersecting design motif... there was one large boomerang section, horizontal, that supported three other, vertical boomerang sections. The tallest one, directly intersected the central point of the horizontal section, and the other two intersected the port and starboard sides, at a point between the port and starboard tips, and the center of the ship. The two new ships were about the size of a Romulan D'Deridex-Class Warbird.


On the Bridge, Captain Jezereth and his First Officer looked on in horror, at the arrival of the two new ships.

"Oh, no... two Vralex Men-of-War." The First Officer began. "That new ship out there is handling the Pirate Gunships well enough, but two Men-of-War..." He said.

In space, the Frontier and the remaining Tylorian ships began a coordinated strafing run on the closest Man-of-War, and the Tylorian ships opened fire, but it had little effect. The Frontier dwarfed the smaller Tylorian ships. The Frontier angled up, and launched a volley of three quantum torpedoes. The brilliant bluish-white projectiles flew towards the massive Man-of-War, and impacted upon the hull. The quantums did the trick, and the entire Man-of-War promptly broke apart, and exploded, in a massive blast. The Frontier and the Tylorian ships quickly veered away from the expanding explosion.


Captain Jezereth and his First Officer wore looks of utter stunned shock... for months now, NO ship had been able to bring down a Vralex Man-of-War. This new ship did it with just three torpedoes!

They looked on, as they quickly got another shock... the remaining smaller cross-ships and the other Man-of-War was beginning to turn about, and retreat!

All over the Bridge, there were joyous cheers, and some got to the point of tears.


The image on the viewscreen was replaced by the image of Captain Jezereth, and his First, on their Bridge. The translator had now been able to read the Tylorian language.

"This is Captain Hentii Jezereth, of the Tylorian Republic, and my First Officer, Commander Ingren Jenz." He began. His voice was on the verge of breaking down into tears. "Whoever you are, I thank you, on behalf of all my people... you have just saved us from certain destruction." He began. "Thank you... thank you." He said.

Captain Nikolayev and Cedri shared a look.

"You're welcome, Sir. I am Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the United Federation of Planets." He began.

Captain Jezereth wore a look of confusion.

"The United Federation... of Planets...?" He asked. "I've never heard of it." He said.

Nikolayev smiled, chuckling a bit.

"I'd be surprised if you did, Captain. You see, the UFP is located in the Alpha Quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy... we're not from around here." He began. "But we're here to do some exploring, and even make a few friends, if we can." He said. "Those ships that were attacking you... one of them attacked my ship two days ago... in orbit of Gendalon Major. Who are they?" He asked.

Captain Jezereth and Commander Jenz shared a look, and then faced Nikolayev again.

"Those ships belong to the Vralex Supremacy, Captain, and up until now, we've never seen anyone take out one of their heavy warships like that... I'm sure you made them very angry." Jenz said.

"Captain... as a gesture of gratitude, please be our guest, here on my ship... it would appear we have a lot to discuss." Jezereth offered.


The ship dropped out of warp, and came to full impulse, as it headed through space, on a course towards a bright white star.

On the Bridge, Cadet Yepi advised the Captain of some new readings.

"Sir... I'm reading two ships, on an intercept course with us." He said. "Now entering visual range." He added.

"On screen." Tracy ordered, as the screen switched to show two alien ships, each heading towards the Exeter from opposite directions... one approaching from port, the other from starboard.

The ships looked like giant and extremely angular butterflies... there was a very long and slender center section, conical in shape, and a very brilliantly shiny chrome color, and on either side, was a large and very angular "wing", of a remarkably shiny opalescent white color... like mirror-shiny ivory. At the head of the conical center section, were two subspace antennas and what could possibly be sensor packs, which glowed a bright blue.

Doctor Rayza recognized the design profile of the two ships, from her records, as Captain Tracy turned to face her.

"The Glight?" He asked her.

Rayza nodded.

"The Glight. It appears that they have not advanced their ship design since my people last encountered them. Captain... proceed with delicacy. The Glight are remarkably xenophobic and pacifist... I'm actually amazed that two of their ships are actually initiating contact here." She said.

Tracy regarded Rayza, and then looked back to the screen, which showed the two Glight ships, now settling into a holding position in front of the Exeter.


The great ship sat in space, Captain Jezereth's Tylorian ship alongside it, dwarfed by the big and long Frontier.


Captain Jezereth and Commander Jenz stood in front of their own transporter platform, as the area sprang to life, filling the room with the trademark buzzing sound and shimmering lights of the transporter beam. Before the two men, the group of aliens from the starship called Frontier began to materialize and take form.

Finally, the shimmering lights died down, and the Frontier party stepped a few paces forward, as Captain Nikolayev extended his hand, in greeting.

"Captain Jezereth, I bring you greetings from the United Federation of Planets." He said, as he stepped over to Jezereth, and shook the man's hand. The sections of hair on the left and right sides of Jezereth's head stood up, and then moved back down, as the man smiled, conveying that he was calm and pleased.

"Captain Nikolayev. Thank you. welcome aboard the Tylorian Guard vessel Ultridies. We are honored to have you." He began. "Again, we convey our sincerest thanks for your help with the Vralex ships." He said. Jezereth then indicated for the door to the corridor. "I'm sure you have many questions about who we are, and the Vralex." He said. "Shall we?" He asked, as he led the way out of the transporter room.

In space, the Frontier and Ultridies continued drifting along.


In the situation room, the large wall monitor displayed a 3D rotating image of a small Vralex ship... the same class of ship that had attacked the Frontier. Captain Jezereth pointed to the rotating image, as callouts began to appear.

"The Vralex Pirate Gunship... we call them "Star Crosses". He began. "These ships are the primary vessels of the Vralex Supremacy's fleet." He said.

Nikolayev folded his arms near his chest, as he listened to Jezereth speak.

"The Vralex Surpemacy is a terrible organization. The Vralex are space pirates... they go around the galaxy stealing and taking by force, whatever they need, and now, they have begun to conquer worlds and space as well." Jezereth said. "Our people, the Tylorian Republic, have been at war with them for over a decade now. If you had not shown up when you did, that fleet would have surely made it's way to the Tylorian System, and our Republic would have fallen." He added.

"But why are you and the Vralex at war? Why are they pirates, and what can you tell us about them?" Nikolayev asked.

Jezereth pushed some buttons, and a schematic of a solar system came up, replacing the image of the Vralex ship. It was a barren solar system... only two planets, both of which looked inhospitable. One world was very close to the Sun, the other was in the Class-M zone of solar rotation. The computer zoomed in on that planet.

"This... is the Vralex's home star system... we think." He began. "It is in the Beta Quadrant. According to our sources, it is a world called Karnat Prime. And this leads into my explanation of why the Vralex are pirates, and why we are at war with them." He said. "According to our intelligence, and reports from various sources, Karnat Prime was at one time, a lavishly lush and beautiful world, full of forests, oceans, and rich in natural resources. However, approximately two centuries ago, increased solar activity altered the landscape of the world, killing off a large portion of plant life, and evaporating the oceans. Add to that, the fact that the Vralex themselves spent many centuries plundering the rich resources on their own world, until there was literally nothing left. The population on Karnat Prime was, and still is to this day, literally starving. There is mass famine all over the planet. Thousands die every day. Now, the world is one large barren desert. The Vralex did the only thing they could... they used their starships to venture out to worlds beyond, in search of help." Jezereth said.

"But what they got, was not enough for them." Commander Jenz interjected. "They wanted more and more, and they began growing impatient. Finally, they resorted to piracy, to get what they wanted. It has grown to the point, where the entire society of the Vralex, is geared towards blatant aggressive piracy and conquest. They not only want things and resources now, but they want space... worlds." He said.

"You may have noticed the brute force of their personal weaponry." Jezereth said. "When the Tylorian Republic first encountered the Vralex, we were totally unprepared for the sheer force they had behind them." He said.

Nikolayev stepped forward, and took a good look at the moving map of the Vralex System.

"We also noticed that they have a kind of purplish color to them. In fact, everything of theirs was some shade of purple or blue." He said. "Why is that?" He asked.

The two Tylorians chuckled a bit.

"Heh... that's the one funny thing about the Vralex... they are largely colorblind... the blue-to-purple part of the color spectrum, is the only range of color their eyes can perceive." Jenz said. "Everything else is shades of grey to them." He added.

Commander Cedri stepped forward, and asked a question.

"So... tell us about your people... the Tylorian Republic." She said.

Jezereth pushed some more buttons, and the image of the Vralex System was minimized, as he walked over to the Frontier party, to explain.

"The Tylorian Republic has been around for roughly two centuries." He began. "It began when my people first made contact with the species that resides on our system's second planet... the Fflong. Once we knew we were not alone in the universe, my people made an effort to contact as many races as we could find, beginning with the Fflong. The first traces of the Tylorian Republic came into being when the Tylorian President signed the Alliance of Worlds, between Tyloria Prime and Fflong. Since then, my people have been searching the galaxy for new races, new worlds... new chances for exploration and knowledge. The Tylorian Republic is an organization of peaceful exploration and diplomacy. We currently have over 50 member planets, including races like the Zendawi, the Steen, the Yunat, and many, many, more." Jezereth said.

Commander Jenz now added some information.

"Unfortunately, all that changed, when we came into contact with the Vralex Supremacy." He began. "Their fleet dropped out of warp, under a banner of diplomacy. They wanted to address our Council, about a petition to join the Republic. We of course, allowed them an audience. As soon as they arrived in the Council Chambers, they drew their rifles, and massacred over three dozen Council Members, before the security forces were able to stop them. In orbit, their fleets began to open fire on our ships, and we returned fire. The Vralex War had begun." He said.

"That is why our weapons are not as effective as yours were against their new Man-of-War class of ships." Jezereth began. "Our two sides have been fighting this war for so long, and have dealt each other such blows, that we have simply not had time to devote to upgrading our weapons technology... the Tylorian Republic has spent the last year just clinging to survival by a thread." He said.

The Frontier group was grimly nodding their heads, as they looked to the floor. Finally, Nikolayev spoke up.

"It seems that even despite the vast galactic distances between our two peoples, we finally seem to have much in common." He began. "My people... the United Federation of Planets... is also currently in the middle of a devastating war, with an equally brutal and ruthless enemy... called the Dominion." He said. "In fact... that's the reason my ship was sent here, on this mission." He added.

The Tylorian group was utterly fascinated by the words Nikolayev was speaking, and their faces showed it. The hair on the aft portion of their heads was gently rising up, and then falling again, indicating deep interest.

Jezereth spoke up.

"Could you please tell us about this... United Federation of Planets? I'd love to know about it." He asked.


Captain Nikolayev sat at his desk in his Ready-Room, absolutely engulfed by PADDs, as he alternated glances between them, taking in as much data as he could, and transferring the data from the PADDs to his desk terminal, with his stylus. He was interrupted as the door chime sounded, and he gave the order for the person on the other side to come in.

The doors slid open, and Commander Cedri walked in, and took a position in front of Nikolayev, who finally looked up at her.

"Commander? What's on your mind?" He asked.

"Have you decided who will be going with the Tylorians?" She asked him, as he momentarily set the PADD he was working on down.

"Yes, I have." He began. "You will. Captain Jezereth's offer is generous, but my place is here, until we locate the Exeter. You should be the one to visit Tyloria Prime." He said. "The Frontier will meet you there as soon as we finish with the Exeter." He said.

Cedri nodded, as she looked at his desk, overflowing with PADDs.

"Doing some homework?" She asked.

Nikolayev shook his head.

"Just some reading... it's just amazing, how similar the Tylorian Republic is to our Federation." He said. "The Tylorian Guard is their Starfleet. The charters of both our organizations are virtually the same. And the more I study the origins of the Vralex War, the more the situation on Karnat Prime reminds me of the situation that was once suffered on Cardassia Prime... loss of resources, mass famine and death... it's almost like the Cardassians could have been our Vralex... turning to conquest to get what they needed to survive." He said.

"They did." Cedri stepped in. "They occupied my world, and enslaved and raped my people. Killed them, too." She said. "The Cardassians did the very same thing the Vralex did here... they used the military to prop up their dying civilization, and their society became geared towards arrogant aggression." She said.

Nikolayev's face was not amused.

"Be that as it may, Commander, the Cardassians have not done anything as brutal as these Vralex. It's like they're the Gorn and the Breen, all rolled into one." He said. "In any case, I am preparing some stuff for you, to give to the Tylorian President, when you see him... the UFP Charter and Constitution, as well as a history of it, and a short primer on the current situation in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants of our own galaxy." He said. "Oh, what did Captain Jezereth say the name of their President was? I forgot it." He asked.

"Carthax Pentique." Cedri answered. "He's not Tylorian, either... I think Commander Jenz told me he was a... Gretharian?" She said.

Nikolayev nodded, as he got up, with a PADD in his hand.

"Yeah... he's a Gretharian." He said, as he handed the PADD to Commander Cedri. "Well, you leave for the Ultridies in one hour. Good luck, Commander... if all goes well, we'll see you at Tyloria Prime, in roughly two days." He said.

Cedri nodded, as she took the PADD.

"Thanks, Captain. Have fun with your temporary number one... Commander Jenz should make a nice fill-in for Rayza... he knows the area well, and you'll probably find Exeter sooner than you think." She said.

In space, the Frontier shot through subspace at maximum warp, the stars streaking by at incredible rates.

"Captain's Log. We are once again en route to intercept the Starship Exeter, after our rather refreshing encounter with the Tylorian Republic. The Tylorians have graciously invited the ship to Tyloria Prime, and we will accept... once we have located the Exeter, and resolved the situation with that ship, and her Captain. In the meantime, my First Officer, Commander Cedri, has been taken to Tyloria, on Captain Jezereth's ship, the Ultridies, where she will be introduced to the President of the Tylorian Republic, Carthax Pentique. At the same time, Captain Jezereth has loaned us his own First Officer, Commander Ingren Jenz. Hopefully, he will be able to efficiently guide us through this area, to the Exeter."


The Exeter stood between the two Glight ships, which were now adrift, as their wing sections burned, in space. At the same time, two more Glight ships moved into position, in front of the Exeter, and assumed an escort position, as the Exeter and the two new Glight ships began to slowly move forward.

On the Bridge of the Exeter, Captain Tracy stood up, facing the viewscreen, as Rayza approached him from behind, holding back tears.

"Why? Why did you have to fire on them?" She asked.

Tracy looked to her, a look of anger in his eyes.

"I told them we needed passage through their space, and information on those damned purple reptiles that killed my crewmembers!" He began. "They brought it upon themselves, by refusing. If these Glight are as old as you say they are, Doctor, then they most certainly know what and who is out here... even if they don't make much contact." He said. "They must know something. And this was to show them that I'm not playing games here, Doctor... members of my crew are dead... a child is dead. Someone that I was responsible for. I WILL have the answers I need, to take her home." He added.

Rayza shook her head in disgust.

"People die in space every day, Captain... you're hiding behind that excuse. You're mad... you've forced the Glight, a peaceful species, with no desire to hurt anything, to take you through their space at gunpoint! When this is over, I would not be surprised, if the Glight ever make contact with anyone again!" She said.

The look on Tracy's face got angrier.

"Look, Doctor... the information from the data on that probe artifact we analyzed, indicated to a Class-M planet in a sector not too far from here... just five light-years beyond Glight space. I intend to find out what is there, and see if I can use it, to get back home." He said, as he then turned back to the viewscreen.


The ship kept slicing through space at high warp.

On the Bridge, Commander Jenz stepped out of the turbolift, and looked around in awe, as he began to walk to the command area, where Captain Nikolayev was seated.

"An absolutely massive and beautiful ship, Captain. Just beautiful. The Federation must be incredibly vast and wealthy in resources, to commission such a flying palace." He began. "The Tylorian Guard has never even thought of building such huge starships... my ship, the Ultridies, is a Duron-Class ship... they don't get much larger than that." He said.

Nikolayev smiled at Jenz, as the Tylorian man took his seat in the First Officer's chair.

"Well, the Federation is vast, but right now, we're embroiled in a massive war with the Dominion. Believe it or not, there are ships much bigger than this one in Starfleet... the Galaxy-Class. But because of the war, Starfleet has since been building smaller and faster, more powerful ships... even smaller than the Ultridies. We need that, to keep our ability to effectively combat the fast ships of the Dominion and the Breen." He said.

Finally, Nikolayev looked to his side console, and took in some readings.

"Commander Jenz... the warp trail of the Exeter seems to be skewing towards this region... directly beyond Glight space... here, in this massive orange nebula... have you any idea what is in that area? Any indication of why they may want to go there?" He asked the man.

Commander Jenz called up the same data on his console, and also studied it for a moment.

"That is the Zarnex Nebula, Captain... it is a region of high radiation levels, and radiation storms. The region is heavy with stellar activity, and what few Class-M worlds were in that area, have long since been vacated. Almost all of them are dead and barren worlds now. One of our old expeditions into that area revealed that it once was home to a race called Kelvan." He said.

Nikolayev nodded.

"Kelvan... I've heard of them... our people encountered a group of them over a century ago... the crew of the old Starship Enterprise." He said, as he looked to the viewscreen, his eyes full of thought and questions.



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The two Glight ships escorted the Starfleet ship towards the massive and brilliantly lit Zarnex Nebula... its massive orange cloud of gasses alive with the light of hundreds of newly forming stars.

The two Glight escorts promptly veered away from the Exeter, and moved off, allowing the Starfleet vessel to continue onward, towards a planet... a lone and dark world, swept clean and dry, scorched by the radiation storms from the nearby nebula.

"Captain's Log, Ronald Tracy, U.S.S. Exeter. With the help of two Glight ships, we have arrived in what Rayza identifies as the Zarnex Nebula. She tells me that this region was once claimed by a race known as the Kelvans. We have located a planet that was once Class-M, but has now been long-since burned, due to the sweeping radiation storms in this area. The probe data we analyzed indicated this world, among all the others in this region, leading me to believe that there may be some object or data somewhere on this world still... perhaps something we can use to get Exeter out of this galaxy, and back to Federation space."

On the Bridge, the image of the world filled the screen, as the Cadets worked their stations. Rayza stood beside Captain Tracy, in his Captain's chair, also looking at the screen.

"Anything on sensors yet?" He asked.

After a few seconds, Cadet March answered.

"Aye, Sir... there are no life signs, whatsoever... no plant or animal life, either. But we are reading a single artificially constructed object... in the middle of the northwestern hemisphere." She said.

Captain Tracey thought about the information, and finally, made his choice.

"Assemble an away team, in encounter suits... we're going down there." He said. "Miss March, standard orbit, if you will." He added.

In space, the Exeter settled herself into a close orbit of the now-barren world, and began to circle the world.


The Tylorian ship shot out of warp, and dropped to full impulse, in the Tylorian System. As the ship angled towards the destination of Tyloria Prime, the full beauty and splendor of this unique star system revealed itself...

The system orbited a single yellow star, like Earth's system did. But the third planet of this system was a massive gas giant... larger than Jupiter, with massive bands of swirling gas storms, of blue and white. The gas giant boasted a beautiful ring system, as well as about 17 moons. One of these moons was very unique... one of these moons was the Tylorian homeworld... Tyloria Prime. This moon was a planet in itself, but one which just happened to orbit the gas giant, Tyloria III, as part of its lunar system. Tyloria Prime was unlike any moon the Federation had yet seen... it was the size of Earth, and looked almost exactly like it, with continents, oceans, and the such. But Tyloria Prime was a moon that also had its own ring system, and also boasted a moon of its own as well, about the size of Luna, Earth's moon.

On the Bridge of the Ultridies, Commander Cedri moved closer to the viewscreen, to take in the stunningly beautiful sight better. Captain Jezereth stood behind her, proudly gazing at the sight of his world.

"Welcome... to Tyloria Prime, Commander." He said.

Cedri looked back at Jezereth, a look of awe on her face.


The great ship slammed out of high warp, and rushed towards the vast orange Zarnex Nebula, the dark form of the scorched planet hanging silent in space, in front of the nebula. In the distance, the form of the Exeter could barely be seen, orbiting the planet.

On the Bridge of Frontier, Captain Nikolayev got up out of his chair, at the sight of the ship, on the main viewscreen, and wasted no time.

"Tactical... report... what is their status?" he asked.

"Sir... I am reading transporter signatures now appearing on the surface... three humans, one Andorian, one Vulcan... and one Reticulan." the Tactical Officer began. "The surface environment is inhospitable for life... they are suited up, Sir... and sensors indicate they are heading for an artificial construct of some kind."

Nikolayev wore a look of frustration, as he slammed a palm on one of the arms of his chair, as he then got up.

"That's it... we're going down after them... we'll bring Rayza and Tracey back on board, by any means needed." He began. He then looked to the man at Tactical. "You're with me... have a security detail meet us in transporter room five, in encounter suits." He began, as he then looked to Commander Jenz. "Mister Jenz, you have the Bridge." He said, as he began to walk away.

Commander Jenz got up, and looked to Nikolayev.

"Sir! I am not a member of your crew!" He said.

Nikolayev paused, regarding Jenz.

"You are my temporary First Officer... you are an accomplished officer in the Tylorian Guard, and you hold the rank of Commander. You know what to do with a starship. More than that, you know this region of space better than anyone on this ship at the moment. I'm placing you in command until I return." Nikolayev said.

"Aye, Sir!" Jenz said, uncertain of how he should react to this, as he sat back down, this time, in the Captain's chair.

In space, The two Federation ships orbited the dark planet below, in front of the massive orange nebula.

On the planet's surface, the Exeter away team was walking towards a large stone wall, a cliff. Behind them, the Frontier away team materialized, as Captain Tracy turned to look at the new arrivals.

The Frontier security team aimed their rifles at Tracy and his own security team, as Nikolayev motioned for Rayza to walk over to him. Captain Tracy raised his tricorder in the air, aiming it to the rock face, as Rayza rushed back to Nikolayev.

"It's here, Captain... the object we scanned from orbit... it's behind this rock face." Tracy began. "You have your officer back. I'm going to see what we have here." He said, as he turned to the rock wall, and holstered his tricorder, and took out his hand phaser. He indicated for his team to aim their rifles at the rock face, which they did.

"We don't know what the hell is behind that rock face, Captain!" Nikolayev began. "Don't be a fool! The first time you messed with an alien technology that you did not understand, your ship was thrown into this galaxy... don't make another mistake!" He said.

The wind howled and swept through Tracy's hair, as he began to smile with anticipation, at his target.

"Fire!" He shouted out, as his team opened fire with their rifles, at the wall of rock.

The phaser beams drilled into the rock face, until finally, the wall of rock began to vaporize. As the dust and smoke began to clear and settle, the object began to reveal itself. EVERYONE began to instantly recognize it. Tracy opened his mouth wide, as he let out a gasp of disbelief, as did Nikolayev. Doctor Rayza began to move forward.

"It... can't be..." Rayza began. "They were all destroyed... I can't believe..." She said, as she walked towards the object.

Instantly, every member of each team whipped out their tricorders, and began taking readings, as both teams began to follow Rayza's lead, walking towards the large object, which resembled a large irregularly-shaped stone doughnut, on a wide stone platform.

Captain Nikolayev wore a look of utter astonishment, as he approached Rayza, who was standing close to the large object.

"Rayza... is that... what I think it is?" He asked.

Rayza nodded, in disbelief.

"Yes, Sir... it is. But it shouldn't be here." She said.

Nikolayev looked at the now inert oracle, and whispered out loud to himself.

"The Guardians don't lie... that's what the Changeling said." He repeated.


The massive globe of Tyloria III filled the night sky of the Tylorian Capitol City of Peldura, as it rose above the Peldura Mountain Range, as the large city's lights twinkled in the mountain's basin. The rings of Tyloria Prime also rose up into the night sky, at one point, seeming to intersect with the thin rings of Tyloria III. It was a stunning sight, and one of remarkable beauty.

In front of the Capitol Building, five figures began to materialize, via a transporter beam, its reddish-purple light, shimmering, until the forms of Captain Henti Jezereth, three of his Bridge officers, and Commander Cedri, materialized on the surface.

As soon as they took full form, they began to slowly walk towards the Capitol Building, to the waiting welcoming party in front of the entrance...

Waiting in front of the entrance, was a large entourage of Tylorian men in what appeared to be business suits... very sleek and upscale-looking... like they were high-up diplomats. They were all standing a few paces behind a central figure... a man who was not Tylorian, but Gretharian. This man had on a similar suit, but a little more elaborate, with more layers and folds. The man himself almost had a Winston Churchill quality to his demeanor and appearance. At the sight of Captain Jezereth's party, the man moved forward, and waited for Commander Cedri to approach him, which she did, as Captain Jezereth indicated for her to do so, by nodding at her, approvingly.

She walked over to the man, who extended his hand, in greeting, as Cedri took it, and shook it.

"Greetings. I am President Carthax Pentique." The man said. "On behalf of the entire Tylorian Republic, welcome, Commander." He continued. "It is truly an honor to meet a new friend such as yourself... someone who has traveled here from another galaxy." He said.

"Thank you, Mister President." Cedri began. "I assure you, Sir... the honor is ours. It is our highest mission to explore new worlds, and make contact in peace, with as many civilizations as we can. I bring you and your people greetings from the United Federation of Planets." She said.



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The away team members from both ships continued scanning the inert oracle with their tricorders.

Rayza gazed at the object, Nikolayev right behind her.

"This... should not be here, Captain. The League had them all destroyed, before leaving for the Milky Way." She said.

Suddenly, some indicators on Rayza's tricorder began to go wild, and little alarms began to beep. She stepped back, along with Nikolayev, as the oracle once again began to activate.

The large doughnut-like ring of the object began to illuminate, as the central hole of the object was filled with a holoimage... at first, of only static, which then began to clear up, to display an image of the Frontier and Exeter in orbit.

Captain Tracy walked closer to the object, and very cautiously, passed his hand in front of the image of the two ships. He pulled his hand back suddenly, as a loud and booming voice filled the air all around them...

"I am the Guardian of Forever." The voice said, as some of the away team members looked up in the air in all directions, to see where the voice was coming from.

Rayza just looked at the device.

Captain Nikolayev looked to Rayza with astonishment.

"Doctor... don't... don't tell me that the Reticulans made these things." He said.

Rayza shook her head.

"No, Sir, we did not make them... these things pre-date the Reticulan civilization by at least three million years. But we did have all of them we knew of destroyed." She said. "The Reticulan Star League never learned who created them." She added.

Suddenly, the Guardian's voice boomed out once again.

"A question. For many eons, I have awaited a question." It said.

Captain Tracy walked closer to the device, looking it over.

"I have a question." He began. "Why are we here now? Why are you contacting us here now?" He asked.

"To convey a message, as ordered." The booming voice thundered. "I shall display it for you now." It said.

Captain Nikolayev stepped forward, and held out his hand, as he turned back to face Rayza.

"Wait!" He called out. "Rayza, why did the Reticulans have these Guardians destroyed? Were they a danger?" He asked.

Rayza looked to Captain Nikolayev, then Captain Tracy, and then the Guardian.

"Yes, Sir. We considered them a great danger, indeed. We destroyed them, to prevent them from being used as weapons." She began.

"Weapons?" Nikolayev asked, stunned.

"Yes." Rayza continued. "As the Dominion forced my people farther and farther out of the Andromeda Galaxy, we began to encounter these... oracles. When we discovered their ability to both tell and alter the flow of temporal events, we feared that if the Dominion encountered any, and learned of their ability, they would be able to use them, to launch a temporal war against the Star League, destroying us from the past, before we could fight back. So we had them all destroyed... all that we knew of." She said.

Nikolayev looked confused.

"But the Founder who sabotaged our transwarp drive... he said that the Guardians don't lie... that would mean that at some point, the Dominion did make contact with one of these things." He said.

Rayza nodded.

"I heard once, that there had been a Dominion encounter with one of these things. Apparently, they were not able to study the full abilities of the oracle, before my people destroyed it. To borrow a human phrase, Captain, we lucked out." She said.

Captain Tracy was growing impatient.

"Enough chit-chat, then... let's hear this message, Guardian." He said.


Commander Cedri paced in front of the Tylorian Republic Ruling Council, inside the massive Council Auditorium, as President Pentique stood at his central podium, the various Republic Ambassadors seated in the stands behind him. In front of Cedri, was the gathered audience of dignitaries and brass from the Tylorian Guard. She could not help feeling that the Tylorian Guard uniforms looked like the ones worn by Canadian Mounties, on Earth, only these were a medium-to-dark forest green color. On the high wall behind the aft section, where the Ambassadors sat, a massive holomonitor displayed the Seal of the United Federation of Planets. The image of the seal gave way, and was replaced by an animation of the Milky Way Galaxy, which quickly zoomed in to focus on the areas of space held by the UFP, as many callouts sprang up, highlighting the various Federation systems.

As Cedri paced, she continued her presentation.

"The United Federation of Planets currently comprises roughly 150 worlds, and an additional 27 protectorate systems and planets. The most recent addition to the Federation, as a full member-status world, is my own planet, called Bajor. To become a member world of the UFP, one must petition the Federation Council for membership. The criteria for membership must be met, and the application is then reviewed by the Federation Council, Starfleet Command, and the Federation President." She began. "Starfleet must look at the application as well, to evaluate the effects of having to redesign any fleet deployments needed, to the new systems, and the impact of such actions, on the military and political state of those systems." She said.

The holomonitor now zoomed in on an image of Sector 001, the Terran System.

"The homeworld of the Federation is Earth, which is also the homeworld of the Human species. The Federation was founded by four core worlds... Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar." She said, as the monitor then produced an image of President Melek... a portrait.

"The Federation is run by an elected President, via a quasi-lottery system. Every candidate submits his or her own proposal and agenda, for their Presidential administration. All proposals are reviewed, and then submitted to an electorate and the citizenry of the Federation, to vote upon. Our current President is Melek, a man from a world called Entomalius Prime. His government, the Entomalian Empire, is the Federation's newest and closest ally... and our most powerful as well." She stated.

The holomonitor now zoomed out, and began to show the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy, as a thin red line was drawn from the Milky Way, to Andromeda.

"It is because of the war, that my ship was sent over here." She said. "Starfleet Command obtained permission from the Federation Council, to draft the Frontier Commission, which would design our mission profile. Starfleet would launch one ship, on an expedition to the Andromeda Galaxy, for the purpose of locating and surveying new worlds, to evaluate the possibility of the Federation establishing colonies here, in the event that the Federation would soon fall." She said. "The Entomalians loaned us one of their transwarp slipstream drives, so we could travel beyond our own galaxy. Unfortunately, the drive was sabotaged, en route, by a Dominion saboteur, and we will not be able to return to our own galaxy." She said, as she paused for a moment, to gather her thoughts for what she could tell them next.


Commander Jenz sat in the Captain's chair, staring at the image of the planet below, on the main viewscreen. He was awoken back to reality, by a series of beeps from the Tactical station.

"Commander Jenz." The Tactical Officer began.

"Yes, what is it?" Jenz replied.

"I think we've got company, Sir... sensors are tracking five ships, Sir... matching the profile of Vralex Pirate Gunships. Presently at warp four, on a course for our location, approximately six minutes away." The Tactical Officer stated.

Commander Jenz shifted in the seat, as the hair on the forward section of his head began to rise up.

"Ready all weapons. Prepare to open a communications channel." He ordered.


The ancient oracle was displaying images from the distant past of the Andromeda Galaxy... the history of the Reticulan Star League, and the rise of the Dominion... the images were flying by quickly... the first Reticulan solar system, and the first Reticulan home planet. The Reticulan fleets expanding out into deep space, the Guild of Elders establishing the Reticulan Star League, and the setting up of various League colonies, which included the slave labor to establish the colonies with... the gathering of Changelings.

The images began to depict colony sites, as Reticulan taskmasters, called Founders, ordered the Changelings to assume whatever form they ordered them to... Changelings toiling through all hours, mining, building, etc. Suddenly, within one of the records, a group of Changelings began to ascend up a hill, and revolt against the Reticulan Founders, killing them, and using the Reticulan ship to escape from the world.

The records then began to show what the Changelings did next...

Changelings studying parts of the Reticulan ship and other technology, and reverse-engineering it... the first Changeling-built starships... the face of the Female Shapeshifter... a Changeling scientist with a vial of DNA-enhancing substance, lavender in color... a Vorta... a graphic representation of a string of Jem'Hadar DNA... a young Jem'Hadar, in a cloning facility... the emblem of the Dominion.

Suddenly, the images shifted back to outer space...

An unsuspecting Reticulan starship is suddenly ambushed and destroyed, by a small starship, with varying tones of dark violet coloring on the hull, and firing white beams... phase-polaron beams, with purple engine lights... a Dominion starship.

More Dominion assaults on Reticulan targets... the Reticulan-Dominion War had begun. Entire fleets of Reticulan and Dominion ships war with one another, throughout the Andromeda Galaxy... a Dominion fleet orbits a planet... on the surface, thousands of Jem'Hadar troops storm through a city, slaughtering any and all Reticulans in sight, thousands falling, dead. In orbit, the Dominion fleet opens fire on the world, causing colossal explosions to ripple out, on the surface, devastating the globe, and killing the population... Reticular Prime, as the entire Dominion fleet surrounds the entire planet... the Dominion fleet opens fire on the world, as a massive exodus fleet of Reticulan ships flees, just as the Reticulan homeworld is totally destroyed.

Finally, the story begins to expand, to show what happened next...

A lone group of five Reticulan ships... on one of the ships, in a medical lab, a Reticulan scientist holds up a vial, as a monitor in the background shows a rotating image of a strand of DNA... HUMAN DNA... a lone Reticulan ship sails through the long dark void of the Great Divide, the Milky Way Galaxy visible in the far distance... after a long moment, the lone ship is followed by four more Reticulan ships... one ship enters orbit of Cardassia Prime... another nears the Klingon Homeworld. One orbits Romulus, and another settles into orbit of what will become Zeta Reticuli. The last ship settles into orbit of a planet with a vast supercontinent... Earth. On Earth, the Female Progenitor deposits the Reticulan information, before beaming back to the ship in orbit.

Suddenly, the message was paused, as the oracle shut the display off. The Guardian then spoke again.

"You are being contacted." It said, as suddenly, the away teams communicators came to life.

Captain Tracy's ship was the first to call.

"Exeter to away team." Cadet March's comm voice said. "Come in... we are under attack! Repeat, we are under attack! The same ship type we saw at Gendalon Major! Transporters are out!" She called. "We have begun to return fire, but are taking damage!" She said.

Nikolayev instantly tapped his communicator.

"Nikolayev to Jenz... what's the situation up there?" He asked.


Commander Jenz walked back to the Captain's chair, from the CONN station, and pressed the intercom button, as he shouted an order to the Tactical Officer.

"Bring us around, attack pattern epsilon-three! Maintain phaser fire!" He said, as he opened the comm channel. "Captain, we've got company up here... five Vralex Pirate Gunships. They've opened fire on us and the Exeter. We are returning fire." He reported. "Sir... the Exeter is taking a beating." He added.

On the planet's surface, Nikolayev and Tracy looked at one another, and for once, Nikolayev saw a look of utter concern in Tracy's eyes.

"Frontier... the Exeter's transporters are out." Nikolayev began. "We're returning to the ship... beam my team to Frontier, and lock on to the Exeter team, and beam them to their ship." He said, as he turned to face Tracy again, who finally gave Nikolayev a nod, a gesture of silent respect, as a second later, he and his team were engulfed by the Frontier's transporter beam, and vanished.


The ship shook again, and Commander Jenz looked at the screen, at the image of the Exeter being pounded by Vralex ships.

"Open a channel again!" Jenz ordered, as the ship shook again.

"This is Commander Ingren Jenz, of the Ty-- of the Federation Starship Frontier." He began. "Break off your attack! We have no hostile intention towards you! We are on a survey mission!" He called out.

The reply from the Vralex, was another weapons hit, which rocked the ship yet again.


The ship came about, and fired full phasers, at a passing Vralex ship, which returned fire, as it passed overhead.

On the Bridge, aft consoles erupted into sparks, as the ship was jolted.

"Keep our forward side to the Vralex! Ready a spread of photon torpedoes!" Cadet March shouted to Cadet Sovek.

On the screen, March watched, as another Pirate Gunship raced towards her ship, head-on. Just then, a phaser barrage from Exeter lanced out into space, at the Vralex ship, hitting it directly, the phaser beams staying, and drilling into the purple hull of the ship, as it continued on course. Finally, the phasers did their job, and the Vralex ship exploded apart, the fiery debris sweeping over Exeter, as the Cadets allowed themselves a moment of small cheer.

Cadet March turned, as Captain Tracy walked over to his command seat, as the ship was jolted again.

"Situation, Cadet." He asked of March.

"Sir!" She began. "We've lost transporters, aft shields, and life support on deck four. We've just managed to destroy one enemy ship, Sir, using a sustained phaser barrage, head-on." She reported.

Tracy nodded, as he turned his focus to the viewscreen.

"Good work, Cadets. Now... I want a sustained weapons barrage, rotating between phasers and torpedoes, at the ships in position beta!" He said.


The ship moved into a position between the Exeter and the Vralex ships, blocking the Exeter from their weapons fire. The Frontier spat out her bright orange phaser beams at the oncoming Vralex ships, as the squadron suddenly broke off, one of the ships heading for the Exeter.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev stood beside Commander Jenz, as the two men watched the screen, as the Vralex ship began to pound the Exeter, the Exeter angling about, and returning full fire.

Commander Nikolayev began to shake his head.

"They won't last much longer." He said, as he turned to Jenz. "We need more help. Can Frontier outrun those Vralex ships out there?" He asked Jenz.

"Most definitely, Sir." Jenz replied.

That was all Nikolayev needed to hear. He quickly turned around, and gestured to his Tactical Officer.

"Take us within range, and tractor the Exeter! As soon as we have the ship, set course for Tyloria Prime, maximum warp!" He said.

In space, the Frontier rushed towards the Exeter, firing phasers at any nearby Vralex ships, to keep them at bay. As the Frontier reached the Exeter, her tractor beam rushed out, and grabbed the old Constitution-Class ship, and began to drag it away from the area, as the Frontier's mighty warp engines began to glow brightly, coming to life with power.

Seconds later, the Frontier shot herself into high warp, the Exeter in tow.


The entire Tylorian Guard fleet was assembled in orbit of Tyloria Prime, as if in wait.

On the surface, in the Capitol Building, President Pentique was given a report, by a Tylorian Guard officer, who walked up to him.

"Mister President, the fleet reports the Vralex fleet will enter the system in roughly one hour. The fleet has been mobilized, and is in position, but we are tracking roughly seventy-six Vralex ships... including at least ten Men-of-War." He said.

President Pentique lowered his head, as if in resigned dismay.

"This may be it." He began. "Has there been any reply from the Glight or the Steen?" He asked.

"No, Sir." The officer said. "We're on our own." He said.

President Pentique indicated for the man to leave, as he began to walk. Just then, Commander Cedri ran up to him, joining him, as he walked.

"Mister President, what's going on?" She asked.

Pentique looked to her.

"The Vralex invasion fleet is almost here, Commander. The fleet has been mobilized in orbit, but we are on our own. Your people may have arrived just in time to witness the collapse of the Tylorian Republic." He said, grimly.

Cedri looked to him, sympathetic.

"Don't give up just yet, Sir. Our President, Melek, is probably in the same situation as you... when we left the Federation, it was facing the very real possibility of total defeat, by the Dominion. For all we know, the Federation is gone by now. But if I know Melek, and Starfleet, they will make the Dominion fight for all their worth, for every centimeter of Federation space they wish to take. You must remain strong, Sir... have faith in miracles." She said.

Pentique nodded.

"I have been studying the information on President Melek and his people... the Entomalians." He began. "I would love the chance to meet this man. He seems to be quite a noble leader, from an equally noble culture." He stated. "I wish I could meet an Entomalian." He said, as he sighed, looking to the ground. "I'm sorry things worked out this way, Commander... it seems that we both have had our recent problems... you are unable to return home, being without your transwarp engine, you've encountered the Vralex, and your Federation is about to topple, while at the same time, we have made a friend of you, just in time for our own demise." He said, looking at her with sad eyes.


The lead Tylorian Guard ship sat at the front of the waiting fleet, prepared to meet the oncoming Vralex fleet.

On the Bridge of the Zohlvahni, a large and tall Tylorian Admiral walked around the command table, and activated the comm channel, to address the fleet. His uniform was a bit more elaborate than that of a Tylorian Captain, and he had various medals and awards adorning it.

"This is Admiral Nygrek Xintadi, to Republic fleet... the Vralex will be here in five minutes... let's all be prepared. All weapons on hot standby... once the enemy ships come into view, fire on any and all targets of opportunity! NO Vralex ships should be allowed to get close to Tyloria Prime!" He said. "I have finally been able to convince the Stroth to send us some ships, for assistance, but it will be at least an hour before they arrive... we need to hold out on our own for a while. Let's give the Vralex hell!" He said, as he closed the channel.

Admiral Xintadi regarded the information display on the table, and shook his head, as he turned to the Tactical Officer.

"Put me through to the Ultridies... I want to speak with Captain Jezereth." He said.


Captain Henti Jezereth turned to look at the turbolift, as the doors slid open, and Commander Cedri stepped onto the Ultridies's Bridge. Jezereth nodded, as he then returned his focus to his viewscreen discussion with Admiral Xintadi.

"We MUST hold the line here, at Tyloria, Henti." Xintadi began. "If the Vralex are able to smash through the fleet, then that's it... Tyloria will fall, and there will be nothing to stop the Vralex advance from moving on, to conquer the Fflong, the Lunax, the Yunat, and the Zundrekki." He said. "I'm having all our heavy ships target the Pirate Gunships... our smaller attack ships will engage the Men-of-War... with so many smaller ships maintaining fire on them, the Men-of-War will be less effective in returning fire." He stated.

Captain Jezereth nodded, as the channel was closed. He turned to Commander Cedri, who was wearing a look of sympathy. She felt for these people, for she knew all too well what they were about to go through, and what they were feeling now.

"Captain." She began. "May I send a message to my ship?" She asked, as Jezereth nodded.


The two Starfleet ships shot through high warp, passing the stars, as they swept by.


On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev and Commander Jenz stared at the warping stars, anxious to get to Tyloria Prime.

The Tactical Officer responded to some beeps from his panel.

"Sirs... we're getting an emergency transmission from Tyloria Prime, from Commander Cedri." He said.

Jenz perked up, and the hairs on the middle part of his head rose up, in anticipation, as Captain Nikolayev straightened in his seat.

"On screen." Nikolayev said, as the image of warping stars was replaced by that of Commander Cedri, standing next to Captain Jezereth, on the Ultridies Bridge.

"Commander?" Nikolayev asked.

"Captain, the Tylorians are about to have some company... the Vralex's invasion fleet is almost here. The Tylorian fleet has mobilized in orbit of Tyloria Prime, and we're about to engage the Vralex. The Republic does not anticipate it will survive the engagement, Sir... they need assistance." She said.

Commander Jenz looked to Nikolayev, as he thought about the situation. After a long moment, Nikolayev returned Jenz's look, and then turned back to Cedri.

"Understood, Commander. We're en route to Tyloria now, and should arrive in three minutes. As soon as we get there, we're beaming you back on board, and returning Mister Jenz to his vessel." Nikolayev said.

Cedri wore a look of puzzlement.

"But, Sir... are we not going to help the Tylorian fleet?" She asked.

Nikolayev was silent for a long moment.

"Commander... responding to a distress call, for humanitarian aid is one thing... but participating in a battle between the Tylorian Republic and the Vralex Supremacy would be a clear violation of the Federation's non-interference policy. This is not the Federation's war." He said.

"But, Sir..." She began to protest.

"I'm sorry, Commander, but you have your orders." Nikolayev said.

Cedri lowered her head, inwardly saddened and ashamed. Captain Jezereth spoke up.

"Captain Nikolayev, we beg of you to help us, now... we may not be able to withstand the Vralex assault! What of our distress now?" He pleaded.

"Captain Jezereth... your people have been extremely gracious, and we appreciate that, and consider you friends. But my Federation has a very strict law on non-interference... we CANNOT take any actions, that would alter the balance of power of an alien world or government. That is the Prime Directive. I'm sorry, Sir, but there is nothing we can do." He said.

The look on Commander Jenz's face was that of a crushed man.

Just then, Nikolayev and the Frontier crew overheard the Ultridies's Tactical Officer report some readings...

"Captain Jezereth, here they come! Vralex fleet now dropping out of warp, Sir!" He said, as Jezereth's look turned to one of urgency, as he closed the comm channel.



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In space, the great ship began to turn away from the Tylorians, as the Exeter slowly began to follow the Frontier.

On the bridge, Nikolayev looked on, watching the Tylorians engage the Vralex, as at the same time, more and more Tylorian ships fell to the Vralex fleet. He began to think to himself... he was beginning to see what a fine mess this was. He began to think about the home he left behind... he could imagine that a very similar battle was going on in Federation space, right now. He felt for these Tylorians... he really did. But what could he do? The Prime Directive was law. On the other hand, if he were part of the Federation fleet back home, would he not want someone to come and rescue him? His ship did have the power to end this conflict with the Vralex, here and now. No... who were they, to play God to an alien civilization? Then again, could he just sit by, and watch a budding interstellar organization be destroyed, before his very eyes? Dammit... the Federation is a long way from here. And the transwarp engine was destroyed by the Changeling... there would be no way the Frontier would ever be seeing Earth again. And if the Dominion wins the war, the Frontier IS the Federation... all that remains of a once vast and noble interstellar organization. If that were the case, did he not have a duty... an obligation, to further the legacy? He began to see that he was being presented with an absolutely incredible circumstance here. After many long moments of silent thought, he tapped his communicator.

"Bridge to Engineering." He said.

In Engineering, Mister Parsons tapped his communicator, as he walked to the Master Situation Table, which now was covered with large pieces of the Entomalian transwarp slipstream drive.

"Parsons here, go ahead, Sir." He said.

"Mister Parsons, you're absolutely sure that we won't be able to use the transwarp drive to get home any time soon?" Nikolayev asked.

Parsons wore an awkward look, as he regarded the chunks of transwarp drive on the table.

"Umm... yes, Sir... the drive won't be salvageable, Sir. And unless you want to take a trip back to the Milky Way that will last 655 years, at warp 9.9, I'd say we'll be here a while, Sir. And I'd remind you, that at warp 9.9, the engines will automatically disengage after ten minutes, Sir." He said.

On the Bridge, Nikolayev grew a smile.

"Thank you, Mister Parsons, Bridge out." He said, tapping off his communicator.

Commander Cedri picked up on Nikolayev's smile, and looked at him.

"Sir? What are you planning on doing?" She asked him.

Nikolayev watched, as another group of Tylorian ships fell to the Vralex. Finally, he spoke up, softly, just so that Cedri could hear.

"I won't do it." He began. "I won't let the Federation die twice." He said. "This time, we do things right." He said, as he moved to his command seat, and readied himself for what was to come. He tapped the intercom.

His voice echoed throughout the ship, as he made his announcement.

"All hands, this is the Captain. We are going into battle. All hands, all stations... Red Alert. I repeat, this is the Captain... we are going into battle. All hands, battlestations!" He said.


The ship was struck very hard, and the side stations on the Bridge erupted into sparks, sending crewmen flying.

Captain Jezereth and Commander Jenz ducked, and shielded themselves from the sparks and smoke, as they squinted to the viewscreen, to see a massive Vralex Man-of War, bearing down on them, the massive purple ship unleashing the full fury of its weapons on the Ultridies.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a volley of bluish-white quantum torpedoes flew up, and slammed into the Vralex vessel, followed by a volley of phaser beams.

In space, the Vralex ship exploded, in a massive eruption of fire, as the Frontier sailed through the explosion, triumphant.


On the Bridge, Admiral Nygrek Xintadi gazed at the viewscreen, a look of utter awe and astonishment, as he watched the U.S.S. Frontier, race towards and over his ship, emerging from the light of the Tylorian Sun, like some sort of avenging angel, the sun's light glinting off the Frontier's hull, as the ship raced towards the next Vralex target.

In space, the Frontier flew past the formations of Tylorian ships, rushing to meet the Vralex threat, head-on, every single phaser bank alive with fire, as the ship spat out volley after volley of torpedoes.

The Frontier's attempt to draw the Vralex fire from the Tylorian fleet was working, and the Vralex ships were now angling to meet the Federation threats.

The Exeter now also began to come about, and enter the fray, moving towards a nearby unit of Vralex ships, and opening fire with phasers.


Captain Tracy gazed at the awesome Man-of-War, that was displayed on the viewscreen, heading for his ship. The Vralex ship began to open fire from all gunports, sending volley after volley of bolts at the Exeter, and the ship was jolted very hard. Sparks erupted everywhere.

"Cadet March... evasive pattern, Pike-Alpha!" Tracy called out.

On the screen, the image of the Vralex warship began to turn, as the ship changed position, for pattern Pike-Alpha. The Vralex ship grew ever closer.

In space, the Exeter began its close strafing run, but the Vralex were faster... the Man-of-War fired a ferocious volley of phaser beams into the forward section of the Exeter's saucer section.

The ENTIRE forward half of the saucer section was instantly destroyed, leaving a massive gash in the Exeter's hull, as the various hull layers and decks were crawling with fiery eruptions and sparking areas. The ship began to lose attitude control. As the hulk of the Exeter began to quickly drift past the Man-of-War, the Vralex ship fired another few beams at the aft section of the Exeter.

On the Bridge, the ship was jolted so hard, that everyone on the Bridge was literally thrown up from their seats, and into the air. Every single station erupted into fire, and power began to fluctuate, all over the ship. Captain Tracy landed on the floor, hitting his head hard on the astrogator, as he landed. That caused his body to go limp. The Cadets were all on the floor, struggling to recapture their wind, and regain their equilibrium.


The ship was rocked by another Vralex weapons hit. The Tactical Officer relayed the report to Nikolayev.

"Captain, the ablative armor on the aft quarter is down to 20 percent strength... armor on the forward sections is holding for the moment. We're down to half our torpedo compliment, Sir." He said.

Nikolayev wiped some blood from his upper right eyebrow, as he grimaced, looking at the Vralex warship before him.

"Open a channel to the Tylorian fleet." He said.

"Channel open, Sir." The Tactical Officer said.

"This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier, to lead Tylorian ship... please respond." He said.

A second later, the image on the screen was replaced by the face of Admiral Xintadi, on his ship.

"This is Admiral Nygrek Xintadi." He announced.

"Admiral, have your fleet's ships target the smaller Pirate Gunships... we'll deal with these Men-of-War." Nikolayev said.

Admiral Xintadi nodded, closing the channel.

The image of the Man-of-War was restored, and it again spat out a devastating volley of fire, which struck the Frontier, causing the Bridge to shake violently, throwing crewmen off their feet.

In space, the Frontier led the charge forward, the Tylorian fleet following close behind, all weapons ablaze. The Tylorian ships were firing on the small Pirate Gunships, but the Vralex were not going to take the bait... the Vralex Pirate Gunships were beginning to all converge on the new number one enemy... the U.S.S. Frontier. The small Vralex ships were literally swarming the Frontier.


The Bridge was shaken extremely hard, and stations all over exploded, and fire broke out. The Tactical Officer scrambled to give his report.

"Sir! There are too many ships! We can't shake them! Ablative armor is gone, Sir! Shields are gone! We're losing warp power! Hull breaches are being reported on all decks, 12 through 17! Life support is down to 20 percent!" He called out.

Nikolayev wore a look of total anger. He turned to face Commander Cedri.

"Commander... begin evacuation of the secondary hull to the saucer section... prepare to separate the ship." He began. He tapped the intercom button. "This is the Captain, to any and all crew able to pilot shuttlecraft... report to the shuttlebays. We are deploying all shuttles and Runabouts, for fighter duty. Repeat, all pilots, report to the shuttlebays!" He said.

In space, the Vralex fleet continued to pound on the Frontier, as it tried to flee. Suddenly, like a swarm of flies on a carcass that had been shooed away, the Vralex ships began to suddenly break off, just as the Frontier's saucer section began to separate from the secondary hull. The saucer began to veer away, and then gradually come about again.


Commander Cedri sat in the Captain's chair, her eyes full of burning intent.

"Open fire, all weapons, launch fighters!" She called.


Captain Nikolayev sat in the Battle Bridge command seat.

"Open fire, all weapons! Launch fighters!" He said.

In space, the two halves of the Frontier unleashed their full arsenals at the Vralex ships, as the entire compliment of the Frontier's shuttles and Runabouts came screaming out of the shuttlebays, and made way for any Vralex ships they could find, as they instantly opened fire on them.


The crippled ship continued on, ever undaunted, towards another waiting Vralex warship. As the Exeter drew closer, the interior of all the decks of her saucer could be seen, since the whole front half was now gone.

From behind the Exeter, a trio of Pirate Gunships arose, and opened fire, with phasers, hitting the ship, and causing it to spiral out of control... towards a Vralex Man-of-War.

The Exeter spun towards the Man-of-War. It was very close to colliding with the massive Vralex ship. Just then, a brilliant prism-colored tractor beam locked onto the Exeter, and began pulling the ship to safety.

As the Exeter was lifted from harm's way, the ship that was towing the Exeter became visible... it was a very large ship, that almost resembled a big and thick bird. It was an overall red color, and the forward-swept "wing" sections were brightly colored in broad sections of red, yellow, and blue, like the wings of a Parrot. As the new red ship continued upwards, many, many, more ships just like it could be seen... a whole fleet of them. They were all breaking formation, and going after the Vralex Gunships.


Admiral Xintadi regarded the sight of the new arrivals on the viewscreen.

"The Stroth... it's about time!" He exclaimed.

His Tactical Officer spoke up.

"Admiral, the combined efforts of the Stroth and the Frontier, are forcing the Vralex away... the Vralex are retreating!" He said, unable to fully contain the joy in his voice.

In space, the Frontier sections and the Stroth and Tylorian fleets were now giving chase to the Vralex fleet, which was moving off fast, as the Tylorians and Stroth maintained fire. Finally, after what seemed like a long series of moments, the Vralex ships began to enter warp, leaving the system, until, finally, the last Vralex ship moved to jump into warp.


On the Bridge, Captain Jezereth and his entire crew broke out into joyous cheer, as they watched the last Vralex ship enter warp, and retreat.


In space, the Tylorian and Stroth fleets stood silent, watching, as the mighty Federation ship re-assembled itself, as the secondary hull inched towards the saucer section. It was now clear just how bad of a pounding the Frontier had taken. The lower half of the starboard engineering hull was missing, in its place, a massive open gash revealed exposed decks. Scorch marks dotted the hull everywhere. Finally, the ship was complete, and began to very slowly inch forward.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev slumped back in his chair, and let out an exhausted sigh, as he halfheartedly tapped the intercom button.

"All decks, all hands, damage report." He called out.

After a second, the Tactical Officer spoke.

"Captain, we're being hailed by the Tylorian flagship... Admiral Xintadi wishes to speak with you, Sir." He said.

Nikolayev closed his eyes, trying to steal a few seconds of rest, as he finally opened them again, and replied.

"On screen." He said.

The image of the Tylorian and Stroth fleets were replaced by the face of Admiral Xintadi, who looked as if he were fighting back tears of joy and gratitude.

"Captain... I don't know what to say, except thank you... from all of us, from the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you." He said. "You folks just hold tight... our people will take care of you." He said.


The Constitution-Class ship drifted, lifeless, through space, as three Tylorian shuttlecraft moved beside the ship, on various sides, and engaged tractor beams on the Exeter, and began to tow her to a safe position.

The T.G.V. Ultridies moved up alongside the Frontier, and also tractored her, and led her to a new destination...

- - - - -


The large drydock complex was occupied by the Frontier, as dozens of Tylorian workbees and repair vehicles fussed over the ship, EVA teams rushing repairs on the ship, repairing hull plates, etc.

One small Tylorian shuttle zoomed away from the drydock containing the Frontier, and angled up towards another one, which held the Exeter. The ship was still missing the entire front of its saucer, but the yard crews had begun to install the beginnings of new skeletal framework, where a new forward section would go.


Captain Nikolayev walked through a corridor, with Cadet March.

"How is he?" He asked her.

March shook her head.

"The Doctor does not think he'll survive... he hit his head really hard, when he fell, Sir. He's in a coma right now. Doctor Lang is attending to him at the medical facility here on the surface, along with the Tylorian doctors, but he does think Captain Tracey will die." She said.

Nikolayev paused, causing march to stop also, and look at Nikolayev.

"Cadet, your team performed remarkably well, during a very hostile situation. You should all be commended." He began. "As the situation now stands, your Captain will be out of commission for some time. We are far from Federation space, and it's time we faced the reality that we'll be here for good." He said. "Until your Captain is able to resume command... if he ever is, I am taking authority over the Exeter and her crew. If anything, these recent days have been a training mission enough... I see no reason why I should not grant you all commissions." He said.

March smiled at him, as she nodded, understanding.

"Thank you, Sir." She said.

Nikolayev nodded.

"I will announce more at the briefing later tonight. Right now, I have a meeting with President Pentique." Nikolayev said. "Go and attend to your ship... I'll see you and your crew later tonight." He said, as she walked off, leaving him to look ahead in the hallway, to see President Carthax Pentique, waiting for him. As he spotted Nikolayev, Pentique waved to Nikolayev, and began walking towards him, holding a Federation PADD.

Finally, the two men reached each other, and President Pentique handed Nikolayev the PADD.

"Captain, a pleasure. Again, I wish to express our deepest thanks for your help." He began. "But, if I may... your ship was ready to leave... what convinced you to stay here, and ignore your Prime Directive, to help us?" He asked.

Nikolayev looked to the man before him, and just let go, with a totally truthful answer.

"Mister President, my ship is far from home. We are stranded here now. And back home, there are battles going on, just like the one that happened here today. We have no idea if our Federation even still exists. If it does not, then my ship is the only Federation element left. Plus, I see in your Republic, everything which has made the Federation great... ideals of peace, exploration, the quest for knowledge. I did not want to watch that die a second time." He said. "And, by the way, Mister President, thank you very much for graciously allowing us the use of your spacedocks... it was very kind of you to rush repairs on our ships." He said.

Carthax Pentique smiled, as he looked at Nikolayev for a long silent moment. Finally, still smiling, he spoke.

"Captain... look at that PADD." He instructed.

Nikolayev did as he was told, and looked over the data for some long moments, scrolling through it, taking it all in. His expression turned from one of relative joy, to one of utter shock. He faced Pentique.

"This is not funny." He said.

"It is not meant to be funny, Captain. But it is the best solution, to the current situation, if you will." Pentique stated.

"You can't possibly be serious, Mister President... there is no template for such a procedure... plus, it would take months of review... and the staff needed... our ship is not equipped to..." Nikolayev began.

Carthax made a gesture to calm Nikolayev down.

"Captain, Captain... it can be done, and I firmly believe it should be done. Destiny has brought us together, Sir... it is obvious that our charters are similar. You pointed out that your ships are stuck here. Fine. You'll need a place to refuel and resupply your ships. You'll need new supplies themselves. You are aliens to this galaxy. You are in unfamiliar territory. We already have a vast expanse of space, that would be friendly. And we need to rebuild. We need new technology, and the ability to explore again. We want to be part of something great again... to become more than we were." He said, as Nikolayev looked at him, shocked.


Captain Nikolayev pushed the PADD over to Commander Cedri, over his Ready-Room desk, as she took it and regarded it.

"What's this?" She asked him.

"Assimilation." Nikolayev said. "Carthax Pentique wants the Tylorian Republic to become the United Federation of Planets... a total, full-scale, conversion." He said. "That is his petition to the Federation Council, for membership... and he is agreeing to dissolve the old Tylorian Republic, and place the entire organization under direct UFP authority." He said.

"That's impossible, Sir... there is no Federation Council here... only us! And besides, it's not that simple..." She said.

Nikolayev nodded, as he walked over to his window, and looked out, at the Tylorian workbees buzzing about his ship, effecting repairs.

"On the other hand, Carthax makes some good points... we may indeed need each other. A joining such as this would instantly give us access to a wide area of Andromedan space, as well as unlimited information about this galaxy, and areas of space we don't know about yet." He said. "Plus... if we ever wish to assist the Tylorians, or any of their allies, we would not be violating the Prime Directive. And the Tylorians would have access to our knowledge base, and technology." He said. "The Tylorian Guard would become Starfleet." He finished, turning to face Cedri.

"And the Tylorian's war with the Vralex would become our war with the Vralex." She said.

"Yes, it would. But with our technology, the Tylorians would have a chance for total victory!" Nikolayev began. "Commander, this is an incredible opportunity... as our Federation faces demise in our home galaxy, we have been given the chance to give life to something great... to create a new beginning, here, in the Andromeda Galaxy... a new Federation!" He said.

Cedri just looked at him, as she placed the PADD back down on the table.


On the Bridge, the Vralex Supreme Commander turned to another Vralex warrior, who handed him a purple isolinear chip. The Supreme Commander inserted the chip into a reader slot, and the main viewscreen instantly came to life, with visual records of the battle the Vralex fleet just fought, at Tyloria Prime.

The Supreme Commander watched, as the U.S.S. Frontier engaged and destroyed his ships. He watched, as the Frontier came to the rescue of the Tylorians. And he watched, as the Frontier's quantum torpedoes made fast work of another Man-of-War. The expression on his face turned to one of anger, as he began to sneer, and let out a low hiss of irritation.

The image then switched to a visual record of the Frontier, from one of its transmissions. Captain Nikolayev's face appeared on the screen.

"This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier." The man's image said.

The Supreme Commander "rewound" the file, to hear the announcement a second time. Behind the Supreme Commander, a few of his officers softly repeated the word "Federation", in their own language, as they looked to each other with curiosity.

The Supreme Commander wore a look of total hate for this new man, who was threatening his forces.

(translated from Vralex) "Well... it would seem that the Tylorian Republic has made a new ally." He began. "I don't know what the "Federation" is, but if they are foolish enough to meddle with the Vralex Supremacy, so be it... we shall crush them, just as we will the Tylorian Republic." He said, as his sneer grew larger, revealing the rows of sharp teeth, as he turned, and picked up his large rifle, and mounted it above his shoulder. "From this day on, the Federation has made an enemy of the Vralex." He said.



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Work was proceeding along, on the lower secondary hull of the Frontier, as Tylorian workbees moved to install new hull plates, and EVA teams began gamma-welding them in place. By now, the Tylorian workbees had been joined by the few Starfleet workbees that the Frontier had.


Captain Nikolayev and Commander Cedri walked through a corridor, discussing the recent events, as a Tylorian Guard officer ran to catch up with them, holding a PADD. Nikolayev and Cedri paused, as the man reached them, and handed Nikolayev the PADD.

"Sir, the warp drive is now ready to be brought online. Mister Parsons says that full warp capability should be available. Also, the forward shield grid had been re-enabled, Sir. Work is continuing on the lower secondary hull." The Tylorian man said.

Nikolayev nodded, as he handed the PADD back to the Tylorian man.

"Very good, Ensign. Take this to Engineering, and have Mister Parsons inform me when he's ready to bring the warp drive on." He said.

The Tylorian man nodded, and walked off, heading for Engineering, as Nikolayev looked after him. Nikolayev grew a large smile, as he looked to Cedri.

"Did you see that?" He asked her.

"What?" She asked him.

"That... that whole exchange... it just "felt" right." He began. "That Tylorian officer just walked over to us, and gave me that report, as if it were nothing... as if it were second nature, and he was on a Tylorian ship. He felt comfortable with us. And I felt comfortable during that exchange." He said. "I'm telling you, Commander... this IS the right thing to do. This feels right... like we truly do belong together." He stated.

Cedri wore a skeptical look.

"No comment for now, Sir. But since you brought the matter up, where are we heading next, after the repairs are completed?" She asked.

"Well, we'll be heading back to the Guardian of Forever... that message needs to be completed. After that, we'll come back here for a day, to pick up the various Republic Ambassadors, and President Pentique. From there, we'll make stops at each Republic world, so that we and Carthax Pentique can present the UFP proposal to the Republic member worlds, for approval. Assuming all goes well, we'll pick up dignitaries from each world, and then warp back to Tyloria, where, if the proposal is approved, then we'll move forward." He said.

Cedri nodded.

"The Fflong are in this star system. But the first culture we'll encounter outside of the Tylorian System will be the Zendawi." Nikolayev said, as Cedri just looked at him, taking it all in.


The Exeter's Doctor Lang watched, as a Tylorian doctor set a PADD with readings on it on the table, next to the unconscious body of Captain Tracey, which was lying on a biobed, as wall monitors kept track of the Captain's waning life-signs.

The Exeter's doctor turned at the sound of the medical ward doors hissing open, to see Doctor Rayza enter the room, and walk over to the body of Tracey.

Rayza just stared at the Captain, looking at him for a very long time, studying him.

"He'll probably be dead by the morning." Lang stated, grimly.

Rayza turned to face Lang, and only blinked, as he looked at him.

"He's not an evil man, you know." Lang said. "He was proud of those cadets, the way they handled the ship, before he was able to beam up, during that Vralex attack." He continued. "He was only trying to find a way to bring them all home... that was all he wanted." He said.

Rayza just blinked again, as she stared at Lang. Finally, after many long moments of silence, she spoke up.

"He ignored orders, he kidnapped me, had me followed around and ordered me at gunpoint, and placed the lives of his crew in jeopardy." She said. "Not to mention what he did to the Glight." She added. "He was a loose cannon, and in my opinion, he was not a particularly good Captain. But even knowing all of that, I cannot hate him. I know that his intentions were good, even if he did not act on them in the best of ways. It is because of that reason, that I came to see him now. I do not hold any ill will towards him. And for what it's worth, Doctor, I hope he survives." She said.

Lang watched Rayza, as she stared at Tracey for a few more minutes, before silently turning around, and walking out of the room, leaving Lang to stay with Tracey.


Captain Nikolayev walked through a corridor, with President Carthax Pentique, giving the man a tour of the ship, and explaining various facets of both the ship and Starfleet, as they walked.

"So we use red for command and non-specific department posts, yellow for the security, engineering, and operations divisions, and blue for the sciences and medical divisions." Nikolayev said. "Admirals wear white uniforms, with some gold accent piping. Unfortunately, there was no Admiral on board our ship, when we left our galaxy, so, we can't show you a real Starfleet Admiral. But I'll show you some pictures on the Holodeck." He said.

Pentique nodded, taking in all this interesting information.

"You know, Mister President... this is really uncharted territory for us... I mean, the Federation strives to embrace as many new cultures as it can, but you must know that with that, there is a procedural process... this ship was sent to this galaxy to set up some colonies... we are capable of doing what you propose technology-wise, and materially. But politically, we are going to have to improvise. On Earth, when a world petitions the UFP for membership, the idea is run by the Federation Council, which is comprised of ambassadors from all the represented worlds. Each world has a say in the petition. You also get to make your case to the Council directly. This is a starship, not a diplomatic forum... in order to constitute what would be considered "ambassadors", I will have those on the ship who are from other worlds in the Federation represent those worlds, as makeshift ambassadors." Nikolayev explained.

Pentique nodded, and placed a hand on Nikolayev's shoulder.

"I understand, Captain... but you cannot sway me from my plan. We are willing to do this, and we are intent on doing this. I firmly believe it is for the greater good." He said.

Nikolayev shook his head, in silent resignation.

"Man, oh man... I can only imagine what President Melek would be thinking, if he could see us now." He said softly.


The massive starbase hung in space, at a position between Tyloria Prime and the gas giant Tyloria III. It basically resembled the Spacedock facility that orbited Earth, but was a bit more angular in appearance, and was an overall reddish color. In the foreground, the drydock containing the Exeter could be seen, as repair work ensued on the ship.

Inside the massive Tylorian starbase, the Exeter Cadets walked through a main social thoroughfare, passing mass quantities of Andromeda-Galaxy aliens, and countless Tylorians, as they came to an intersection in the wide corridor.

Cadet March looked around, and found a large establishment to the right, that looked to be a bar or dining facility. She indicated to the group, to head over there.

The Exeter Cadets entered the establishment, and Cadet March led the way to the bar, and paused, waiting for the bartender to reveal him or herself.

Suddenly, the bartender did appear, from behind the bar, holding two bottles of alien drink. His appearance momentarily startled the Cadets. The alien's head was basically humanoid, but his head extended out on the top back, almost like the protrusion on the back of a duckbill dinosaur's head. The man's skin was an overall blue, and was adorned with a prominent layer of yellow and black leopard-like spots, which made a bright contrast, against his blue skin. His eyes were bright orange, with black, catlike, pupils. He also was adorned with mass quantities of facial jewelry... large thin metal rings, hung from various places on his head and face. He also wore a large amount of metal bracelets on his arms. His outfit was just as unusual... if the crew of the Frontier had seen it, they might have confused it for Ferengi fashion. The man wore a multi-layered suit. The upper layer was overall blue, with white and red spots, and the undergarment was a silk-like material, with many folds. The cuffs of the undergarment protruded out from under the top garment, creating a "poofy" look, to the cuff areas of his suit. The man stood there, regarding the Exeter team.

"Hello. I am Cadet April March, from the Federation Starship Exeter." She began.

The man just stared at her and blinked. After a second, he snapped to attention, and held up his hand, pointing his index finger up, as if telling March to hold on for something. The man reached behind the bar, and produced a small device, and held it in one hand, as he made a gesture for March to keep speaking.

Cadet Yepi whispered to March.

"I think he's telling us to continue... that looks like a translator... he wants to understand us." He said.

March nodded, as she kept speaking, repeating the same line, about four times, before the man looked at the device, and began to nod, as he started to smile. Finally, he put the device away, and returned his focus to March.

"Greetings, Cadet March. I am Gourant... what can I get you?" He asked, as March looked to her team.

Gourant stared at the Exeter team, waiting for their orders. Finally, Cadet March began.

"Um... what do you recommend?" She began. "We're not exactly from around here." She said.

Gourant nodded.

"I can see that... I've never seen aliens like you before. Are you the aliens from one of the ships that came from the other galaxy?" He asked.

The Exeter team all nodded.

"We're from the one that has half of its saucer section missing." Cadet March stated, as Gourant nodded.

"A lot of Tylorian Guard officers are talking about you folks." He began. "Seems your arrival has been having quite an impact." He said. "So what planets are you from?" He asked.

"I am from a world called Earth." March said.

"I am from a planet called Vulcan." Sovek stated, as he indicated to Cadet Yepi. "And Cadet Yepi here, is from the planet Andor." He said. "And you, Sir... what species are you?" Sovek asked.

"I am a Trophilite." Gourant began. "My world is called Jolek Zar III, as it is the third planet from our star, Jolek Zar Solexis, in the Hunjiri Sector." He said.

The Exeter team nodded.

"Is your species part of the Tylorian Republic?" Yepi asked.

"Yes... ours, and many others... the Fflong, Lorendi, Lunax, Qentani, Voraal, Yunat, Zendawi, Zundrekki, Uluvi, Suvaani, Sundarri, and the Steen, just to name a few." He said. "And of course, there's the Stroth... they're the Republic's closest ally." He added. "I have heard that you come from something big... called... the Federation?" He asked.

"Yes." Cadet March began. "The United Federation of Planets... a large union of planets, which is dedicated to the peaceful exploration of the galaxy, and the discovery of new life, and new civilizations." She said.

Cadet Yepi pondered a thought, then spoke up.

"Mister Gourant, we've heard the Republic has lost many worlds to the Vralex Supremacy... was your world among them?" He asked.

Gourant let out a slight chuckle, as he replied.

"I thank you for your concern, but no... the Hunjiri Sector is far within the Alpha Quadrant frontier... it is much too far from Vralex space, for them to mount an expedition to my system." He said. "It would take forever, to get from Karnat Prime to my world." He added, as he began to place glasses on the bar, and pour the Exeter Cadets a drink, that was a cloudy pink in color, with a white frothy foam on top of it. "Here... try this." He said, passing the drinks to the Cadets, who took the glasses, and regarded them, before cautiously taking the first sips.

Cadet March instantly wore a look of total relief, as she instantly recognized the taste of this new alien pink drink...

"Beer! It's beer!" She exclaimed, smiling. "It's okay, guys... drink up!" She said, as they all raised their glasses, and drank.


The great ship sat in the Tylorian drydock, in high orbit over Tyloria Prime, and its magnificent rings. The few workbees that were working on the ship now began to either detach, or depart. The hull damage had been repaired, and the scorch marks dealt with. Slowly, the mighty warp engines began to come to life once again, glowing with brilliant light.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev stood in front of his Captain's chair, along with Commander Cedri, and Admiral Xintadi. Nikolayev extended his hand to Xintadi, who took it, as the two men shook, smiling.

"Well, again, Admiral... my thanks to the Tylorian Guard, for repairing my ship, and the use of your facilities." He said.

Xintadi nodded.

"No problem, Captain. It's the very least we could do... after all, you risked your own vessel, to fight for us, and put your crew in harm's way for us. It was the least we could do." He said.

Nikolayev just winked at the man.

"Nonsense, Admiral... I just did what I felt was right. But now, we have to leave here for a while... we have some unfinished business in the Zarnex Nebula." He stated.

Xintadi nodded.

"Ah, yes... the "Guardian of Forever", you called it? I understand Captain Jezereth will be taking his ship to join you, as well." He said.

"Yes. We leave in the morning. If all goes well, and the matters on that world are completed with expediency, we shall be back here at Tyloria in three days." Nikolayev said.

The group was interrupted by a beep from the OPS console.

"Sir, Doctor Rayza is hailing us, from the Tylorian medical facility. She reports that Captain Tracey's life signs have stabilized... he is now expected to survive, Sir." The OPS Officer stated.

"Acknowledge the message, and tell Rayza that I'll be beaming down shortly." Nikolayev said.

"That is good news." Xintadi said, smiling. "Perhaps a sign of more good things to come?" He offered.


The Engineering crewman stood beside President Carthax Pentique, as the two men stood in front of the doors to one of the Frontier's Holodecks. The Engineering man pressed the last few buttons on the Holodeck control panel, and the computer responded.

"Program complete. You may enter when ready." The computer voice stated.

The crewman indicated to Pentique.

"After you, Mister President?" He asked, as the Holodeck doors slid open, revealing the arch interior, and the yellow and blue squared hologrid walls.

Pentique looked at the patterned walls, and looked to the crewman.

"And you're telling me, that this will create an entire environment... one that will be indistinguishable from the real one?" He asked.

The crewman nodded.

"See for yourself, Mister President." He said. "Computer... run program." He said.

Instantly, the entire room was transformed into the grounds of Starfleet Headquarters, on Earth. It was an absolutely beautiful day... clear blue sky, fluffy, bright white clouds, gulls flying about, the UFP and Starfleet flags fluttering in the gentle breeze, the Golden Gate Bridge visible, as it rose above the bay.

The look on Pentique's face was one of utter wonder and awe. He looked up, as he saw some Starfleet vehicles flying about in the sky. He then returned his attention to the grounds. The simulation had populated the scene with Starfleet personnel, and he watched, as they walked about the grounds... humans, and various Federation aliens, that were Starfleet Officers. One of them walked right up to Pentique... a man with blue skin, and wearing a white dressy uniform, with gold piping about on it.

Pentique moved to make the man pause, as he asked the holodeck figure a question.

"Excuse me, Sir... what species are you?" He asked, with interest.

The blue man smiled, and extended his hand, as he replied.

"Bolian, Sir... Admiral Gronthen Klonn. I'm pleased to meet you." He said, as he began to walk off again, as Pentique looked after the holographic Admiral with a look of wonder all over his face.


The ship very slowly began to move out of the Tylorian drydock, as Tyloria Prime rotated below, and the world's awesome rings could be seen, under the Frontier.

On the Bridge, Commander Cedri handed Nikolayev a PADD, as he sat back down in his chair, and regarded the data.

"Captain Tracey has been transferred to our sickbay, right?" He asked her.

"Yes, Sir, and as you can see, all of the Republic Ambassadors have been beamed up, and assigned quarters. We're good to go, Sir." She said.

"Very good, Commander." Nikolayev said, as Cedri also sat in her chair. "Ensign... set course for the Zarnex Nebula, warp eight. Engage." He said, as the CONN Officer entered and activated the course.

In space, the Frontier began to angle away from Tyloria, as the T.G.V. Ultridies rose up to meet the ship, moving alongside it, joining it for the journey.

The two ships moved into position to jump into warp, and seconds later, did just that, both vessels streaking into the subspace realm, leaving pinpoint flashes of light behind.


On the Bridge, the Supreme Commander listened to one of his officers, as he reported the new information to him, handing him a large purple PADD.

(translated from Vralex) "Our sources have reported, Sir, that the "United Federation of Planets" is not even from our galaxy, Sir... it is an organization from this galaxy." The officer said, as he called up an image on the viewscreen... a rotating image of the Milky Way, which zoomed in, from an image of the entire Local Group of galaxies. A second later, the UFP region of the Milky Way was enlarged. "Apparently, Sir... these two ships are stranded here. How they got here, we do not yet know... but reports indicate they are unable to return to their home galaxy." He said.

The Supreme Commander looked at the image of the Milky Way, as it rotated.

(translated from Vralex) "So close... yet so far." He said. "What do the reports say of their strength?" He asked.

(translated from Vralex) "Only that they possess technology that is roughly 30 years ahead of the Tylorian Republic, Sir... including a type of torpedo that operates on a quantum flux rotation." The man said. "But that is not all... our sources are saying that Carthax Pentique is dissolving the Tylorian Republic, so that it may "become" this... Federation... a conversion. That would give the Tylorian Republic all the power and technology that these people have, and IF they ever get home... the Tylorian Republic would then include all of that Federation territory, in that other galaxy. Plus, all of their ships." He said.

The Supreme Commander began to sneer, and then handed the PADD back to his officer.

(translated from Vralex) "It would appear then, that we must address the threat of this new alliance, before it can become a reality." He said, still glaring at the viewscreen.



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The great ship sailed through space at high warp, the T.G.V. Ultridies alongside it.

"Captain's Log. We are returning to the planet where we discovered another Guardian of Forever. During our first visit there, the Guardian began to display a message to us, which was interrupted, when both the Frontier and Exeter came under fire, from a group of Vralex ships."

"During that first encounter, the Guardian showed us the history of the Reticulan Star League, and the Dominion, and the Reticulan-Dominion War. What will it show us next?"

In Sickbay, Captain Tracey turned his head, on his pillow, to face the door, as he reacted to the sound of it opening. Captain Nikolayev walked over to him, and regarded the sight of him, a kind of frustrated look on his face. Captain Tracey placed a PADD he was reading on top of his chest, as he looked at Nikolayev.

"Well... how do you feel, Captain?" Nikolayev asked him.

"Like someone just kicked me in the head." Tracey replied, as he rubbed his forehead. He then picked up the PADD, showing it to Nikolayev.

"You ought to be kicked in the head, Captain... maybe some sense would work its way in." Nikolayev replied.

Tracey squinted at Nikolayev, as he pointed to the PADD he was holding.

"Funny." He began. "I've been doing some reading, since I came to... seems that your crew and the Tylorians have been making some pretty big plans." He said. "I thought you were Mister Prime Directive." He said.

Nikolayev smiled.

"You're one to preach the Prime Directive, Sir... the man who stampeded through Glight space, forcing that race to escort your ship at gunpoint... the man who took shots at another Starfleet ship... and the man who abducted one of my officers." Nikolavey began. "I'll explain my position to you when I'm good and ready, Sir. In the meantime, I suggest you take a good long look at just what you've been doing, and decide where you want to go. You got lucky at that planet we're going back to now... your crew survived the Vralex attacks, and your ship is being repaired at Tyloria Prime. Your crew is young and innocent, Sir... you have a duty to teach them by a good example. I suggest you begin doing that." He added. "In the meantime, I've assigned quarters for you. As soon as Doctor Rayza clears you, you can go there. I'll arrange to have some reading material sent to you... you should know just what kind of a Federation I come from." He said, as he turned to leave.

In space, the Frontier and Ultridies continued on course, for the Zarnex Nebula.


The doors to the ship's primary observation lounge and dining area slid open, and Carthax Pentique walked into the massive and spacious room, looking around, as he walked to the bar area. He paused for a moment, to watch the stars flying by, at high warp, from the massive lounge windows. Off in the distance, to the right of the ship, the Ultridies could be seen, also warping along. A group of Starfleet people were looking at the small Tylorian ship, discussing it, apparently.

He also noticed the lounge entertainment... another Bolian man. But this crewman was off-duty. The Bolian man was wearing a Hawaiian-pattern loose shirt, and shorts, and was playing a set of steel drums, in front of one of the windows. Pentique regarded the sight, and then turned to the bartender.

"Mister President... what may I get you?" He asked.

"Just cold water will be fine." Pentique replied, looking back to the Bolian musician. "What is that?" He asked the bartender, indicating the drums.

The bartender looked at the Bolian, then back to Pentique, as he handed him his water.

"Those are called steel drums. They are a simple musical instrument, from Earth. That style of music is called reggae." He began. "Mister Lezar over there is quite the musician... he spends a lot of his off-duty time here in the lounge, playing music for the crew, as they relax." He said.

Pentique nodded, as he began to sit down, and start drinking his glass of water.

Moments later, the doors to the lounge slid open again, and this time, Captain Tracey walked in. He scanned the room with his eyes, looking for someone. Finally, a member of the service staff walked up to him, and asked him if he needed any help.

"I'm looking for someone named Carthax Pentique." He said softly.

The staff member nodded, and pointed to the bar, to a man who was drinking water, while being surrounded by Starfleet people, who were asking him questions.

"Yes, Sir... he's right there, sitting at the bar. He seems to be quite popular with the crowd, Sir." The man said, smiling, as he walked off, as Tracey began walking towards the President.

As Tracey got closer, he called out to the man he wanted to talk to.

"Are you Carthax Pentique?" He asked the man, as Pentique turned in his seat, to face the man, as he extended his hand.

"Indeed I am, good Sir. And you are?" He asked, withdrawing his hand, as Tracey did not take it.

"I'm Captain Ronald Tracey, U.S.S. Exeter." He began. "If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you some questions." He said.

In the Frontier's Ready-Room, Captain Henti Jezereth handed Nikolayev a PADD, and Nikolayev took it, studying it, as Jezereth spoke.

"Since the Zendawi are the first people we'll be contacting after this part of the voyage, I figured you'd like some information on them." He began. "They are the newest Tylorian Republic allied members. We admitted them to save their world from destruction. The Vralex had stripped their planet's agricultural infrastructure, leaving their world a desert, and the population starving. Every time the Zendawi would begin to rebuild, the Vralex would return. Finally, the Zendawi Tribal Council petitioned the Republic for membership. Republic assistance was the only thing that would save them. The Tylorian Guard had barely been able to keep the Vralex at bay in the Zendawi Sector." He said.

Nikolayev nodded.

"Their people are still starving?" He asked.

Jezereth nodded, lowering his head.

"I hate to say it, but yes... for the most part. The Republic tries to send relief convoys to their world, but many are intercepted by the Vralex, before the Guard reinforcements can get to the area, to assist. "We're sending just enough for the Zendawi to survive. Suffice it to say, Captain, that the Zendawi will undoubtedly support the Federation Initiative." He said.

Nikolayev nodded, as he moved to look out his window.

"I'm still amazed just how much of your space has been lost to the Vralex advance. It's just like my own Federation back home... the Dominion has taken everything, up to the very core sectors of Federation territory. I'm sure you've read that one of the first worlds to fall in my galaxy, was the Entomalian homeworld." He said. "Once that world fell, it was easy pickings for the Dominion." He added, turning back to face Jezereth. "This is why I'm going along with this conversion idea... I've seen what the forces of evil and terror can do to a galaxy, if not dealt with. I won't let that happen again. The tide of terror must end, and it will end here." He said.

The ship's intercom interrupted the discussion, with a call from the Bridge.

"Bridge to Captain Nikolayev... we've arrived at the Zarnex Nebula." The man's voice said, as Nikolayev and Jezereth exchanged looks.


The great ship entered orbit of the dark planet containing the Guardian of Forever, the Ultridies close behind.

In the Transporter Room, Captain Nikolayev geared up, along with his away team, which included Rayza, and Captain Tracey. Captain Jezereth was also preparing.

"You sure you want to come with us, Henti?" Nikolayev asked the Tylorian Captain.

"Yes, Sir... you folks seem to know more about the object on that world than we do... our expeditions to this region revealed only the Kelvan facet of this region's history... if we can gain any more knowledge of this world's past, I think it's worth the trip." He said, holding up his Tylorian equivalent of a Starfleet Tricorder. "You folks just do your thing... I'll just be taking readings and scans with my trimetric reader." He said.

Nikolayev nodded, as the entire group then began to walk up onto the transporter platform.

"Energize." Nikolayev said, as seconds later, the entire group was enveloped in the transporter's shimmering curtain of silvery light, as the group dematerialized.


The ancient alien oracle stood, silent, as it had for so many eons, as the wind and dust howled by the object.

In front of the old object, the away team materialized, and began to get their equipment ready. The Frontier officers took out their tricorders, and opened them, as they began to approach the object. Captain Jezereth stayed a distance behind, as he took his trimetric reader out, and opened it, activating it, as he began to take scans of the whole event.

Captain Nikolayev and Rayza moved closer to the Guardian. Suddenly, the sound of power building up could be heard, and the oracle came to life once again, and its booming loud voice filled the air.

"You have returned." It simply said. "A question... for eons, I have awaited a question." It said.

This time, it was Nikolayev who stepped forward, as Tracey watched.

"I have a question!" He called out. "When my ship was sabotaged, on the way to this galaxy, the saboteur stated that "The Guardians don't lie"... was he referring to you, and if so, what was the meaning of his remark?" He asked.

The Guardian was silent for a moment, as if pondering the question. Finally, the voice responded.

"Yes." It began. "This is what he meant." It said, as the viewing area of the oracle came to life, continuing the message it began before, starting with the image of the new Dominion homeworld, in the Milky Way's Gamma Quadrant... in the Omarion Nebula.

The images then began to tell the rest of the story... the away team watched, stunned, as the images flew by... The U.S.S. Quasar and the Entomalian fleet at Deep Space Nine, in orbit of Bajor, the very first encounter with the Dominion... the Jem'Hadar ships firing on the E.I.V. Feliz-Dat, killing Prime Minister Mraz. Queen T'Zek's message, declaring war on the Dominion. The Gorn attack on Earth. The image of three Gorn Generals shaking hands with a Vorta Ambassador. President Melek, as he looks over the casket containing the body of President Tyra Winters, a UFP flag draped over it. Images of Cardassian ships doing battle with small Maquis ships and Klingon Birds-of-Prey. The Romulan Warbird and Gowron's Negh'Var, firing in unison, on the Duras Family's ship, destroying it. The destruction of Zeta Reticuli, by the Dominion fleet. The allied fleets leaving DS9 for the wormhole, en route to the Big Borg Battle. The Big Borg Battle itself. The destruction of Entomalius Prime, the Battle of Betazed, and the Rigel Campaigns. Finally, the images began to draw the darkest picture... the total destruction of Coridan, Tellar, Andor, and Vulcan, by the Borg and Dominion fleets. Finally, the scenes came to Earth... the entire Federation fleet, assembled, to face the invincible Dominion forces. The Dominion fleets totally devastated the Starfleet, smashing the entire fleet with horrifying speed. The Borg Cubes then moved into position, and opened fire on Earth itself, drilling into the cradle of humanity, until all that was left of paradise incarnate, was a rotating ball of molten rock, which itself, exploded, sending massive chunks of molten rock into space.

This final image shocked and devastated the entire away team, and both Captain Tracey and Nikolayev seemed physically hit by the images. Tracey began to stumble backwards a bit, a look of utter shock on his face. Nikolayev just cried out "NO!", as he sunk to his knees, and looked to the ground, breaking down in tears, crying. Captain Jezereth looked at Nikolayev with pity and sympathy in his eyes, as he watched the man break down in front of everyone, crying like a child.

Nikolayev began to utter words, which were broken by sobs, as he kept crying as he spoke.

"No... it can't be... T'Zek... she was going to... her mission... no... not Earth..." He said, as he cried.

Captain Tracey began to walk over to Nikolayev, and looked down at him. After a moment, he put a hand on Nikolayev's shoulder, for what little comfort that would provide. Tracey looked like he was holding back tears.

Rayza just stared at the two Captains, not knowing what to do or say. She was interrupted by a new image coming to life from the oracle, as she turned to look to it.

"All is not as was." The Guardian boomed. "Behold... there is now a change." It said, as Captain Nikolayev began to slowly lift his head up to look again, his face streaked with tears.

Suddenly, the images from the Guardian began again, from the point of the Big Borg Battle. But this time, things were different...

The away team watched, as Queen T'Zek's Trinity fleet came out of warp, and saw the mighty E.I.V. Traz smash through the Borg Queen's Cube, totally obliterating it, as it moved triumphantly onward. They watched, as the entire fleet of hundreds of thousands of ships, plus the original native Entomalian fleet, moved to once again, enter the fray. The fleets began to bring down the Dominion fleets with unbelievable speed and ease... before the enemy knew what was happening, almost half the Borg fleet had been totally demolished, and the Dominion ships were running for dear life, as Entomalian ships flew after them, unwilling to let them get away.

The images then moved on...

The team watched, as the Female Shapeshifter signed the surrender papers, and handed the PADD to President Melek, before being led away by a team of Starfleet security, and Entomalian Royal Guardsmen. The message then ended.

"All is as should be." The Guardian boomed.

The look on Nikolayev's face was one of utter relief and joy. Wiping his eyes, he began to put the pieces of the puzzle together, as he rose to his feet again.

"Of course... that's it!" He began. "The Dominion must have viewed the original version of the message... the one from the timeline before T'Zek's mission. The Dominion KNEW it was going to win the war all along... this was what they were basing that on... they took this information to be literal... like a manifest destiny, if you will!" He said, turning to Rayza. They saw the future, and went with it... but they did not... they could not, have imagined that one mind... one woman, would develop a plan to alter all of that, and change history!" He said.

Suddenly, Nikolayev got a pale look on his face, as he wore an expression of total seriousness.

"That's why... that's why that Founder was on board Frontier! Why he stowed away! He was planning to come here! He was planning to use the Guardian to go back, and somehow sabotage T'Zek's plan, so that the Trinity mission either failed, or never happened!" He said, awakening to the fact of it all now.

Rayza nodded.

Commander Cedri moved to Nikolayev.

"But if that's true, and I think it is... why did the Changeling damage the transwarp drive so soon into the mission?" She asked.

Rayza decided to offer her two cents.

"Well... perhaps, just maybe... he did not think that the damage would be that severe so soon. He may have been trying to damage the drive so that it would drop off at a point near this region of Andromeda... but being unfamiliar with all of our systems, he miscalculated, and we ended up losing the transwarp field in the middle of the Great Divide." She offered.

"Or maybe he was not concerned with WHEN he did the deed, as long as he did it... he knew we would eventually get to Andromeda... once we got here, he could carry out his mission, and since our transwarp drive is out, and we cannot contact the Federation, there would be no way we could warn them that he was coming." Cedri said.


The ship orbited the dark planet that stood on the border of the Zarnex Nebula.

"Captain's Log. The Guardian of Forever has revealed to us far more information than we ever could have hoped for. It has shown us a glimpse of our destinies. It has also shown us the past, and a legacy of bitter warfare and hatred between two cultures... the Dominion, and the Reticulan Star League. Now, it is up to us to put that destiny that we were shown into motion. This ship is ready to leave this planet. As soon as one final task has been completed, we will be on our way to Zendar... homeworld of the Zendawi people, to begin the first round of solicitation for the Federation Initiative. In the meantime, Captain Tracey has opted to leave Frontier by shuttle, and head back to Tyloria Prime, to be with his ship and crew."

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev called the entire Bridge crew to attention, which included Rayza. Everyone on the Bridge stood up, and faced the viewscreen, which showed the rotating planet.

"Are we ready?" He asked.

"Aye, Sir." The Tactical Officer began. "Quantum torpedoes are locked in on target." He said.

Nikolayev stared at the image of the world on the screen for a few moments, before giving the order.

"Fire." He said.

The sound of the torpedoes launching could be heard, as nanoseconds later, on the screen, the sight of two quantum torpedoes was seen, as they hurtled towards their target. Seconds later, there was an explosion on the surface, as the torpedoes stuck, and detonated... a mere blip of light from Frontier's perspective.

"The Guardian?" Nikolayev asked.

"The target has been destroyed." The Tactical Officer responded.

Nikolayev looked to Rayza, who returned his look.

"It had to be done." She began. "The incident with the Changeling stowaway only reinforced the fact that the temptation to use those things as weapons is too great. That is a risk that cannot be afforded." She said, as Nikolayev nodded, knowing that she was right. "Imagine it... one step through that portal, and everything can change." She added.

Nikolayev wore a strange look of half-sorrow for a long moment, until he finally moved to sit back down in his seat.

"As you were!" He called, as the Bridge crew returned to their work. As he sat down, he called out to the CONN Officer. "Helm, lay in a course for Zendar, and engage at maximum warp!" He said.

"Aye, Sir." The man at CONN said.

In space, the Frontier moved away from the dark planet, and came about, as it shot itself into high warp, on course for Zendar.



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The sleek shuttlecraft shot through space at warp four... its top speed, en route to Tylorian space.

Inside the craft, Captain Tracey sat reclined, in the pilot's seat, as he read over a PADD. He was engrossed in the data he was reading, when he was interrupted by an alarm from the computer.

"Warning... vessel approaching." The computer stated.

Tracey put the PADD down, as he straightened up, and worked the controls.

"Computer, identify vessel!" He said.

"Vessel design unknown." The computer replied.

Tracey shook his head, as he gave a new order.

"Computer, display a sensor profile of the vessel on the main monitor." He said.

The side monitor switched from an LCARS systems display, to a sensor profile image of a very familiar cross-shaped vessel. Tracey wore a look of dismay, as he took in the sight.

"Warning... two vessels approaching." The computer said. "Second vessel now entering tracking range." It added.

"Computer, is the second vessel the same design as the first?" Tracey asked, with a look of caution on his face.

"Affirmative." The computer replied.

"Oh, crap." Tracey said softly, to himself, as he worked the controls. "Computer, is the Frontier still within communications range?" He asked.

"Negative." The computer replied.

Tracey shook his head again.

"Guess we'll see just how far Starfleet tech has advanced by Nikolayev's time." He said, as he armed the weapons systems.

"Warning... vessels dropping out of warp." The computer stated.

Tracey looked up, to see the two Vralex Pirate Gunships, as they came screaming out of warp, and quickly began to move around the shuttle, preparing for a weapons run.

"Computer, evasive maneuvers, pattern delta-four!" Tracey called. "Full power to shields!" He added.

In space, the Rosner came about, moving to engage the Vralex ships, just as the first of the Vralex weapons hits hit the shuttle.


The great ship entered orbit of Zendar, homeworld of the Zendawi people, the T.G.V. Ultridies close behind. The world was a vast desert, with sparse patches of thin forest along the coastal shores. What remained of the oceans were a small series of large lakes. The rest of the areas that were once ocean, were now vast salty plains of desert.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev and Commander Cedri stood at attention, facing the viewscreen, as President Carthax Pentique and Captain Jezereth stood next to them. Finally, the Tactical Officer spoke up.

"We're getting a reply, Sir... someone called Nudan, who says he's the Leader of the Tribal Council." He said.

Nikolayev nodded.

"On screen." He said, as Carthax Pentique moved beside Nikolayev, to be visible to Nudan, on the viewscreen.

The image of Zendar was replaced with the image of a tall and thin black man, wearing white robes. The room he was in was mostly white, and appeared quite modern. There was a window, which looked out onto a modern city, of tall white buildings.

Nikolayev stepped forward.

"Leader Nudan, I am Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier. I come to you with President Pentique, with an offer." He said, gesturing for Pentique to step in, and take over.

"Greetings." Nudan began. "I am Nudan, Leader of the Zendawi Tribal Council, and eldest member of the Padahari Tribe. We welcome you." He said.

"Mister Nudan." Pentique began. "I am deeply saddened that the Tylorian Republic has not been able to do more to help your world. The Vralex are most ruthless." He said. "But, that is why I am here, on this ship. Mister Nudan, what would you think, if I were to tell you that there is a way that Zendar could get all the help it needs, and not have to worry about so many Vralex attacks?" He asked.

Nudan appeared to think over the President's words for a second.

"I'd say that we have some things to discuss." He began.

Pentique smiled, nodding.

"Excellent. My party and I shall beam down within the hour." He said, closing the channel.


On the surface, the Tribal Council Elders were preparing to welcome the Frontier party, and President Pentique. The Council Members were all outside, standing in an area of dry grass huts, which was located in a vast desert basin. All the men were very slender and tall, and dark-skinned. They all wore light and flowing white robes.

In the background, Zendawi citizens were looking towards the transport site with curious anticipation.

Suddenly, there was an extremely faint buzzing sound in the air, almost like an afterthought of a sound. The Elders stepped back a few paces, as the Frontier party and Pentique began to materialize on the surface.

Upon seeing the new arrivals, the lead Elder moved forward, as did the others, following him. The man raised his right hand, in greeting, and the others followed as well.

"I am Nudan. Welcome to our world." He said. "President Pentique, we are honored to have you here, in person." He added.

Captain Nikolayev moved forward, and extended his hand.

"Thank you. I'm Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier. This is my First Officer, Commander Cedri, and my mission observer, Doctor Rayza." He stated, as Nudan shook hands with everyone.

Nikolayev looked around, and then looked to Nudan.

"The Vralex?" He asked.

Nudan nodded.

"Yes. The Vralex. This is why I wanted to meet you here. I wanted you to see what they have done to most of our world. All of this was but one year ago, vast and fertile farmland. We grew many crops here... and had an irrigation system to feed the farmland. But the Vralex have raped our world of most of the valuable resources. Now, as you can see, we are struggling to survive. We have been fortunate, that as of yet, our largest city, Lukaii, has not been struck yet. That is where I first contacted you from." He explained.

President Pentique stepped in.

"Captain, the Tylorian Guard maintains a fleet deployment in the Zendawi Sector. But the ships are kept in the outer perimeter, in hopes of intercepting the Vralex before they venture too close to Zendar. For a while, it was having an effect. But when the new Men-of-War began showing up... we began facing some heavy resistance. Now, most of the ships we send here are either heavily damaged, or destroyed, in combat. Since then, we have been reluctantly forced to pull our ships back, closer to Tylorian space, to protect the core inner worlds." He said.

The group began walking, and as they did, Zendawi citizens looked at the new arrivals, with curiosity, as they passed by. Commander Cedri tried to reach her hands out to some Zendawi children, but they drew back.

"It's a lot like a world from my own galaxy... my First Officer's planet... a place called Bajor." Nikolayev said.

Pentique again took over.

"Nudan... the Captain here is from another galaxy... the "Milky Way", he called it. The galaxy closest to us. Anyway, he comes from something called the United Federation of Planets. His people have technology that is quite effective against the Vralex. Long story short, here is the current situation. His ship is stranded here, and they can't get home. They'll need our help, and we need theirs. I have proposed that the Tylorian Republic be placed under the authority of the UFP... in essence, the Republic would become the UFP, or the UFP "chapter" of the Andromeda Galaxy. Our ships would be improved, we'd have Federation technology, and they would gain our space, our help, our facilities, and much, much, more. Nudan... with a fleet of new ships equipped with Starfleet technology... I assure you, the Vralex will soon be thinking twice, about coming here." He said.

"We have to get all the Republic member leaders to sign off on the deal first, though." Nikolayev said.

Nudan paused, causing the entire group to pause as well, as he looked around, and then looked to Nikolayev.

"Captain, I do not blame the Republic for our problems... they have indeed tried to help us, and we are thankful for that. And I respect President Pentique, and will go whichever way he wishes to lead. But I would ask you, Captain... what short-term impact can your Federation make, that would help us? Anything to prove that this would indeed, be a good choice?" He asked.

Nikolayev also looked about, as the dry desert breeze blew through his hair, as he grew a smile, looking back at Nudan.

"Nudan... when my ship was launched on its mission, my directive was to scout worlds here for potential colonization by my people. To that end, my ship is carrying enough equipment and supplies to set up four rudimentary and basic habitations. I can provide you, right now, with at least three communal-sized food replicators, and one industrial replicator. I WOULD offer Starfleet phasers, but by UFP law, I cannot do that, until this initiative is completed, and the Republic becomes the UFP." He began. "But... I will allow some Security teams to remain on the surface, if you wish." He said.


The shuttle engaged a high-velocity turn, in an evasive maneuver, as another volley of Vralex weapons flew past the shuttle's hull, followed a second later, by the first Vralex Pirate Gunship, which was coming about, having overshot the shuttle.

Inside the Rosner, Captain Tracey frantically worked the tactical controls, trying to get a winning shot on one of the two attacking ships.

The second Vralex ship now came into view, angling into position directly in front of the shuttle, and promptly opened fire with its forward cannons, spitting bright purple beams out at the shuttle's cockpit.

The shuttle was rocked hard, and sparks erupted from all stations, and Tracey was thrown clear from his seat, and landed hard on his back, on the floor.

The Vralex ship fired another volley, again rocking the shuttle hard, and causing more explosions and debris to fly out. Tracey shielded his face from the flying debris, as the force of the ship rocking sent him backwards again.

"Warning... antimatter containment failure... warp core breech imminent." The computer relayed.

Captain Tracey struggled to get back on his feet, as the shuttle continued shaking. He looked out the cockpit windows, just in time to get a major shock of surprise...

From out of nowhere, a bright blue beam of energy lanced out through space, and struck the Vralex ship, instantly destroying it in a massive explosion. Seconds later, the source of the new beam revealed itself...

A large and shiny metallic starship, resembling a giant chrome and pearl moth, sailed through the explosion.

In space, the Glight ship angled about, to come into view of the second Vralex ship, just as a second Glight ship opened fire on the second Vralex vessel, destroying it with just as much ease and speed. The second Glight ship held position, while the first Glight ship moved right above the Shuttlecraft Rosner.

Inside the Rosner, Captain Tracey was quickly enveloped in a curtain of shimmering bluish-white light... the Glight transporter beam. He quickly vanished from the shuttle interior, just as the cockpit stations began to explode.

In space, the Glight ship on top of the Rosner moved away, just as the shuttle exploded, and both Glight ships raced into high warp, leaving mere pinpoint flashes of light behind.

Somewhere inside the first Glight ship, Captain Tracey was contained in a bed-like platform, laying down, facing the ceiling. Many variations of shimmering lights could be seen dancing about his body... like very prominent reflections, like sunlit water reflecting on the hull of a boat.

Very slowly, Tracey began to come to, and open his eyes, immediately closing them again, and raising a hand, to shield himself from the intense lights. He could hear a very faint high-pitched chirp-hiss sound, and also the sound of something fluttering, like a set of wings.

While his eyes were still closed, he heard the sound of a massive set of wings fluttering open, followed by an intense light, which illuminated his whole face. He very gradually eased his eyes open, trying to adjust to the intense light.

What he saw shocked him. From his point of view, he began to make out the form of the Glight being that was hovering in front of him, at the foot of his "bed".

The Glight was simply THE most beautiful thing he had ever seen... the creature was like a large, luminescent, moth... the "body" of the Glight almost appeared to be of a substance like a jellyfish's body... transparent, and showcasing hundreds of shimmering lights, which were being produced by the being's body... constantly shifting hues, from clear, to bright blues and purples, to light blues and pinks, to silvers. This effect was duplicated on the wings of the creature, which were also luminescent. The being almost appeared to have an aura of light around it. The only things not light about these beings, were their eyes... two large and black eyes adorned the top portion of their "faces". The creature stared at Tracey, its black eyes drilling into his being.

Tracey looked at the creature, a look of utter amazement on his face, mixed with a look of fright... sweat was now beading on his face, as he stared at the Glight in front of him. Suddenly, he gasped, out of nowhere, as if he had just been shocked.

As he looked at the Glight, the Glight looked back at him, and began to communicate, telepathically, its words echoing through his head.

"We mean you no harm." It said, in a soft, almost angelic voice.


The ship began to leave orbit of Zendar, as the Ultridies angled about, to follow.

On the Frontier Bridge, Captain Nikolayev looked to his CONN Officer, and then looked to the main viewscreen.

"Well, Ensign... what's next on the agenda?" He asked.

The Ensign worked the station for a moment, then looked to Nikolayev.

"Sir, our course should take us to the next world on the list... the homeworld of the... Zundrekki." She stated, as Nikolayev nodded, smiling.

"Very well, Ensign... set a course for the Zundrekki homeworld, maximum warp!" He said, as he walked back to the Captain's chair. "Engage!" He called.

In space, the Frontier shot into high warp, the Ultridies following suit.


On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev was interrupted by a message from his Tactical Officer.

"Captain, Captain Jezereth is hailing us." He said.

"Put him on screen." He replied, as the image of warping stars was replaced by the face of Captain Henti Jezereth, on his own Bridge.

"Captain." He began. "I've just received a message from Admiral Xintadi, at Tyloria Prime. He says that the Exeter reports that Captain Tracey has not yet returned. He should have arrived at Tyloria by now." He said.

Captain Nikolayev looked concerned, then turned to the Tactical Officer.

"What of it... are we picking anything up on long-range sensors?" He asked.

The Tactical Officer worked, and after a few long moments, shook his head. Nikolayev looked back to Jezereth.

"We'll alter course, and investigate." Nikolayev began.

"No." Jezereth interjected. "Let my ship do it... you have the President and all the delegates on board... you continue with your mission... we'll begin a search pattern, and keep you informed of our progress." He said. "We'll rendezvous with you, as soon as we discover anything." He added.

Nikolayev nodded.

"Very well, Captain. Good luck." He said, closing the channel.


Captain Tracey stared at the Glight before him, shaking slightly, his eyes darting about, just as another two Glight hovered into place in front of him, beside the first.

"Wh... wha... what do you... want?" He asked, in a trembling voice.

"He fears us." The second Glight said.

"He is confused, and afraid." The third one said.

The first Glight hovered closer to Tracey, who was now beginning to breathe harder.

"Do not fear us... we intend no harm towards you. We simply wish to understand you." It said.

"Understand me? How?" Tracey answered. "Are you Glight?" He asked. "How do you want to understand me?" He asked.

The first Glight did what could only be described as blink its eyes, as it moved closer still.

"We wish to know you. Open your mind to us. Allow us to see you. Please do not fight us." It said.


The Tylorian ship sat in space, scanning an area that contained a proliferation of small debris.

On the ship's Bridge, Captain Jezereth moved closer to the command table, as Commander Jenz began to relay some information to him.

"Sir, it appears that there is debris from the Captain's shuttle here. But sensors have not detected any human remains. Additionally, Sir, it appears that there is debris here from two Vralex ships... Pirate Gunships, Sir." He said.

Captain Jezereth leaned to take a closer look at the sensor display.

"Hmmm... it appears that there are two warp trails here, as well... leading towards the Tinziki Sector." He said. He turned to face his Navigation Officer. "Ensign, set course to follow that warp trail, maximum warp!" He said, turning to Commander Jenz. "Send a message to the Frontier and Exeter, advising them of our action." He said.

In space, the Ultridies came about, and shot into high warp.


The three Glight were hovering over Captain Tracey, absorbing the thoughts that were screaming from his head, learning his innermost feelings and motivations. Captain Tracey's eyes were closed, and he was beginning to squirm uncomfortably on the "bed" he was on. But he was not in physical pain... he was beginning to cry, as if he were involved in a very disturbing dream or nightmare, during an incredibly deep sleep.

The images streaming through his mind were violent, and aggressive. He was remembering the very last sight he ever saw from home... the image of the Starfleet Amoeba Task Force, firing all weapons in his direction, in a vain attempt to break the hold of the Reticulan Probe. His memory then changed, to the first reaction he got of the Frontier, and her Captain, upon seeing them... suspicion, fear, and anger. The Glight then called up the memory of their own first encounter with the Exeter. At this time, the Captain's mind was just overflowing with angry emotion. This took the Glight aback, and they were startled by the sudden inflow of emotion.

The first Glight moved back, and his luminescence began to turn from mostly clear-white, to a light bluish, which began to grow a darker blue. The other two Glight looked to the first.

"Break your link." The third one said.

"No... we must understand them. I was unprepared for the power of this one's thoughts... but I am beginning to understand it." The first Glight replied.

The second Glight looked to Tracey, along with the third.

"It is a very fearful and angry being." The second Glight said.

The first Glight began to "shake" its body, which caused the blue tint to disappear gradually, as the Glight was once again illuminated by the usual clear-white light.

"I do not believe it is inherently violent, though... I think its actions are motivated by fear and the desire to protect others of its kind." The first Glight said.

At this point, Captain Tracey began to cry again, in his deep sleep, as his mind was recalling memories of his first run-in with the Glight. While he was sleeping, he began to whisper out loud, not knowing that he was doing so.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." He cried out, softly, between sobs, as he continued sleeping and remembering.



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The great ship settled into orbit of a Class-M world, with five small moons visible in orbit.

"Captain's Log. After transporting the delegations from the Yunat and the Zundrekki aboard, we have proceeded to the homeworld of the Lorendi. Just one more stop after this, and we will be heading back to Tyloria Prime. I admit to feeling somewhat distracted of late... Captain Jezereth's last message said only that the debris had been found, from the Rosner, and two Vralex Pirate Gunships. His ship is en route to the Tinziki Sector, to investigate a pair of warp trails that was discovered, leading from the debris field. I wish I knew what was going on. In the meantime, Cadet March is leading the Exeter, and conducting a search, on the outskirts of the Tylorian System, while Admiral Xintadi has dispatched a small search fleet, to canvas the surrounding nearby sectors."

Inside the ship, all the various Republic world diplomats were gathered together in the main Observation Lounge, along with Carthax Pentique. There was also at least one Starfleet crewman from each of the UFP's main member worlds present as well... a Bolian, Trill, Tellarite, Vulcan, Andorian, Betazoid, Zakdorn, and Benzite. Commander Cedri was there, adding a Bajoran into the mix. The entire group was seated, facing the forward row of massive observation windows, which looked out into the vast depths of space.

Directly in front of the windows, a small orchestra was playing a suite of music for the delegations present. The music was modern, yet soft and soothing, and emotive.

Carthax Pentique reacted, as he heard the soft hiss of the Lounge doors opening, and turned to see Captain Nikolayev, as he walked over to the Republic President, and sat down beside him.

After a few long silent moments, of just watching the stars fly by, while taking in the music, Pentique leaned to Nikolayev.

"This is absolutely beautiful music, Captain... what is it?" He whispered.

Nikolayev smiled, and leaned to answer the President.

"It's from Earth's late 20th century. It's called "Drifted In A Deeper Land", and it's by a composer named Ray Lynch." He whispered in reply.

"It's so emotive... it evokes almost a feeling of longing, or sadness, yet it's not at all dark." Pentique replied. "It's beautiful." He added.

Nikolayev nodded.

"I've always been quite fond of it." He said.

The two men continued listening to the music for a few more seconds, then Nikolayev asked the President another question.

"So what's next, after this short intermission?" He whispered.

"After this, the Republic delegates will be exchanging information with the world representatives from your crew, and will be using that input to build concepts for the first draft of the conversion documents, and the new Federation charter. Once we enter orbit of Tyloria, we will all beam down, and present what we have so far to the Republic Council, for further refinement, and voting, and hopefully, after that, ratification." Pentique said.

Nikolayev nodded, looking back to the massive forward windows. After a second, he was interrupted by a call from the Bridge. He tactfully got up, and left the room, and paused right outside, so he could activate his communicator, without disturbing anyone else.

"Nikolayev." He said.

"Captain, we're three hours from Tyloria, and Admiral Xintadi and the Exeter crew still report no sign of Captain Tracey, Sir. But long-range sensors are tracking two warp signatures, following us, on a course for the Tylorian System." The man's voice said.

Nikolayev pondered the information, then replied.

"I'll be up there shortly... contact the Tylorian Guard, and alert them to the situation. Tell them we'll be there shortly." He said, as he closed the channel, tapping his communicator again, as he began walking down the corridor.


The U.S.S. Exeter stood at the very front of the formation... the entire Tylorian Guard fleet, was in orbit of Tyloria Prime, facing away from the world, waiting for the Frontier to arrive, so they could welcome in a new era for the Republic. Directly behind the Exeter, was the Tylorian Flagship, Admiral Xintadi's ship, the T.G.V. Zohlvahni.


Admiral Nygrek Xintadi paced the Bridge, his hands together behind his back. He turned to his OPS Officer.

"Time?" He asked.

"Sir, the Federation ship will arrive in approximately twelve minutes." He said.

Xintadi nodded, as he continued pacing.


The ship shot along at maximum warp, racing for Tyloria Prime. Suddenly, two ships came into an escort position alongside the Frontier, blueshifting out of their previous warp velocity, as they resumed their normal color spectrum, as they matched the Frontier's speed.

Doctor Rayza noticed a change in the usual view outside her window, and cautiously looked outside, and wore a look of shock...

There, right outside her window, was a ship that resembled a hyper-shiny chrome and pearl moth, keeping perfect pace with Frontier.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev regarded the two Glight ships on the viewscreen with amazement.


The ship's Tactical Officer spoke up, to inform Admiral Xintadi of the readings.

"Sir! The Frontier is approaching... but she's got two other ships coming in with her!" He shouted.

"What kind of ships?" Xintadi demanded.


"Glight ships... two of them, Sir!" The Tactical Officer said, as Captain Jezereth and Commander Jenz walked to the main viewscreen.

"What? Glight?" Jezereth asked, stunned.

"It can't be." Commander Jenz added.

In space, the Frontier came screaming out of high warp, along with the two Glight ships, and all ships came to a soft impulse glide, in front of the Exeter and Tylorian fleet.


The crew was surprised, as they saw Captain Tracey materialize on the Bridge, somewhat dazed, but looking okay. Cadet March rushed to him.

Instantly, two Glight beings appeared on the Bridge of both the Exeter, Frontier, and Zohlvahni, to the profound shock of the crews of those ships.

The Glight hovered in place, as they prepared to speak. Instantly, the communications channels of all the ships in the area were opened, so everyone could hear the Glight. When they spoke, it was as if an entire chorus of angelic voices was speaking.


Captain Nikolayev, his Bridge crew, and President Pentique, listened to the Glight.

"We are the Glight. Please do not be frightened. We mean you no harm. For many cycles, we have been silent, and have avoided contact with outsiders. It is not our desire to become involved with the conflicts of others. But our curiosity was sparked, when an alien ship came to investigate a region of space near our own. For centuries, the area around the Zarnex Nebula has been avoided, and here was a ship that was going towards it, rather than away from it. We wanted to find out why. Our curiosity cost us, for upon contact with that ship, its Captain used the threat of force, to solicit our ships to escort his own through the region."


Captain Tracey lowered his head slightly, as if in shame, upon hearing the events recounted, as his crew listened.

"We wanted to discover why we were met with aggression, before any substantial contact or dialogue had been made. We wanted to understand the nature of such beings. Captain Tracey of the Exeter was under attack by two Vralex ships. We saved him, just before his craft exploded, and took him aboard our ship. We used the time to connect with his mind, and learn everything about him, and his kind."


Admiral Xintadi just stared at the Glight, wearing a look of total amazement.

"We discovered that his species... human, has a wide array of emotions, and motivations, for their actions. One human can be conflicted, another, collected. Captain Tracey regretted his actions against us, and has apologized for them. He was not acting out of hate, but out of fear of the unknown, and a desire to prevent any further losses of his crew. We forgive him. We have also learned, through him, the current situation. The Tylorian Republic is at war with the Vralex, and the two human ships are unable to return home."


"We have been seeing that while one ship's Captain has been looking for answers, another ship's Captain has been working to build a new bridge of peace, by creating a vast new alliance. We see this outreach towards peace to be a noble cause, and any race that is capable of such a grand and noble gesture certainly deserves praise. If a culture is open to such possibilities, it demonstrates the potential for incredible growth."


"We have discovered that the state of the universe has changed, since we last traversed the stars. If left undealt with, the Vralex shall surely destroy the young Tylorian Republic. We feel it is proper that this new Federation should be established. It will keep the peace, and provide the opportunity for growth. We have been fascinated by you humans, and feel for your plight, Tylorians. Times are changing, and we shall not remain in the shadows any longer. We shall not directly involve ourselves in any affairs, but we will be watching. And when the time is right, perhaps we'll take a more active role."

With that, all the Glight on all the ships vanished, while in space, the two Glight starships angled off, and sped into high warp again.



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The Starships Exeter and Frontier sat in orbit of the world, along with the bulk of the Tylorian fleet.


Captain Nikolayev and Admiral Xintadi walked through the corridor, Nikolayev listening to the Admiral, as they walked.

"For decades, we try to contact the Glight. What do we get? Silence. Nothing but silence, for decades. Now, all of a sudden, they appear, suddenly, and basically endorse the Federation Initiative. Unbelievable." He said, shaking his head.

The two men rounded a corner.

"Think of it as a blessing, Admiral." Nikolayev said, smiling. "Here we are." He said, indicating to a door, as they paused to let it open, so they could enter.

The doors slid open, and the Captain and Admiral entered the room, to see the entire Bridge crew of the Exeter waiting for them. Captain Tracey walked to Nikolayev, and shook his hand, before stepping back into formation.

"Captain." Nikolayev said, nodding to Tracey. "Shall we begin, gentlemen?" He asked, turning to Xintadi, as the doors hissed shut again.


Commander Cedri stood beside Captain Jezereth, as Commander Jenz handed them both a PADD, and moved close, to speak, as they both regarded the PADD.

"Well? What do you think... the "U.S.S. Ultridies"... has a nice ring to it, huh?" He asked.

Commander Cedri wore an awkward look.

"I dunno... aren't we moving a bit fast here?" She asked.

"No... not at all." Jenz retorted, pointing to the image on the PADD screen. "This is preliminary design study, on what our ships will look like with the new Starfleet specs and scheme. The yards are still waiting on the finalized new Starfleet signage, before adding that to the study." He said.

Captain Jezereth raised an eyebrow, as he looked at the design, cocking his head to one side.

"Well... I must say, I like the new color far more than all that red that our ships have now. Goes well with the red and blue on the nacelles." He said.

This remark seemed to please Commander Jenz, and he smiled, taking the PADD back.

"Just wait until we see the new Starfleet uniforms." He said.

Captain Jezereth just nodded, as he turned to Commander Cedri.

"So, Commander... what's your Captain up to now?" He asked.

"He's meeting with Admiral Xintadi and Captain Tracey. The Cadet staff of the Exeter is receiving promotions, and after that, the Admiral and the Captains will be discussing how to best go about converting all the software on the Guard ships to Starfleet LCARS, as well as how to best go about doing the same to the Exeter's computers, and how to go about training everyone on how to use the stuff." She said. "After the conversion ceremony, the Exeter will supposedly be placed back in dock, while her entire computer system is gutted, and a new one put in its place." She added.

"May as well just update the whole ship while you're at it." Jezereth said, chuckling.

Cedri nodded.

"Nikolayev is running the prospect of a major structural refit across to Tracey. It'll be up to him, what happens in that respect." She said. "The Exeter will need to be capable of delivering quantum torpedoes, as well as photons, and will need a warp engine upgrade, as well as the new computer systems." She said.


President Pentique stood in front of all the Republic Ambassadors, leaders, and the alien representatives from the Frontier, from the native UFP worlds. He began to make his speech.

"Greetings, all of you. This past couple of months has been quite a surprise for us all. The events of that time, have forever altered and shaped the universe in which we live. Cultures from two separate galaxies have watched, as their homes stood on the very brink of total destruction, only to be saved... saved by the power of hope, and the dream of a better tomorrow. Some of us here today, can never go home. But rather than withdraw, and run away at the sign of a dark situation, they are electing to do what true explorers... true dreamers do... they are electing to continue their mission here, and embrace a bold new challenge, in an area of the heavens entirely new and alien to them. They are electing to join with us, in creating a new beginning. And it shall also be a new beginning for us as well. I have traveled to the various worlds of our great Republic, and solicited the support of the leaders and Ambassadors, for the Federation Initiative... the creation of a second "Chapter", if you will, of the UFP, in this galaxy. In essence, the Tylorian Republic shall "become" the Federation, and shall adopt its ways, laws, and all else. You have all been gracious enough to support this cause. To that end, I have reviewed all the signatures of support, and it is with a profound sense of joy and pride, that I inform you, that in two days, I will formally announce the creation of the United Federation of Planets!" He said.

The entire Council got up, and gave the President a standing ovation.

Pentique smiled, proud.

"We are still working on the final design for the new UFP seal, and the new Starfleet signage, but both will be unveiled during the ceremony, here, in this, our great Council Chamber." He added, through thunderous applause. "It is also my pleasure to announce to the various representatives from the Frontier crew, that you shall now be Ambassadors of your respective races, in the new Federation. You will be working with the Ambassadors from the Republic worlds, to provide voices for your respective cultures, in the makings of policy and laws, in our new Federation. I believe the future is bright, and in that future, I have no doubt, that we shall one day, again make contact with our brothers in the Milky Way. When that day arrives, I want to have a Federation that allows for total equality, and that provides a voice for everyone. I want the original UFP to see that we have given thought to the voices of their own cultures, in addition to our own." He said.


The doors to Captain Tracey's quarters slid open, and he entered the room, silently, walking to his lounge chair. He did not bother to raise the room's lights. He paused in the middle of the room, standing silent in the darkness for a long moment, as the globe of Tyloria Prime slowly rotated, visible through the single window in the room.

After a long moment, he slowly walked to the window, and gazed out at the sight of the beautiful world below. His reflection overlapped part of the world, through the glass, as he then looked down to the floor, with a look of sadness. Finally, he silently walked to his chair, and before sitting down, took off his command shirt, setting it over the top of the chair, before sitting down, in the darkness.

After a long moment, the door chime rang, and he let it ring a couple more times, before allowing the person outside to enter. The doors finally slid open, to reveal Captain Nikolayev.

"Lights." He said, cautiously.

The room began to illuminate, as he walked to the chair across from Tracey's, and sat down, looking at the man.

"Are you okay, Sir?" He asked.

Tracey just looked up at him.

"I'm done with it." Tracey began. "I am stepping down, as commander of this vessel, and resigning from Starfleet." He said.

"But why?" Nikolayev asked.

Tracey shot him a sarcastic look.

"C'mon, Yuri... my actions speak for themselves. I'm not cut out to be a Captain any more. When I left, Starfleet gave me a ship loaded with children... untested Cadets. I have always dreaded the day that would happen. I never wanted that responsibility... to be entrusted with the lives of young, inexperienced, Cadets. At least with a ship full of Starfleet officers and enlisted men, they all know what they're doing, and what to expect. I don't have to baby them, or worry about what their families are going through. I just command the ship." He began. He then got up, and walked over to a table, and poured himself a drink, offering one to Nikolayev, who refused. "I lost it when Kalaya was killed by those Vralex... the thing I had feared most, had come to pass... a child under my command had been killed. Someone who was not ready for this kind of thing... someone full of life... innocent." He said, sitting back down.

Nikolayev looked to the ground, nodding.

"Look, I know what you're going through. In my Starfleet, I also lost a lot of kids on my old ship... the Dominion War was pure hell. Starfleet was losing so many lives, that raw Cadets were being rushed into service on ships left and right, and a great deal of them never came home. You should have seen the casualty lists that not only I had to look at, but at times, had to write myself." He said. "You know those kids all had families, and you pray that their folks will someday understand." He said.

Tracey nodded, taking a drink.

"And the incident with the Glight... I was angry. We had just been pulled away by some strange alien probe, and the first thing I see, is an alien world, with a strange-looking Federation-like ship in orbit. I started to think that maybe some alien force was trying to create some familiar image, so it could gather information about us. I was paranoid, afraid, and angry, and I allowed that to take over my command style." He said. "Believe me, this is for the best... I'll find someplace here, where I can settle down, and just think things over for a while. If anything, my Cadets have proven how good they really are, and how wrong I was about them. I'm sure Exeter will remain in good hands." He said.


Captain Tracey sat on the large and flat rocky outcropping, that hung over the mountain cliff, watching the Tylorian Sun set. The gas giant Tyloria III was behind him.

The light from the setting sun illuminated his face with a warm orange hue, as he looked out to the vast plain below. He almost did not notice the sound of Rayza approaching him, but turned to face her, as she stood beside him.

"This is it." He said, looking back to the sunset. "This is where I'm going to be."

Rayza gazed at the setting solar disk, then looked back to Tracey.

"It is very peaceful." She said.

"Reminds me of my native Australia. Just look at how beautiful that canyon looks, illuminated by the sun's light... how the rocks seem to turn red with the glow." He said. "And you're right. It is peaceful." He added.

"I'm glad you've found a place for yourself." Rayza began. "I'm sure you'll be happy here. I can understand your desire to just be alone, and sort things out for a while. I'm going to be doing the same thing." She said, as she sat down next to him.

"What do you mean? You're leaving the Frontier?" He asked her.

"Yes." She said.

"Why?" Tracey inquired.

"During the Federation's war with the Dominion, the Dominion wiped out all the other members of my race. Starfleet chose me for this mission, because my people were originally from this galaxy. Now that the Frontier will have access to all that was Republic, my role is not so clear. I don't really have a use on that ship anymore. Plus, I cannot ignore the fact that I am home now. This is it... this is where my people... where I, am from. All I know of my heritage, is what I've been told by my parents, and what I learned from the Guild Archive on Zeta Reticuli, before it was destroyed. I want to do a little exploring... scope out the old neighborhood, as it were." She said.

"I see... you want some time to discover your roots." Tracey said.

"Exactly." Rayza began. "I want to explore the area where Reticular Alpha once was... see if anyone out there still remembers our name. And see if I can find a nice, quiet, world in the area, to settle on. I'd like to live out the rest of my years here, in the space that was my people's home." She said.

Tracey got a look, as he turned to look Rayza in the eye.

"How old are you?" He asked her.

Rayza smiled wryly.

"Captain... it's not polite to ask a woman her age." She said. "Suffice it to say I've lived a full life." She added.

"So what has Yuri said, when you told him you were leaving?" Tracey asked.

"I don't know... I have not told him yet." She said. "I'm just waiting for the right time, and the right words." She said, as they then both turned to watch, as the sun totally vanished, over the low mountains on the horizon.



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The dry and dead Class-M world spun silent in space, its once-lush green and blue surface now nothing more than a barren and crater-marked world of dry rock and desert, of varying shades of grays and tans.

In orbit of the world, was a massive network of hundreds of orbital drydock-like enclosures, many of which held a Pirate Gunship inside. The Vralex had not the resources with which to make any true drydocks, nor did Karnat Prime possess any of the metal resources needed for such an endeavor. These were hastily-built drydocks, an amalgamation of inter-joining scaffolding-like structures, positioned to fit over a ship.

There were hundreds of Vralex ships in orbit... something was obviously going on... something big enough was in the works, that was requiring the bulk of the Vralex fleet to assemble here again. Usually Pirate Gunships operated alone, under the sole command of their Supreme Commander, and his crew served ONLY him. In this method of command structure, the Vralex were much like the Kazon species, from the Milky Way's Delta Quadrant... each Vralex ship was acting as its own "sect", of the overall Supremacy. That being said, it was quite unusual to have more than one or two Vralex ships cooperating in any given venture, unless it was during a combat scenario, in which in that case, multiple Vralex ships would cooperate to bring down an enemy, much like a pack of wolves or velociraptors.

The hundreds of ships continued their silent orbit of Karnat, as in the distance, a pair of new and massive Men-of-war dropped out of warp, in orbit, and came to a slow-impulse glide, as they entered high orbit.

On board the closest Pirate Gunship, the Supreme Commander of that ship was standing in front of a large group of Supreme Commanders, from various ships, all of them in full combat armor, and holding their massive disruptor cannons close to their sides. The lights of the ship's Bridge glinted off the ultra-shiny surfaces of the purple suits of armor and the cannons.

One of the visitor Supreme Commanders stepped forward, raising a hand, and spoke to the native Supreme Commander.

(translated from Vralex) "What is this all about? We are all busy, and my ship needs repairs... either get to it, and tell us why you have called us here, or allow us to leave!" The man said, as the other Vralex began to nod behind him.

The first Vralex sneered, and then nodded, as he turned to activate his main viewscreen.

The screen came to life, displaying an engineering graphic of the Vralex sensor scans of the U.S.S. Frontier. The graphic of the ship rotated, as callouts began to spring up around it.

(translated from Vralex) "This... this is the reason I have summoned you all here." The lead Vralex stated.

The second Vralex shook its head, and made a sound like a snort.

(translated from Vralex) "That? We have already been made aware of the stranger-ship, from the companion galaxy... why are we being bothered by this again?" He asked.

The first Vralex widened his sneer, to appear more menacing, as if he were getting filled with lust for a fresh kill. He inputted some data on his console, and the graphic magnified the Frontier's warp nacelles, and the outer hull casing layer was stripped away, providing a look at the mechanics inside. At the same time, a callout appeared of the Frontier's warp core, which began to rotate.

(translated from Vralex) "What you are not aware of, is what this ship used to get itself here." He began, as the other visiting Vralex moved to regard the data closer. "The people who use this ship call that a "transwarp slipstream drive"... and that is not even the most fascinating thing about it... you see, their warp core has been heavily modified... this engine comes from another race." He said.

One of the other Vralex lifted his head to ask the leader a question.

(translated from Vralex) "What other race?" He asked.

The lead Vralex stepped towards the audience he now had.

(translated from Vralex) "The scans from that ship indicate the engine was from a race known as "Entomalian"... apparently, an allied race of those people." He began. "Fellow comrades... it is my intention to take possession of this technology... to take the transwarp engine from that ship, study it, and learn how it works. We can then use it, to open a doorway to another galaxy altogether." He said, balling his free hand into a fist.

The audience of Vralex looked at him, not sure what to think. Finally, one of them spoke up.

(translated from Vralex) "To what end?" He asked.

The lead Vralex nodded, smiling his chilling velociraptor-like smile again, as he again switched the view on the monitor... this time, an image of the Milky Way came up, and quickly zoomed into a specific star system... a system of four vaguely Earth-sized worlds, orbiting a single yellow G-Type star. The fourth world was one covered in massive layers of thick ice.

(translated from Vralex) "Many worlds in that galaxy are apparently very rich in mineral and metal resources. Many of the more advanced races of that galaxy possess the replication technology needed, to replicate highly complex metals and alloys and composites. Unfortunately, we cannot. This world is extremely rich in not only trapped surface water, in the form of ice, but is also immensely rich in duranide, kelvanite, AND intridium deposits." He began.

The Vralex audience began to make sounds of approval, as they nodded, and gasped at the news, regarding the image of the rotating world with hungry eyes.

(translated from Vralex) "Who does that planet belong to?" One of the Vralex asked.

The lead Vralex shut off the monitor, and moved to devote his full attention to the audience.

(translated from Vralex) "Well, first things first... this is why I have called you all here. We will have to act in force, to secure this new threat-ship... it has weaponry that has so far destroyed two Men-of-War, and many Pirate Gunships... some form of torpedo that uses a varying quantum pulse, as well as powerful phasers. And we will need to act in mass numbers as with speed, because as we speak, the Tylorian Republic is joining forces with the crew of this ship, and its organization... the "United Federation of Planets"... which means that soon, every single Tylorian ship and base, will be equipped with technology from this ship. We will have to act before that happens, to prevent heavy losses on our side." He began. "Then, and only then... will we be able to smash through the Tylorian fleet, and capture this stranger-ship... take possession of its transwarp engine, and use its technology to travel to this other "Milky Way", and our eventual destination, in that galaxy's Beta Quadrant... the homeworld of the race known as the Breen." He said, with his teeth-revealing sneer.


The Exeter and Frontier were in orbit of Tyloria Prime, along with the entire Republic fleet, and many observer ships, from the Republic allied worlds.


The massive auditorium that was home to the Tylorian Republic's Ruling Council, was now filled to capacity, with thousands of attending diplomats, fleet officers and brass, and media and civilian observers. The room was absolutely awash with an unrelenting thunderous applause, as President Carthax Pentique stood behind the podium. High on the wall behind him, hung the massive new seal of the new United Federation of Planets. For now, it was covered in a large royal blue cloth that was draped over it, until it would be time to unveil it, after the President's speech.

Carthax Pentique scanned his eyes around the massive room, taking in all the people that were gathered here, from all corners of the Tylorian Republic. He beamed with pride, and his chest swelled. He was about to announce the dawn of a new era. He glanced over to his right, to the command crew of the Exeter and Frontier, both of which were now donning the new Starfleet uniforms. He smiled at Captain Nikolayev, who winked back at him, holding a PADD in his arms.

Commander Cedri turned to face Nikolayev, and whispered in his ear.

"You look good in that uniform." She said.

Nikolayev smiled as he chuckled a bit, the turned to her to whisper his reply.

"Heh... thanks, Number One. It'll take some getting used to." He said.

Finally, Carthax Pentique gestured for those in the audience to be seated, and for the applause to die down, as he began to make his speech. He glanced at the PADD on the podium, and then took a drink of water, as he cleared his throat. Finally, he began to speak.

"Members of the Tylorian Republic, men and women of the Tylorian Guard, fellow Republic citizens... I hope this day finds you well. We are gathered here, on this day, to usher in a bold new era for this part of the galaxy. You are by now, all aware of the events leading to this day, and this event. Two ships, from the galaxy closest to ours, made their way over here, and are now stuck here. One of those ships came from a place where their own government was facing certain doom, much like our own Republic was, with the Vralex. That ship responded to a distress call from our fleet, and helped us, in our darkest of hours. It was later discovered that such action on the part of that ship, was against the policy of the culture of its people... the United Federation of Planets. When asked why then, that Captain Yuri Nikolayev elected to abandon the non-interference policy, and assist our fleet, he replied that where he came from, his world was standing at the very brink of complete destruction. Indeed, he was unaware if his home even still existed. He cited that he was unwilling to stand by, and watch, as yet another civilization falls to the forces of darkness. He said that every civilization, ever person, every future, deserves the ideal of hope. Hope for the future, and hope for a better tomorrow. And to that end, I would like him to come up here, and say a few words... ladies and gentlemen... Captain Yuri Nikolayev!" Pentique said, as he applauded the man, who moved to the podium.

At the same time, every Tylorian Guardsman rose up to applaud as well, they too, in the new Starfleet uniforms, along with the crews of Exeter and Frontier.

As the applause died down again, Nikolayev looked to the crowd.

"When my ship first arrived here, it was with the directive to scout new worlds here, for the possibility of building Federation colonies in this galaxy, should the Federation back home fall to the Dominion. Well, little did I know what we would soon be getting into. I stand before you all now, helping not only to build a Federation colony here, but an entirely new chapter of the Federation itself. When we got here, we were all unaware what had become of the Federation back home. But we were aware that there was a possibility that our world would be saved. At the time we left, plans were underway, by Queen T'Zek, of the Entomalian Empire, to save our galaxy from the advance of the Dominion. We all knew that IF T'Zek was victorious, then it would mean that our galaxy would forever be changed... for the better. Well, during our time here, we were able to learn the fate of our home. The Federation WAS saved, and the war was ended. T'Zek did what she set out to do, and created a better tomorrow. But that still leaves the fact that our ships are stuck here. The engine we used to get here was sabotaged, and only an Entomalian team can help us fix it. Obviously, no such team exists here. So, my crew was faced with two choices... stay here, and explore, or turn around, and head for home." He said.

At the mention of turning back, some distant voices in the audience shouted out "NO!" which brought a small smile from Nikolayev, who nodded.

"Indeed." He continued. "What would turning back accomplish? We would spend hundreds of years in the middle of the long dark that is the Great Divide, only to finally emerge in familiar space, many hundreds of years after we left... all we knew would be gone. And all that time, there would be nothing NEW for us to explore. We would be heading in the wrong direction. Starfleet's charter is to seek out new life, and new civilizations... to boldly go where no one has gone before. Well, the Frontier is a Starfleet ship, and we are now presented with an absolutely awesome gift... the chance to explore a wholly new galaxy... and a pretty darn massive one, at that!" He said, chuckling. "My crew is a crew of explorers. We could not dare turn our eyes away from such a glorious opportunity for the expansion of knowledge. So it is here, that we continue the great Starfleet charter, of going boldly into the great unknown, and seeking out all those new worlds, and new civilizations." He said, as the audience again erupted into a standing ovation.

"At the same time, we saw the Tylorians suffer, at the relentless hands of the Vralex Supremacy. We all felt for you. We were reminded of all our loved ones, facing the same fate, at the hands of the Dominion, back home. We simply could not just sit back and watch, as your great civilization was being thrown into the abyss, by a cruel and merciless race of thugs. So, we chose to defend you from the Vralex... and defend you, we will. As we speak, as a result of this new conversion, ALL Tylorian Guard ships and facilities are now Starfleet... meaning that those ships and facilities are now being equipped with Federation weapons, shields, and engine systems. All Tylorian computer systems will soon also be upgraded to Federation spec. I say to you this... the Vralex shall threaten you no more. They have but two choices... live with us in constant combat and hostility, or live with us in peaceful coexistence. In my experience, I've dealt with two races that share some qualities of your Vralex... the Breen, and the Gorn, both of which we fought during the Dominion War. We can no longer allow these dark elements to stand in the way of our quest for knowledge, and the desire to explore the unknown. A long time ago, on Earth, a great man, Thomas Paine, said the following words... "We hold it in our power to begin the world anew." No time are those words more prophetic than here and now, for here and now, we DO begin the world anew. Thank you." He said, as he stepped back, to another round of thunderous standing ovation, as he gracefully allowed President Pentique back to the podium.

Pentique smiled, as he looked around, then addressed the still-standing crowd.

"Without any further delay, I present to you, the United Federation of Planets!" He shouted out, gesturing to the giant cloth-covered seal.

The cloth was dropped to reveal the seal of the new UFP... a giant seal of brilliant silver, much like the original UFP emblem, but with two main differences...

Where the original olive branches were, were two highly stylized and curving Starfleet arrowheads, which followed the curvature of either side of the central circle. Inside each arrowhead, was "engraved" the name of a Federation ship... the right arrowhead held the name of the Exeter, and the left one held the name of the Frontier. The central circle was much the same... a silver circle, containing a royal blue expanse of space, with a few stars. But instead of a massive starfield, like the original UFP seal, this seal held an image of the Andromeda Galaxy in the central position, with a simple representation of the Milky Way, off in the far right corner.

At the sight of the new seal, the thundering applause simply went off the scales... the sound of clapping and cheers was deafening, and filled the entire room.

The command crew of the Frontier walked up to Nikolayev and Pentique.

"Congratulations, Mister President." Cedri offered, extending her hand to him.

"To us all." Pentique replied.

Nikolayev noticed Mister Parsons running his fingers over the new Starfleet communicator on his uniform... the new communicator was the new Starfleet emblem... a traditional Starfleet arrowhead, with a twist... the arrowhead was broken into two separate halves, split down the middle, and the left half was smaller than the right. The smaller half was gold, and the larger was silver. There was no background shape... just the two halves. The large half obviously represented Frontier, and the small half represented Exeter.

"A problem, Mister Parsons?" He asked him.

"I don't know, Sir... I dunno which will take me longer to get used to... these new communicators, or working with all those Tylorian ships." He said.

Nikolayev smiled, as the entire group looked to the massive audience, still giving them their ovation.



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The masses assembled in the vast auditorium of the Tylorian Republic's Council Chamber all stood up, and gave a mammoth ovation of applause, as the new UFP seal was revealed, as the blue curtain was pulled down from over it, as President Carthax Pentique, and the command crew of the starships Frontier and Exter stood at the podium on stage.

As President Pentique announced the new United Federation of Planets, two of the men in the crowd, Tylorians, were feeling a bit teary-eyed... Admiral Nygrek Xintadi, and Captain Henti Jezereth. The two men looked to each other, fighting back tears of joy, as they stood clapping.

"Who would have thought?" Jezereth began. "Just a few weeks ago, we didn't even know of these people... and now, we are bound in union with them... they have delivered us from the tyranny of the Vralex." he said, looking to Xintadi.

"It's nothing short of a miracle, Henti... this alliance ignites a new beacon of hope for us all... for the future." he said, nodding.



The great U.S.S. Frontier sat in her drydock, high above the Tylorian Capitol, as in the distance behind her, in another drydock, the U.S.S. Exeter was being stripped of her outer hull panels, in preparation for a massive refit of some sort.


The door chime to Captain Nikolayev's Ready-Room sounded, as he was shuffling a lot of PADDs into a briefcase. He gave the command for the person outside to enter, and the doors hissed open, allowing Doctor Rayza into the room.

The Doctor paused in front of the Captain's desk, as Nikolayev looked up to her.

"Doctor... how can I help you?" he asked.

"Sir." she began. "I have been informed that you have denied my request to requisition a warp-capable shuttlecraft... I would like to know the reason, Sir." she said.

Nikolayev looked right at her, taking in her features, as he slowly walked around his desk, and moved to stand in front of her.

"Because, Doctor... if you are going into Reticulan space..." he began, as he now offered his hand to her, smiling. "I'd be honored if you'd let me take you there." he said.

Doctor Rayza smiled, as she accepted his hand.

"Thank you, Sir." she said, softly. "I don't know what to say... I'd be honored to have Frontier take me home." she said, as finally, she embraced the Captain, who hugged her in kind. "This doesn't have to be goodbye..." she added.

"Never." Nikolayev replied, as he pulled away, and Rayza saw for the first time, her Captain's face streaked with tears. Nikolayev straightened up, wiping a few streaks dry, and looked to her. "Doctor Rayza... none of this would have ever been possible without your help... your guidance. You have been my guide, my confidant, my compass. If it were not for your help... well... I don't know what would have happened." he said. "I thank you... you are my friend."

Nikolayev looked like he was searching for some other thing to talk about, and he finally got the words.

"So who is this new Doctor we're getting? When does he arrive?" he asked.

"His name is Yevvit Vroll, and he's Lunax... as soon as his transport arrives from Lunaxar III, he'll be reporting in... he should be here by tomorrow afternoon." she said.

"Anything I should know about the Lunax before he gets here?" Nikolayev asked, nodding.

"Probably... but unfortunately, I can't tell you... the Lunax are one of the younger space-faring races... my people don't have any information on them at all." Rayza replied.

For a long moment, the two officers just regarded one another, until finally, Nikolayev tapped his communicator, signalling the Bridge.

"Nikolayev to Bridge." he began.

"Yes, Sir?" the man's voice replied.

"Mister Derrick... as soon as the last of our cargo is aboard, we will be heading to Reticulan space. Set a course for the last known coordinates of Reticular Alpha, if you please." Nikolayev ordered.

"Aye, Sir... course set for Reticular Alpha." the man said, as Nikolayev nodded.

"Thank you... Nikolayev out." he said, as the two officers shared a knowing look.


Admiral Xintadi ran to catch up with Captain Jezereth, as he met up with the man, and handed him a PADD.

"Here... these are the new readouts for the new fleet systems... you'll need them to coordinate with the yard teams." Xintadi stated. "You're in charge of the yard ops until the Frontier gets back." he said.

Captain Jezereth looked to Xintadi, regarding the data on the PADD as well.

"Frontier's leaving?" he asked.

"Yes... Captain Nikolayev is taking Doctor Rayza back home to Reticulan space." Xintadi explained.

"From the looks of the star maps we saw on Frontier, Reticulan space is far out there." Jezereth replied.

"Aye... it'll take Frontier two months to reach the edge of the region, and then another month to arrive at the last known location of the Reticulan homeworld... and at least that long to come back as well." Xintadi said. "And that's at their maximum speed... you've got your work cut out for you, Henti." Xintadi finished, as he began to walk off.

"Six months at least... sure, I can single handedly coordinate the refit and upgrade of our entire fleet, and defend Tyloria from the Vralex for a whole six months, no problem." Jezereth said to himself, sarcastically.



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The great ship remained in her drydock, as the globe of Tyloria Prime rotated slowly below.

In the Conference room, Captain Nikolayev was meeting with both Admiral Xintadi and Captain Jezereth, as he got up, and walked over to the large wall monitor, and called up some specs of some small Starfleet ships... ships that were developed during the Dominion War, to combat the Borg and the Jem'Hadar... there were also a couple brand-new designs.

"As you know..." Nikolayev began. "This ship is heading out for Reticulan space tomorrow morning. I'm sure you are all concerned about the possibility of a Vralex attack in the months we'll be away. So am I." he continued. "Behold... your new starter fleet." he said. "Your existing fleet is being upgraded to Starfleet spec, and will soon be active. But you need more... your war with the Vralex has kept you from developing designs for ships that can truly fight them, and hit them hard. So, I'm giving you the designs... these are ships that were conceptualized or constructed in Starfleet, during the Dominion War, for the purpose of fighting the Dominion and the Borg... our two most deadliest enemies. They are fast, agile, and extremely powerful... some of them were co-developed with us by the Entomalians. But they key factor here, is that I am giving you the ready-to-build plans... saving your yard teams months, if not years, of work. That will allow you to begin construction of a new fleet of fast and agile ships, to augment your current fleet." he said.

Admiral Xintadi and Captain Jezereth moved closer to the monitor, examining the ships.

"Amazing." Xintadi said, looking to Nikolayev. "How long do you think it'll take us to build these?" he asked.

"Well, the upgrades to your current fleet will be completed in about three weeks... I estimate you can have a new fleet of about fifteen or so ships built by the time we get back, if you utilize all shipyards in Tylorian space, or thrity-five ships, if you utilize all shipyards now in Federation space." Nikolayev said. "The Exeter will be out at least until we get back home, so that will leave only the Tylorian fleet to defend the Federation, until we get back... but believe me... these ships were very powerful weapons against the Dominion... against the Vralex... they will ensure that the Vralex do not antagonize you nearly as much as before." he added, as both Tylorian men looked to each other, then back to the ships, smiling.


The proud old ship sat in her drydock, as small service craft buzzed around her, continuing the refit.

Inside, the doors to the Bridge slid open, and Captain Tracey walked in, as the group of former cadets looked to him, smiling, as the man in the Captain's chair turned to face him as well.

The man in the Captain's chair was Tylorian... he was Ingren Jenz, Captain Jezereth's former First Officer. Jenz got up, and offered his hand to Tracey, who took it, smiling, as he looked around.

"Captain Tracey... here for one last look?" Jenz asked, smiling.

"Yeah." Tracey said, nodding. "I'm beaming down to the surface in a few minutes, but I had to say goodbye to the old girl one last time. You're getting a fine ship, Captain Jenz." he added.

"Thank you, Captain." Jenz began. "You can rest assured, I'll look after her as I would my own child. You have to come by and see us after the refit, though... to send her back into space, without you at the ceremony would be a crime." he offered. "Promise me you will."

"I wouldn't miss it." Tracey said, as he looked to his former crew, who all looked to him, smiling. "I want to thank you all... you've all done great jobs, and you have been a great crew, that any Captain would be proud to serve with. I thank you for everything." he said,as he looked around the room one last time. "Goodbye, old girl." he said, looking to the ceiling, as he then turned, and walked to the turbolift, which opened, and let him in, the doors closing in front of him.



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The small Tylorian workpod shot towards a ship inside a drydock... one of the many small Tylorian ships that was being transformed to Starfleet specs. As the pod neared the ship, it veered upwards, allowing full view of the new paint and markings being applied...

Inside the pod, Captain Henti Jezereth looked proudly at his ship, as the new coat of white paint was partially covering the name of his ship, and where a T.G.V. designation one was, there was now a U.S.S. designation, giving the name of the ship as the U.S.S. Ultridies. He beamed with pride at the sight, as well as the Starfleet arrowhead beneath the name, as the finishing touched were being put on it. He turned to the man next to him, Admiral Xintadi, and asked him a question.

"This is just beautiful... I love the new look." he began. "But how much longer until I can take her out into space again? I'm anxious to try out the new warp drive." he added.

"Sorry, Henti... not for another month at least. Starfleet Command doesn't want any ships out in space until all of the new weapons systems have been fully installed and field tested on our ships. As soon as the new weapons are a go, our ships will be cleared, and the yards will begin construction of our new fleet." Xintadi stated.


The great ship held orbit over Tyloria Prime, drifting along at half impulse.

Inside the ship, the doors to the Bridge slid open, and the OPS Officer walked to his station, sitting down at his console, and informing Nikolayev of the ship's status.

"Sir, Doctor Vroll has arrived on board, and is now setting up shop in Sickbay... the cargo bays report that all supplies have been transported over, and our crew rotation is complete, Sir. we can leave for Reticulan space on your order." he stated.

Captain Nikolayev sat down in his chair, looking forward with the gleam of the explorer in his eyes, as he gripped the arms of his chair.

"Well... looks like it's time for us to go sailing into the unknown." he began. "Helm, engage course for the Gamma Quadrant of the Andromeda Galaxy... destination, Reticular Alpha! Maximum warp!" he called out.

In space, the mighty Frontier began to angle about, and veer away from Tyloria Prime... its new home.


Captain Jezereth and Admiral Xintadi watched, as the large Federation ship soared overhead, and flew away from the shipyards at full impulse, disappearing into the dark void of space, until moments later, far off in the distance, a pinpoint flash of bright white light was seen.



The great ship sailed through a stunningly beautiful stellar nursery, in a vast blue and green nebula.

"Captain's Log, U.S.S. Frontier, Yuri Nikolayev commanding. This is what it's all about... what I joined Starfleet for... raw and pure exploration. The chance to see for myself that which no man has seen before. This is truly the great unknown. The Tylorians have never been out this far. From what Doctor Rayza told me, the last time any part of this space has seen a starship, was when the Reticulans and the Dominion fought their first war."

"In the two months we have been out this far, we have seen one pair of stars colliding, and the stellar nursery which we are exploring now, as we pass through. It's a beautiful region of space... one which I hope that the Federation will one day soon be able to explore more in-depth. So far, we have not encountered any habitable worlds, or space-faring cultures. I am beginning to wonder if they all left during the Reticulan-Dominion war, or if they are still out here... just not very forthcoming."

Inside the ship, on the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev handed the PADD with his log entry on it to a crewmember, who took it, as he adjusted himself in his seat.

"Ensign... make sure we get a set of close-range high-resolution scans of that twin G-Type system in sector gamma." Nikolayev said, as he was interrupted by a set of alarms from the Tactical station. "Problem, Mister Lezar?" he asked.

The Bolian Tactical officer worked his panel, before replying, as he looked to the viewscreen.

"Aye Sir... reading... not sure what I'm reading, Sir... but if I understand my instruments correctly... spatial fold, opening directly ahead of us, Sir!" he called out.

"On screen!" Nikolayev called out, getting up from his seat. "Spatial fold?" he asked, to himself, as the viewscreen now showed a fold opening in the fabric of space. Suddenly, a small fleet of five medium-sized starships appeared, emerging from the fold. They looked somewhat aircraft-like, with long delta-style wings on either side. All the ships shared a white color, with heavy black highlights and trim.

Nikolayev looked to the new arrivals with curiosity, as he turned to Mister Lezar.

"Sensors?" he called out.

"Sir... not reading any weapons lock or power buildup... the ships are at a drift, and the lead ship is now broadcasting some form of greeting." Lezar said.

Nikolayev turned back to the sight of the ships on the screen.

"Get that translation matrix... I want to say hello to these people!" he said, as the OPS officer worked her panel. Finally, after about five minutes of nothing, she looked to the Captain, and nodded her head, giving the green light.

"Matrix locked, Sir... we now have communications ability." she announced.

"Excellent." the Captain began, as he now devoted his attention to the fleet outside. "This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Starship Frontier, representing the United Federation of Planets. We are here on a mission of peace and exploration. To whom am I speaking?" he asked.

For a long moment, there was silence. Finally, the channel crackled to life, and a soft male voice announced itself.

"Salutations, Starship Frontier... I am Tallyn Zarnek, First Operator of the ship Zruvaal. We represent the Andikorrian Federation." the man stated. "I hope our sudden appearance did not startle you... we too, are seekers, on a mission of exploration. We detected your ship, and found that it was of unknown design, and therefore, wanted to investigate. Will you be here long? I would like the chance to further communicate with you." he said.

"Well, currently, we are mapping this stellar nursery... but this ship is currently on its way to what was known as Reticulan space. But I'm sure we could set down here for a few more days, and arrange a meeting." Nikolayev said, smiling.


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The Starship Frontier sailed through space, along with the five Andikorrian Federation ships, of which, three were a lot smaller than the Frontier, and two were almost as big.


In the Conference Room, Captain Nikolayev and his senior staff sat across from First Operator Tallyn Zarnek, and his senior crew. The Andikorrians were very much like humans, but they were taller, and more slender, and their skin was a muted grey. The skin on their faces displayed deep wrinkles, that were "ravine-like". running up and down on their cheek area.

First Operator Zarnek smiled at Nikolayev, and sported some thick teeth that seemed a muted light yellow in color.

"So, Captain... you say that you are from another galaxy... which one?" Zarnek asked.

"The one directly ahead and closest to this one... my people call it the Milky Way Galaxy." Nikolayev began. "My ship was originally sent here on a mission to scout new worlds for possible colonization, but the transwarp drive we used to get here was sabotaged, and is now inoperative... we are stuck here, for the foreseeable future. We've been here for about five months, and now call a planet called Tyloria Prime home. Shortly after we encountered the Tylorian Republic, its President petitioned me for his people to become part of the Federation... so at least until we can get back to the Milky Way, Tyloria Prime is the new home of the Federation for us." he stated.

"Ah... Tyloria... yeah... we have heard of it... one of our expeditions passed through their star system a while ago... we never made any direct contact, but we got close enough to learn of their existence." Zarnek replied. "It's not our goal to directly contact the others we encounter... we mostly are content to just tour the galaxy, and see what's out here." he added. "We decided to contact you, because you were alone, and we have not heard of a ship being seen in this region for a very long time... we got curious."

"I see." Nikolayev began. "I have to admit... your appearance startled us... we don't know of anyone that can fold space... isn't that an unstable method of transportation?" he asked.

This made the Andikorrians chuckle.

"Hardly... we think it's actually the only safe way. No chance of a warp core breach, no matter-antimatter reactions, no danger element. Plus, it's faster than transwarp... virtually instant." Zarnek said.

That comment made Commander Unari whistle with awe.

"Damn... a species faster than the Entomalians... I never would have thought it possible." she commented.

"We also have the ability to communicate through a spatial fold... if you like... you are welcome to contact Tyloria from one of our ships... I know you are quite far away from your new home out here." Zarnek offered, as Nikolayev shared a smile with him, and then his fellow Starfleet officers.


The orbiting shipyards of the world were busy cranking away at some of the new Starfleet ships that Nikolayev had slated for construction, as the U.S.S. Zohlvani held orbit above the world.


On the Bridge, Admiral Xintadi stood facing the command table, as he looked out at the stars ahead on the viewscreen. He smiled, comfortable in the fact that for the past two months, he had been in command of the U.S.S. Zohlvani... one of the first new Federation ships. By utterly amazing luck, there had been no contact with the Vralex. But that was about to change...

As he turned to head back to the command seat, he was alerted to some readings by a series of bleeps from the OPS console.

"What is it, Ensign?" he asked.

"Sir... oh, no... Sir... Vralex ships, Sir... an entire armada of them... over three dozen strong!" the man cried out, looking to the Admiral, whose smile vanished.

"Dammit... we have only a dozen or so ships out in space! we can't fight them off... not without the Frontier or the Exeter!" he said, as he sat down. "All hands, the ship is going to red alert! All hands... red alert!" he called out, as the lights dimmed, and the red alert lights came on, as the alarm klaxon began to blare.

In space, the Zohlvani led what was available of the Federation fleet away from Tyloria, to face the oncoming Vralex threat.

Suddenly, across from the approaching Federation ships, the Vralex fleet came streaking out of warp, coming to a sudden drift, and opening full fire on the Federation ships, which instantly broke formation, and began to disperse, returning fire, as the two fleets intermingled.

After only a few seconds, the Federation fleet began to take heavy losses, as some of the Vralex ships penetrated the Federation lines, and raced to the orbiting shipyards, opening fire on them, and the new ships inside.


The ship and the fleet kept pace with the Frontier.

On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev and Commander Unari stood beside First Operator Zarnek, as he opened the communications channel for them.

"Third Operator... initiate communications envelope... set fold pulse for spatial target Tyloria Prime... Alpha Quadrant." he ordered, as the man worked his panel.

"Aye, Sir... fold initiated... frequency is now embedded within spatial envelope. You may now communicate with Tyloria." the man said.

"Will they be able to respond to me?" Nikolayev asked.

"Yes... as long as our ship is transmitting the fold pulse, the communications will be two-way." Zarnek replied.

"Very well." Nikolayev began, clearing his throat, as he spoke. "This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier, to any other Federation ship... can you hear us? We just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know everything is okay... what is the situation at home? Please respond." he began.



The ship darted in and out of Vralex weapons fire, as it also returned fire of its own.

On the Bridge, the Communications Officer looked up to Admiral Xintadi, shocked.

"Admiral... I don't know how, but we are getting a message from the Frontier!" she called out, as the ship shook with a weapons hit.

"What? Is the Frontier nearby? Is she in sensor range?" he called out.

The woman worked her panel, and the display of the area zoomed out and scanned to reveal the entire reach of Federation space. After a few runs of sensor sweeps, nothing came up.

"I'm not seeing her anywhere on sensors, Sir!" she called out. "The message is being transmitted within some kind of subspace oscillation!" she said, shaking her head.

"What the hell does that mean?" Xintadi exclaimed. "Aw, who cares... pipe it through!" he called out.

"This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier, to any other Federation ship... can you hear us? We just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know everything is okay... what is the situation at home?" Nikolayev's voice asked.

Xintadi raised an eyebrow, as he replied, pressing the comm button on the command table.

"Captain! How glad I am to hear your voice! I wish I could report good news, but at the moment, we're a bit busy... about ten minutes ago, a force of about three dozen Vralex ships warped into Tylorian space, and we're now engaged in fighting them over Tyloria... they've made it to the orbiting yards, and have been able to destroy a good dozen or so of our new ships, under construction. Captain... if you are nearby... we really could use your help... we have only a few remaining space-worthy ships.... we need you, Captain!" he plead, as the ship was again jolted.


Captain Nikolayev lowered his head, as he shared a grim look with Commander Unari. Finally, he turned to Operator Zarnek.

"First Operator... I really hate to ask this, but... is there any way that you can..." he began.

"Send you home?" Zarnek began. "Aye... we'll go with you, to make sure you make it back in one piece." he said.

Nikolayev gave him a thank you nod, as he tapped his communicator.

"Nikolayev to Frontier... Doctor Rayza... come in." he began.

"Rayza here, Captain... what's up?" she asked.

"Doctor... I really hate to have to do this to you, but I'm going to have to ask you to make the rest of the voyage to Reticulan space on your own... you can take one of our shuttles... we just made contact with home, and the Federation is under Vralex attack... they are fighting the Federation fleet as we speak... the Andikorrians are going to lead Frontier home, by spatial fold." he stated.

"Understood Captain... I understand the situation... it's no problem... I'll leave at once. Thanks for everything, and good luck." she said.

"Back at you, Doctor... take care of yourself. Nikolayev out." he said, as he again tapped his communicator.


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Star Trek: A New Beginning Empty Re: Star Trek: A New Beginning

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The ship sped about the field of battle, passing wave after wave of Vralex ships, firing at any targets of opportunity.

On the Bridge, Captain Jezereth watched the viewscreen, as the forward wave of Vralex Pirate Gunships began to come about, as two large Men-of-War settled into position directly ahead, charging forward weapons.

The Men-of-War were about to fire, when a rain of fiery orange photon torpedoes sailed into the lead ship, blasting it apart, as seconds later, the U.S.S. Frontier sailed by, drawing the Vralex's fire.


Captain Nikolayev looked at the viewscreen, as another duo of Pirate Gunships exploded, and the ship came about for another strafing run. He pressed the intercom button on his command chair.

"This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, on the Frontier, to all Federation ships, form up on us, and follow us through our firing window!" he called out, as he then pressed another button, calling the Andikorrian ships that were holding position, not interfering. "This is Captain Nikolayev... I don't suppose you folks can help us out any?" he asked.

Through the ship's intercom, the voice of the First Operator came through.

"Aye, I'm afraid we cannot, Captain... it's our policy not to involve ourselves in the affairs of others... this is your fight. However... it is time for us to depart now. It was nice to meet you... be well." the man's voice stated.

In space, the Andikorrian ships all began to drift forward, as suddenly, like a massive ocean wave crashing down upon a sandcastle, the spatial fold opened up, right upon the Vralex fleet, totally destroying all but two Vralex ships, as it expanded open. After a second, the Andikorrian fleet made it's way into the rupture, which then sealed itself closed after the fleet, leaving about seven Federation ships, plus the Frontier, and two Vralex ships.


On the Bridge, Captain Nikolayev looked at the two lone Vralex ships on the screen, and took this opportunity to talk to them.

"This is Captain Yuri Nikolayev, of the Federation Starship Frontier, to Vralex vessels. This battle is over. You have terrorized us for the last time. The Federation will not stand by, and allow you to continue to pirate the resources of our worlds, and intimidate our citizens. We are working on new weapons to protect ourselves from you, and we will not hesitate to use them, should you attack us again. Either live with us in peace, or leave us alone. The choice is yours. But take this message to your leaders... this is it... the Federation will be bullied no more. Commit an act of war against us again, and it will cost you more than you can imagine. Now get the hell out of our space!" he called out.

After a few seconds, the two Vralex ships turned about, and shot into high warp, leaving the system.


The Vralex outpost hung in space, as the small fleet of four Federation ships shot out of warp, and opened fire on the base, which crumbled, and blew apart, in an explosion, as the Starfleet ships flew past.

The four Starfleet ships were very small, and very sleek... the new designs that had been built per Nikolayev's orders.


On the Bridge, the female Tylorian Captain got up from her seat, and gave the OPS Officer her orders.

"Mister Darge... will you please inform President Pentique, that the Jolexis System is once again in the hands of the Federation, and is now totally secure from the Vralex." she instructed, as the man smiled, and worked his panel.

"Yes, Sir!" he said.

The Captain sat back down, and looked to her First Officer.

"That's three out of four systems that we've liberated back into our space, from the Vralex... one more to go. Once the Tinziki Sector has been secured, the Federation will be able to post permanent and strong patrols and border security in those regions, and we'll have a secure Federation... those worlds which have been plundered by the Vralex will finally have the chance to recover, and their peoples will finally be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that now, they are truly protected, and don't have to be afraid anymore." she said.


The doors to the Bridge of the U.S.S. Exeter slid open, allowing the senior crew and Captains Jenz and Nikolayev onto the Bridge. The refit of the ship had finally been completed, and it was like an all-new ship. Captain Ingren Jenz sat down in his command seat, as Nikolayev watched him run his hands over the chair.

"Well, it's up to you, now, Captain." Nikolayev said. "This ships' first mission... the first training cruise of the new Starfleet cadets. With the Vralex threat at bay, we now have an entire galaxy to explore... new friends to make, and new challenges to face... new knowledge to be gained. Are you up to it?" he asked.

"Oh, I think I'm more than up to it, Captain. This is what I've waited for all my life. To command a big ship, and sail into the vast unknown." Jenz said.

"Well, then... get to it." Nikolayev said, smiling, as he gestured for Jenz to give the order for the ship to move out into space.

Captain Jenz smiled, as he got up from his seat, and stood straight, to give his first orders.

"Helm... lay in a course for the Vrentharri Expanse... full impulse until we clear the system, and then engage at maximum warp!" Jenz called out.

"Aye, Sir!" the man said.

"Helm... engage!" Jenz commanded.


The proud ship sailed over the globe of Tyloria Prime, gradually picking up speed, as it passed by, leaving Tyloria behind, in favor of open space.

"Captain's Log, Captain Yuri Nikolayev. What a series of months. We were sent here with a mission... locate candidate worlds for possible colonization, should the Federation ever need to be restarted. Who could have ever known, that we would take that mission one step further, and accomplish something that nobody has ever even attempted. we have created a whole new Federation here, in the Andromeda galaxy... a new home for ourselves, until the day comes when we return home to the Milky Way, and reunite with our Federation brothers and sisters. And on that day, we shall stand as one... a Federation of Planets, truly united, in every sense of the word, for the pioneering spirit knows no limitations, and those who dare to dream are the ones who shape the future. In the meantime, we'll be here... exploring, learning, and looking... looking to the future that lies beyond the great unknown. We will boldly go where no man has gone before.

The mighty Exeter powered up her warp engines, and shot herself into high warp, leaving only a pinpoint flas of white light behind, and empty space.


Coming soon... "Star Trek: United We Stand"

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